How To Fix Xiaomi Sim Activation Service

Xiaomi Sim Activation Service

What’s the first thing that we do after buying a Xiaomi device? Set up the sim card, right? But what if you cannot set it up and an error message is shown? It’ll be undoubtedly frustrating. But there’s a reason why you cannot setup your sim in Mi devices. The reason behind this is device … Read more

Mi Diagnostic Mode | Xiaomi Mi Diagnostic Open Code

Xiaomi Diagnostic Mode Code

We often see people asking for guidelines related to editing, rewriting, or repairing their devices’ IMEI numbers. Although rewriting or repairing the IMEI number is completely illegal, still, we’ll be showing you how to do it. To change the IMEI numbers of your device, firstly, you need to enable the Diagnostic mode on your Qualcomm … Read more

How To Fix Poco M3 Dead After Update

Poco M3 Dead After Update Fix

The Poco lineup from Xiaomi has absolutely been one of the best, considering its price to performance ratio. The Poco F1 has been one of the most selling models of Xiaomi. However, the M3 model has been a disaster due to its boot loop issues! Although the Poco M3 had been doing great, the latest … Read more

How To Unlock Mi Phone Without Losing Data

How To Unlock Mi Phone Without Losing Data

It’s quite common to forget your Mi phone’s pattern lock or password. There are several ways to recover and unlock your phone. The most common method involves data resetting or losing, using flashing or rooting methods. However, If you’re one of those who are looking for an alternate way to unlock your device without losing … Read more

How To Change Xiaomi Phones China ROM To Global

Normally, Xiaomi phones come in two versions- the Chinese and the global versions. Aside from them, another version is called the Indian version, which focuses on the Indian region. The global version is the most stable one among the three versions considering stability, compatibility, and user interface. However, the Chinese version is launched first for … Read more