Apple TV Channels (Streaming Apps) List 2022

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Apple TV is a trendy streaming box that allows you to enjoy various movies and TV shows. It supports different types of applications. You can even subscribe to streaming services directly from Apple TV. It has an improved ecosystem to share things from Apple devices.

Apple TV Channels

You can effortlessly subscribe to new steaming services or turn them off from this application. Plus, your monthly bill is simple to pay from a single place. You have no reasons to visit several websites. Let’s learn a complete Apple TV Channels List 2022.

Apple TV Channels 2022

Apple introduced its Apple TV service in April 2019. Since it is still new, they are adding the latest channels in their official application to enjoy various types of content from a single place. Many third-party streaming services are included in these TV channels.

Apple TV channels are a combination of several streaming services in one place where you can watch various movies, TV shows, and other content. This versatile app allows you to subscribe to different streaming services. But everything will be handled by the Apple TV application.

You can use your Apply account to pay bills for all subscriptions. Hence, you don’t need to clear the payment for each streaming service separately. The Apple TV allows you to enjoy the content from all Apple devices without downloading any additional applications.

List of Streaming Apps for Apple TV

Thousands of streaming services are available. But not all of them have a good rating. More importantly, all of them are not perfectly compatible with Apple TV. After considering several factors, we have included some of the most popular streaming services.


If you are looking for a user-friendly platform to track your watched movies, Letterboxd appears a sophisticated choice. You can also add reviews and give ratings for your favorite films. This allows other people to watch your recommended movies.

Letterboxd works a global social network to interact with movie lovers worldwide. Additionally, it has film profile pages where you can find the source of your preferred films. You can even enjoy content from Netflix and Hulu by subscribing as a pro.


We have a curiosity to try out free video streaming services. Tubi is cost-free and user-oriented that can provide a huge collection of movies and TV shows. But you need to watch the ads to continue watching videos.

After all, they monetize these contents by adding ads. Paramount, Lionsgate, and MGM are the main partner of Tubi. Another annoying thing is their limited video resolution for many TV shows and movies. But not all contents come with poor video quality.


Doesn’t your streaming device have enough space? Do you like to watch local content? Plex appears a good choice for this purpose. Instead of trendy music and videos, this streaming service has many uncommon and unique contents.

This media server automatically lists a wide category of TV shows and films. Nothing will be in a disordered condition. You don’t need to be concerned about tagging and cataloging. As a new user, you will also be able to discover top popular and entertaining content.

Just Watch

How about enjoying one-in-all? Well, we are talking about Just Watch. It is available in both web version and app version. This legal streaming service allows you to track all your favorite played films and TV shows. You can even sort out them into different categories.

Another lovely feature of Just Watch is its compatibility with Netflix. So, you can enjoy Netflix content from this app. Plus, it comes with a simple filter system to help you manage your watch list more effortlessly. The streaming service provider shows the latest trendy content too.

Sling TV

Sling TV is a top-ranked video streaming service. It comes with an on-demand video library and an impressive channel lineup. Its monthly cost is incredibly affordable compared to other top-rated service providers. So, you will save a few bucks without compromising the entertainment.

The Apple TV application of Sling TV has become more advanced to enjoy the latest content. Plus, it offers free streaming devices as a promotional deal for a particular amount of time. This budget-friendly live TV streaming service has excellent customization and add-on options.


If you are looking for an authentic live streaming service provider, Twitch is a reliable option. Households with a bigger screen can enjoy it more conveniently. You can watch gaming streaming videos of favorite players and enjoy watching their playing sessions.

Since this streaming service is more prevalent among game lovers, not all TV channels, have the Twitch app. Instead of focusing on the game, people enjoy how the game is played with good commentaries, telling jokes, and many funny fails.

Disney Plus

Are you an A/V enthusiast? Want 4K HDR video quality at an incredibly affordable price? Disney Plus might be your right ticket. Star Wars, Pixarm, and Marvel fans will enjoy these contents from this streaming service.

It comes with Dolby Atmos audio quality (a revolutionary spatial audio technology), which works as three-dimensional objects. You can enjoy an excellent library of top-rated films and TV shows with menu and content selection options.


Netflix needs no introduction since it is one of the top streaming service providers in the market. It comes with many overwhelming and incredible features to prioritize users’ needs. Its new updated version is compatible to use with Apple TV.

This service provider offers a lot of flexibility to enjoy various types of content, including original shows and movies. Whether it is films, documentaries, TV shows, stand-ups, or unique visual content, Netflix delivers an enhanced and convenient user experience. 

Amazon Prime Video

Do you enjoy binge-watching original shows? Amazon Prime Video is a highly compatible streaming service for Apple TV applications. It has many prestige contents, popular original titles, and critically acclaimed originals.

Plus, you can enjoy live concerts and sports events from this streaming service provider. It features a clean X-Ray mode to display important details about the movie or show. You can even download anything to watch your favorite shows or movies offline.


Are you a fan of WarnerMedia shows and movies? HBO Max appears the best choice since it offers unlimited viewing for its subscribers. You can enjoy many on-demand and new original content from this streaming service. It offers different pricing options for different plans.

You will appreciate its vast array of cinematic goodness and a good collection of classic TV shows. Finding the best programming is easygoing from its bulky catalog list. Plus, you can sort out content for kids and adults. It has high-profile TV shows and blockbuster movie collections.


Since Apple TV supports the Hulu application, you can easily enjoy Hulu content effortlessly. With Hulu subscriptions, you will have accessibility to local channels. Also, it features an on-demand streaming library full of new and classic shows and living TV programs.

Enjoying content for other platforms and channels is easygoing with its add-on and bundle options. Hence, you don’t need to subscribe to other TV channels, which would have cost extra money. They quickly update new episodes of TV shows to watch them before others.

Discovery Go

Do you enjoy watching high-quality fiction-free content? Then, you might be a fan of Discovery Go. This application is easily compatible with Apple TV. You can enjoy this channel freely if you have a cable TV subscription.

It has many paranormal shows and reality series, like Gold Rush, Moonshiners, Bering Sea Gold, Expedition Unknown, etc. They are full of curiousness, diverseness, and astonishment. It is available in 50 languages. More than 220 countries can enjoy these streaming services.

Comedy Central

Comedy Central is a versatile streaming service that is known as a top-rated option for Apple TV applications. This popular entertainment channel has earned a strong viewership by adding various stand-up content.

Awkwafina Is Nora from Queens, South Park, Key & Peele, Reno, Tosh, Tha God’s Honest Truth, Hot Mess Holiday, etc., are the top popular shows on Comedy Central. Paramount Global is the main owner of this American basic cable channel.

Pluto TV

How about getting premium content freely on your Apple TV? Pluto TV combines different sports & news channels and premium entertainment options. It comes with a user-friendly interface to enjoy different types of content

From the latest movies to ’80s and 90’s movies, it is full of a wide range of content. Make sure to install the latest version app. It has more functions and features to manage the control more conveniently. Unpopular channels and unnecessary parts were removed too.  

Final Thought

Which option is your top favorite from the Apple TV Channels List 2022? Choosing a particular TV channel requires you to consider what type of content you prefer and your budget. However, not all of our list streaming services will be available for your location.

All these channels are a great source of entertainment. Some of them are budget, a few are free, and many of them have premium content. The main advantage of high-end streaming services is enjoying the latest and high-quality content.  

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