How To Connect With Mi Assistant: Step By Step Guides

Last Updated on May 23, 2022 by Ramon Walters

We need to connect our Xiaomi or Mi devices with our Pc or laptop in our day-to-day life. There can be several reasons behind it. From transferring files to flashing our device, connecting the Mi device with a PC is a must.

The traditional methods can be a big hassle. But not anymore. The Mi PC suite can be a great alternative to connect with Mi assistant. But there are some steps involved in it.

This guide is about connecting with Mi assistant(Mi PC Suite). We’ll also share the download link in the latter part. So stick around. Keep reading…

What is Mi Assitant For PC?

The Mi assistant or Mi PC Suite is an allrounder application for Mi devices. This application is used to transfer your data, flash or root your Mi device, back up the photos and data, and many more.

If you can’t download the regular drivers fin your Mi devices or are not getting updates, the Mi PC suite can perform the tasks and fix the errors. This application is supported by Windows API. So it’ll run in any windows from Windows XP to 10.

Another exclusive feature of this Mi assistant for PC is, it’s free for users to use. Moreover, the data transferring rate from the Mi device to your PC is extremely fast. It’s even possible to cast your Mi device screen in your PC with the help of Mi PC suite or Mi assistant for PC.

Other notable features are-

  1. Keeping backup of data
  2. Control Mi device from PC
  3. Casting Mobile screen in PC
  4. Can flash or root the Mi devices
  5. Can restore soft-bricked Mi smartphones

How To Connect With Mi Assistant: Step By Step Guide

The Mi PC suite comes with tons of helpful features. So as a Xiaomi user, you should definitely give this software a go.

But not everyone knows about these applications, let alone connecting them and using them. So we bring this step-by-step guide on how to connect with Mi assistant.

But before we head into the installation and connecting part, there are a few things that need to be considered.

  1. You’ll need to have ADB drivers downloaded to your Mi device.
  2.  The devices need to be connected with Windows API on your PC
  3. Check if the Xiaomi device is compatible with the drivers and Mi suite or not.

Note: If you cannot find and download the latest drivers, you do need to try. You need to first install the Mi PC Suite. After that, try connecting it to your Mi device. Use a USB cable and connect your Mi smartphone and PC.

Follow to know how to install and connect the Mi PC suite-

  1. First, you need to download the application.
  • After downloading, the installed application will install all the required phone drivers on its own. You don’t need to download them before.
  • After installing the Mi PC Suite, open the app. After connecting the app, you’ll see different options like backup, file manager options, and flashing options as well.

Does Rebooting with Mi Assistant Wipes All Your Data?

One thing you might ask is, does reboot the device with Mi assistant wipes all your data? Well, rebooting and factory reset is not the same. Instead, a reboot is like restarting your device. So you won’t lose any data.

You can take your Mi device in recovery mode. To the readers, recovery mode is needed to flash your Mi device. Other than flashing, you can also use Custom ROMs, update or switch to any existing version after rooting your phone.

One of the Mi assistant’s features is to reboot the device and take it to recovery mode. As a result, it speeds up the flashing process also makes the process smooth.

But if you factory reset the Mi device, it’ll erase all the data if you don’t keep a backup.

So using and restarting your phone with Mi assistant or Mi PC suite is absolutely safe. There’s nothing to worry about!


To all the Xiaomi users, you should at least use the Mi assistant or Mi PC Suite for once. We bet that you’ll love the PC Suite from Xiaomi.

The tons of features and easy-to-use Mi PC Suite is a must-have tool for Mi users. As you’ve read this guide so far, we believe you’ll now be able to connect with Mi assistant.

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