Can We Use Jio Sim In Smartphones? – Detailed Guide On Using Jio Sim In Smartphone

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Jio Phone and Jio sim are so famous for their outstanding pairing and network services. When you purchase a new model of Jio phone, the Jio sim comes within. If you use the particular Jio sim on your Jio phone, you get a lot of benefits.

You get super reasonable talk time, internet and so on. However, Jio phones do not contain a lot of features. That’s why users often want to use their Jio sim in other smartphones.

Can We Use Jio Sim In Smartphones

As the Jio sim is especially manufactured for Jio phones, it starts to show problems and doesn’t work in other smartphones. The fact leads the users to ask, can we use Jio sim in smartphones?”

The answer is, yes, you can use the Jio sim on your smartphone. But, it would be best if you got the Jio sim premium that costs Rs.99 if you want to activate the sim in your smartphone. The premium is the eligibility assurance for a Jio sim to be used in smartphones.

Later on in this article, you’ll get a step by step guide to activate your Jio sim in your smartphone. So, without further ado, let’s get into the details.

Can We Use Jio Sim In Smartphones?

You already got the answer. It is certain that anyone can use the Jio sim on their smartphone. But the process is not as easy as just installing the sim into the smartphone and you get it all.

If you expect the sim to work on quickly in your android operating system or ios, you won’t get the thing you want. When you insert a Jio sim into a smartphone, you can only get incoming calls.

But, you won’t get the chance to make phone calls or use the internet. To get all the accesses, you must follow the below steps.

How To Use a Jio Sim In Smartphone?

Now, you will get a clear idea of how to use Jio sim in your smartphone. Just go through the below steps and you’ll be done.

Step 1: Please turn off your Jio phone and get the Jio sim off of it

Step 2: Next, please turn off your smartphone and insert the Jio sim in it

Step 3: Now turn on the smartphone and wait for a while for the phone to completely turn on itself.

Step 4: Go to Google Play Store and search for “Jio app” on the search bar. When you find the official Jio app install it in your phone

Step 5: Once the app is installed, get into the app and log in to your existing Jio account. Or, if you don’t have one create a new account.

Step 6: In the app interface you will see an option called “Recharge For A Friend”. Tap on the option which will lead you to another interface

Step 7: On the new interface you will get a box stating above “Enter The Number”. Enter your Jio sim number here and proceed to recharge

Step 8: When you click on the “Proceed” button it will take you to the popular plan section of Jio sim. You will get the list of popular Jio voice calls and internet data plans. All the plans will already include the Rs. 99 Jio premium membership/subscription.

Step 9: Now whichever plan you choose, next click on the “Buy” option to purchase the plan. When you tap on “Buy” the page will show you different payment methods options.

You can pay with Internet Banking, Credit Card, Debit/ATM Card or whichever option you like.

Note: The lowest or cheapest plan you can choose is the Rs. 248 plan. It includes Rs. 99 for membership and Rs. 149 for recharge. You must choose a plan to get your  Jio sim working on your smartphone.

Step 10: Once you’ve purchased a plan you will be eligible to use the sim in any way you want. You could make phone calls with a good talk time rate and use the internet as well.

Why Is There a Problem Using Jio Sim In Other Phones?

Well, activating premium membership is possibly the only problem and solution for using Jio sim in smartphones. However, if you are still facing issues doing it, go through all the steps once again being more careful.

Remember, the recharge can also be done without the Jio app. If you don’t want to take the hassle of installing and operating the Jio app, you can also recharge from a retailer.

But make sure you get the premium membership strictly. Otherwise, your Jio sim won’t work on your smartphone.

Is Jio phone recharge work in a smartphone?

You have to understand that the Jio sims plans in a Jio phone and Jio ones in smartphones are different. That means, you can not use the plan in the Jio sim which was there to use in the Jio phone.

The previous plan must expire to get your Jio sim work in your smartphone. Then, you must purchase a new plan for your Jio sim in your smartphone.

What are Jio Prime and non-prime?

There is a difference between Jio prime and non-prime. Non-prime Jio sims are only usable in Jio phones. You don’t need to buy a premium subscription/membership to enjoy Jio plans at reasonable rates.

On the other hand, to run the Jio sim in any smartphone you have to buy the premium membership and become a Jio prime user. Without it you can’t enjoy different facilities of the Jio sim in your smartphone.

Can I use the Jio SIM of my smartphone in my Jio phone?

Yes, you can use the Jio sim of your smartphone in your Jio phone. No matter if you have bought a premium membership in your Jio sim to run it in your smartphone, you can still return in your Jio phone and use the sim.

In this case, you don’t have to purchase a new plan or make any new changes. But if you want to switch back to a smartphone with Jio sim again, you again have to purchase the premium membership with new plans for the smartphone.

Words To Conclude

If you are still here and reading the article, hope that it was a good piece that made you understand well how to use the Jio sim in a smartphone. I think now you got the answers for the rising question, “can we use Jio sim in smartphones?”

Following the steps, you can now transfer into a smartphone with your Jio sim. If you face further difficulties, seek a professional Jio sim operator.

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