Top 6 Best Launcher for Xiaomi Phones And User Manual

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If you have a Xiaomi phone, then cheers! You are in the right place. In this article, we’re talking about Xiaomi Launchers. I know there are lots of facility offers in the default launcher, but sometimes we need more.

With a third-party launcher, you can customize your phone as you want in most cases. There are a lot of launchers available for Android devices, also for Xiaomi. In the plenty of millions of launchers, we select the best launcher for Xiaomi.

Best Launcher For Xiaomi

We’re going to provide you with our opinion on the top 6 launchers which have huge demand on the market now. So, the question is, how do we pick them? We research the internet and collect user experience and reviews of their Google Play and Xiaomi theme store.

The List of Xiaomi Launcher for Latest Smartphone

Here’s the list of Xiaomi launchers for the latest smartphone:

  • Nova launcher
  • Poco launcher
  • Microsoft launcher (Arrow Launcher)
  • Apex launcher
  • Action launcher
  • Evie launcher
  • Smart launcher

Best 6 Launcher

We’ve produced a list of the Best Android Launchers to save you the hassle of looking through hundreds of launchers on the Play Store.

Nova Launcher

There is no doubt that Novo Launcher is one of the best android launchers nowadays. It’s a silky smooth launcher that I’ve been using for more than three years. It’s quick, efficient, and light.

To customize the style and feel, you can download icon packs from the Play Store. It includes dock modifications, notification badges, the ability to show frequently used apps in the app drawer as the top row, folder, and icon changes, a slew of motions, and more.

It also supports Android Nougat’s app shortcuts. Its premium edition unlocks a slew of handy features and is well worth checking out.I can say Nova is the Best Xiaomi Launcher for Redmi or other Xiaomi devices without any debuts.

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Poco Launcher

Poco is a sub-brand of Xiaomi mobile. The interface is a little different from this device than the other Xiaomiredmi or Xiaomi devices. If you’re already a Poco user, then the Poco Launcher is already installed on your phone.

But if you’re not a user of Poco phone, you can download the Poco Launcher from the theme store of your Xiaomi device. You can get it in the play store also. But we recommend you download it from the default theme store of your Xiaomi mobile.

The benefits of downloading the Poco Launcher from the default theme store you’ll get fonts style, dial pads, text pad, and so on. But when you download it from the play store, there’re chances to don’t get font style and some other features.

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Evie Launcher

Evie launcher is one of the fastest Android launchers and is intended for speed. The smoothness of this launcher has been praised by many users who have converted to it.

Its Universal Search function allows you to search across all of your apps from one location. It features a lot of home screen modifications and shortcuts.

You may also personalize your app drawer and folder grid. Icon packs can be downloaded from the Play Store to use with the Evie launcher. One disadvantage is that there aren’t many gestures in this program. Overall, it’s a light launcher that ensures quickness and ease of use.

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Buzz Launcher

Buzz Launcher is the pinnacle of Android customizations. Home pack Buzz, a unique feature, is a home screen customization service with over 700,000 home screens posted and shared by thousands of users. You can also share your captured photos on the gallery.

You don’t need to install any additional apps because it has an inbuilt app locker and RAM cleanup. You can reach various shortcuts with only a flick of your finger on the home screen, thanks to a variety of gestures.

There is a feature called “Screen Effects” within the program that works similarly to live wallpaper. Still, instead of altering your wallpaper, it overlays it with animated effects like “snowfall” or “autumn leaves” floating on your screen.

Buzz Launcher’s customization choices are endless, and you’ll never grow bored of experimenting with them.

Apex Launcher

Apex launcher is a visually gorgeous launcher that you can get from the Play Store with thousands of themes and icon packs.

It’s a simple launcher that works on both smartphones and tablets. You can create up to 9 personalized home screens and hide apps you don’t use in your app drawer. The launcher organizes apps by title, installation date, and how often you use them in the app drawer. By upgrading to the premium version, you’ll gain access to more gestures, advanced app drawer customizations, and a slew of other features. It’s one of the quickest Android launchers available.

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Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher (previously known as Arrow Launcher) is a beautiful and speedy Android launcher from Microsoft with many customization options. Every day, it can download new wallpapers from Bing. One of the home screens has panels that look like “Google Cards.” A Recent panel displays the most recently opened media or contacts. If you have any duplicate contacts, you can also merge them. This software supports all major languages.

Microsoft Launcher

You’ll notice a stream that looks like Google Now if you swipe to the right of the home screen. The feed features three tabs: Glance, News, and Chronicle, which display a snapshot of your day, customized News, and a timeline of your activity across devices, respectively.

When you log in, the launcher uses your Microsoft account to sync everything. It also has strong Cortana integration, allowing you to operate it with your voice. It offers recommendations based on your preferences and updates the Bing background regularly to keep you entertained. Gestures such as Swipe up, Swipe down, two fingers swipe, Double-tap, and Pinch in and out are also available in Microsoft Launcher.

If you do not think those launchers failed to fulfill your requirements, you can check out our extra suggestions.

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EverythingMe organizes your phone for you and can suggest the best apps for you. During the first setup, home-screen folders are established per category. It comes with unique gestures and a prediction bar for quick app searches.

A swipe up from the bottom of your home screen will take you to “Quick Contacts,” where you can find your frequently used contacts. Another page where you may access news feeds is “WeWatch,” however, it isn’t very configurable. The launcher gradually learns your patterns and provides the best possible service.

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Xiaomi Launcher 2021

If you’re very concerned about your privacy and think a third-party launcher will collect your data like contacts, gallery, and other staff, then using the default launcher – Xiaomi Launcher 2021 is one of the best solutions. In the default launcher, you’ll get a lot of features like live display,

Easy shortcuts, default ringtone, updated animations, and so on. Also, when you update your device’s operating system, MIUI, you’ve see significant changes to your launcher automatically.

So why did you miss this opportunity? Give it a try, must.

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What is the best launcher for Xiaomi?

It depends on your personality and choice. We recommend those Launchers after a lot of research, user reviews, and related forums. Most people suggest these names when it comes to asking the best launcher for Xiaomi.

Which launcher is the best for Xiaomi?

Without any debut, we can say the default launcher is one of the best launchers of Xiaomi. It has a lot of customization features. But also if you feel bored or want to switch to the new one, you can try our recommended Launchers.


In nowadays, a Mobile phone will represent your personality. A stylish mobile can make your personality to people so high. Also, you can customize your mobile according to your personal choice, and companies are giving you many opportunities to change some of the default features on your mobile.

But sometimes, we aspect some more modifications that can make our mobile user experience far better than using a default theme or browser.

If your mobile theme doesn’t give you a lot of opportunities to change or customize settings, wallpaper animation, app drawer, contacts, fonts, and other options, then you can use a third-party launcher.

In this article, we’ve suggested some most popular and useful themes. If you’re feeling bored, then definitely you should try them once at least. I know you’re a Xiaomi user; you have a lot of options to move with. But we recommend that; give a try of our suggested Launchers.

We also show you the pros and cons of each Launchers. So, it’ll be easy to decide for you which one is suitable for your personality. Now we can say we give you the perfect answer to Best Launcher for Xiaomi.

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