Best LG TV Apps Download on LG Smart TV Updated 2022

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The LG smart Television allows us to watch movies, series, and our favorite videos on a bigger screen. And watching the series on a bigger screen provides a realistic feeling and enjoyment.

The LG smart Television allows us to watch movies, series, and our favorite videos on a bigger screen. And watching the series on a bigger screen provides a realistic feeling and enjoyment.

Best LG TV Apps

When you have the smart Television at your home, basically, you want to learn about the LG TV app download. Indeed, there are multiple streaming TV software and applications for telecasting popular TV shows on your device.

Without having those applications downloaded, using them on your LG TV will bore you. Indeed, the streaming and different picture telecasting software make your LG TV worth purchasing.

Indeed, you understand this fact, and that’s why you’re here with us. Now, let’s go for different TV streaming software to enjoy your favorite series or movies.

Best LG TV Apps for LG Smart TV?

Picking the brand-new LG smart TV allows you to watch videos, dramas, news everything with a cable connection. But, you won’t get access to control the videos showing on your smart Television.

So, besides the cable connection, you should think of the necessary LG TV apps to download, particularly in modern times. Here we’ll go with the best applications for your brand-new smart LG TV.


YouTube was the biggest entertaining medium for android and PC users. Now, it’s gaining popularity by streaming videos on the LG smart Television.

The day had gone when YouTube was only the smartphone’s application. Enjoying the premium and free versions of YouTube videos is possible when you attach the internet to the LG smart TV.

The only disadvantage of enjoying YouTube streaming and old videos is the ads.

Like the mobile or desktop, you can’t block or skip the ads on YouTube when using your smart TV.

LG TV plus

LG TV Plus is a free remote-control application you can control while sitting around the Television. Changing channels, controlling the volumes, etc., is possible when you’ve LG TV plus on your LG smart Television.

Unlike others, the LG TV plus makes it possible to control the television problem with the smartphone.


The Spotify application allows blasting your favorite song into the LG smart television. Besides Spotify, Pandora, another song telecasting application, allows enjoying the songs on Television.

The drawback of Spotify is that the application shows lots of ads while telecasting the videos. Still, you can get rid of those unwanted advertisements by spending a few bucks.

So, select your favorite categories of songs through Spotify on your LG smart television.

Disney plus

Disney Plus is another video telecasting service that literally reflects your personal needs. The video telecasting application allows watching Disney movies anytime that you like.

CBS News

The CBS news telecasts the latest news and stories 24/7 hours. Besides other news and stories, CBS news telecasts the latest weather conditions from several local stations in the USA.

Most people in the United States watch the CBS news just to know the latest weather conditions. And thankfully, it’s possible to watch the CBS news and weather conditions on the large screen of your LG smart TV.


Watch your favorite movie seamlessly with the MirrorMeister. The Telecasting application allows you to watch popular TV shows on the LG smart Television.

But before enjoying the streaming videos, you must connect your device (iPhone, smartphone) with the Television.

The application, MirrorMeister, supports almost 833 devices, including the LG TV application. The company will refund you if the application doesn’t support your smart Television.

Calm Radio

You just want to recharge on a busy day with the relaxing sound, right? The calm radio application will give you the opportunity with its thousands of telecasting TV channels.

From white noise to audiobooks and wellness music to natural noises, the calm radio has all of them. What’s more, the telecasting application allows combining different sounds, like rain and forest, for proper meditation.

LG channels

The LG channels telecast plenty of horror movies and news channels, making it different from other streaming applications. You have the freedom to select your favorite channel, and that’s completely free of cost.


If you want to enjoy hit series and movies, Netflix is always there for you. The streaming application telecasts the movies and series right after their release. Whether you’re having a smartphone, tablet, or PC, Netflix, the live Streaming application supports all devices.

Perhaps that’s why Netflix has obtained tremendous popularity throughout the world.

But like other streaming applications, Netflix also has a significant drawback; you can’t watch the contents of Netflix without subscription costs. As Netflix is a premium Streaming application, you must spend a fixed amount monthly or yearly.

Plex Pass

Unlike Netflix, the Plex pass is a popular free TV streaming application of modern times. The application gives HDR support making the software a good choice for streaming offline content, like DBD.

Although the streaming application is free of cost, you can still buy a premium subscription to enjoy all its functionalities. You can pay the subscription fee monthly, yearly or one-time subscription to the software.

The drawback of the plex pass is that the application supports the streaming contents only within your networks.

Words Online

Word building is a mind ruling game that expands your intelligence gradually. You can play the Word Online game against your friend while having leisure time.

The LG smart Television also supports the mind game to play on the bigger screen. Consequently, boring leisure time becomes an enjoyable and busy time because of playing on the bigger screen.

Thankfully, the word online mind ruling game doesn’t need any subscription fees. Therefore, you can enjoy all the functionalities of the software anytime for free.


Let’s get along with another software that offers an expansive collection of movies, TV series, and originals. It’s HBO Max!

Certainly, you know that TV streaming software focuses on only high-quality content. You’ll get almost 4K resolution of the picture with the HBO Max; therefore, the pictures, movies, and TV series in your smart Television become realistic and more enjoyable.

The software has monthly and annual plans with ads. Moreover, it has two more plans for a subscription – with ads and without ads.


After many streaming applications, let’s introduce a photo streaming application – The PhotoMeister.

We can efficiently enjoy the most memorable pictures on our laptops, iPhones and smartphones. But enjoying those memorable days on a large screen gives a more profound feeling, unlike the smaller device.

So, get the PhotoMeister for your LG smart Television to present unique pictures on special days.

Basically, the Photomeister is free of cost and full of functionalities. Still, to enjoy all the internal functionalities of the application, you should take the premium version.

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The Sum Up!

Clearly, there are multiple TV applications to download for your LG smart Television. But, it’s not compulsory to get all our given applications for your LG smart Television.

In this article, we just tried to disclose the features of different LG Smart TV applications. As you can see, to enjoy the application’s functionalities, you have to buy the premium version.

But that’s your choice which TV application you want and whether you’re willing to spend on the subscription or not!

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