Couldn’t Verify Mi Account ID, Invalid Username Or Password

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Mi ID is a unique number assigned to the user during registration. This number is set as default and cannot be changed afterward. Just like a Google account, all your Xiaomi accounts and services use this ID to build their own ecosystem. 

And seeing messages such as “Couldn’t verify Mi Account ID, invalid username or password” must be a nightmare you do not ever want to come true. This usually happens after a factory reset. But instead of panicking and giving up, you can follow our listed methods to solve the problem as quickly as possible. 

Hopefully, the problem is something minor, and it will not take more than a few minutes to recover all your details. 

Different Methods to Recover Mi Account ID

Mi account IDs are made up of unique 8-10 digits. You either need that code or your e-mail address/phone number to unlock your account. The following methods can help you out.

Method 1: Check Your Account to Find Out Your ID

If the problem specifically asks for your ID but you don’t remember it, don’t worry. There are different ways to find it out in just a few clicks. 

Process 1: Using Web Browser 

Go to Xiaomi’s account page, and enter your 8–10-digit ID number or your e-mail address along with your password to log in. 

Process 2: Using Phone Settings

If you are using a Xiaomi phone, you can also go to Mi Account in system settings, and sign in. 

Process 3: Use the App

Using the Xiaomi community app is an easy way to search for your ID as well. Just select your profile, and you will find the ID displayed there. 

Method 2:  Using a Recovery Phone Number or E-Mail Address

As human beings, it is completely normal to forget the passwords to our accounts, even if we use them regularly. But the best thing about it is how it is to recover them. All you must remember is the e-mail address you registered with and some personal information for verification. 

Step 1: Go to Xiaomi Accounts Page

Click on the Forget password to redirect yourself to the Xiaomi accounts page. Enter the e-mail address you used to register the account with. After you click on Next, you might have to enter a Captcha code to prove yourself as a human. 

Step 2: Enter the Verification Code

For devices or IP addresses that are verified, you can continue right away. But if not, you might have to wait up to 3 working days. 

Depending on the mode you used, you will get a One-Time password either in your e-mail box or as an SMS. Enter the code and select submit. 

Step 3: Create New Password

Type and re-type your new password. Make sure you note the caps lock and symbols. 

And that is it! You will get a changed password notification right away and you can use your new password to log in to your Mi account. 

Method 3: Contact Xiaomi Customer Service

Sometimes, the problem might not be evident. And in such cases, many people complicate things even more and end up with a blocked account. To avoid that, the best option is to contact the helpline using bot chats or through e-mail. 

They will ask you a few questions as well as account history to check whether you are the true owner. Hopefully, they can solve the problem and unlock the account for you right away. 

For an immediate and specific response, you can select your location country-wise and contact the local team. But if you cannot find it, contact them at Remember, never enter your credentials or any private information. Be concise and hopefully, you will receive a response soon.

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What to Do If I Cannot Recover My Account Details

Sometimes, all three methods fail. At such times, you can try deleting your account and setting up a new one to use your device.

Method 1: Remove Mi Account from Your Device

This method is more of a temporary option, and you can do this if you want to remove the account from your device but not delete it. Follow the steps down below to do so: 

  • Step 1: Go to Your Mi Account

In your settings app, enter your Mi Account to view all information. It will be under the account subsection. 

  • Step 2: Sign Out

Once you select the account, scroll down until you see the sign-out option and select it. It will ask for your password and after you type it in, wait for a few minutes to let it process. And you’re done!

Method 2: Permanently Delete Your Account

This solution is permanent and cannot be undone. So, you must ensure that all your important data are backed up elsewhere before you proceed. Also, unlink or sign out of all devices using this account to avoid facing any inconvenience. 

Step 1: Sign in to your Account

For this method, you need to use a different device or web browser. Open the Mi Accounts page and sign in with your credentials. You can follow the above methods to recover your ID and reset your forgotten passwords. 

Step 2: Select Delete Account

Locate the Delete My Account option and select it. A warning message will pop up, and you must check the yes box. 

Step 3: Re-Enter Password

For verification purposes, a code will be sent to your e-mail ID or as an SMS text. Enter the code and click delete. 

If you delete your account, all your information and saved data will be lost forever. So, will your credits and themes, and items purchased under that account. 

Final Words

Having a technological ecosystem can make your life so much easier. Mi has one of the best systems out there, on par with Apple and Google, and to enjoy all its perks, you must have a Mi account ID. 

But it is not without glitches. To solve problems such as “Couldn’t verify Mi Account ID, invalid username or password”, you can follow the above steps and can resume using your account right away. But if everything fails, you can always delete your account and start afresh. However, remember to back up the important stuff in your cloud or elsewhere. 

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