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Xiaomi is a very well-known name in the smartphone industry. They are known as flagship-killer for excellent features in budget. Like smartphones, Xiaomi has officially launched Mi Flash Tool Beta for its users.

The flash file for Xiaomi is mainly used by users if they wish to switch to a custom ROM by flashing the existing stock firmware. There already exists a Mi flash tool in the market. So why did Xiaomi launch a beta version of that?

The reason is, the beta version has been officially launched by Xiaomi for their users. It’s still in a testing state. That’s why it’s called beta. So we’re here with a complete guideline on the new beta version of the Mi flash tool. Keep reading…

What is Mi Flash Tool Beta Version

Even heard about flashing your device? Flashing your device lets, you enjoy a custom ROM by switching from a stock one. Other than installing custom ROM on your device, you can use the flash tools to use any MODs or install third-party applications on your device.

Simply put, the flash tool is an application that can be used to flash your mobile phone. But always remember that the flash tool varies from model to model. The Mi flash tool is specially designed for Mi devices to unbrick or unlock your Mi phone’s bootloader.

Some people get confused between the Mi flash file and Mi Flash Tool Beta. Well, both the files or applications have the same task- that is, to flash your device. But the beta version is a little different from the other one. We’ll get back to it in the latter part.

Another thing to note is that your Xiaomi device needs to have a Qualcomm processor if you wish to flash it. If it that anything other than it, then this flash tool might not work. Also, the Mi flash Beta is available for both 32 and64 Bit.

The Features Of Mi Flash Tool Beta

Now that you know what a Mi flash tool beta is, now it’s time to know its features. But before we start, just know that, although it’s a beta version, but it’s a lot more smooth and has much more features than just flashing your device.

Feature Of Mi Flash Tool Beta

  • Installer: The Mi Flash beta is available with an application that essentially says the file needs to be installed on your computer to utilize it.  Extract the file once you install it.

Another good thing about the beta version flash tool is, it comes with a whole package of all the drivers, software, and obviously the flashing tool.

  • Built-in Drivers: One of the problems with the previous flash file was, people had to download necessary drivers and other tools separately. As a result, it was a big hassle for most of the Mi users who wanted to flash their devices.

Xiaomi took this issue into account, and they released the beta format for the flash file with all the inbuilt drivers.

  • Flashing: The primary purpose of the flash tools is flashing. No matter which device you use or which flash tool you download, their main purpose is to flash the device’s stock firmware.

The Mi Flash Beta lets you flash your device in 3 different options. They are-

  1. Flash the full device
  2. Flash everything except for the files
  3. Flash everything except for the data and info.

If you are getting confused between the second and the third option, the second one won’t remove the ram on your device. The second one remains in default while you’ll be using the Mi Flash beta 2018 or the newer one.

  • Easy Installation: Unlike other flash tools, Mi Flash Tool Beta is easy for Mi users to use. As you can use this tool on both your PC or device, so it’s a deal-breaker! Also, this tool comes in both 32 and 64 bit and is available from Windows XP to 10. So there’ll be no issues with compatibility.

It’s very easy to use because it only needs to be installed, extract and then run. And you can flash your Mi devices with Qualcomm devices with only one click.

Download Official Mi Flash Tool Beta Version

How To Use Mi Flash Tool Beta Version

Before you head on to use the Mi flash tool beta in your device for flashing it, you first need to download the flash file. After downloading, you can then use it.

Download Mi Flash Tool Beta Latest Updated 2021

Few Things to know before using the Mi flash tool beta-

  • This Mi flashing tool is one and only for flashing Mi devices with Qualcomm processors. So if you’re not a user of this, this flashing tool won’t work.
  • During the flashing process or before starting it, do prepare a backup of your data. Almost in all flashing processes, all the data gets deleted. So be on the safer side.
  • Flashing is basically switching to a custom ROM from stock or another variant. Doing so will void your Mi device’s warranty.
  • It’s quite a common scenario that a device gets freeze while the flashing is done.

If you want to further proceed to the next steps, i.e., that is flashing the device, here’s how to use the Mi flash tool beta version in your device-

  1. After downloading and installing the flash tool, you need to open it.
  2. Download Xiaomi USB Driver For All Xiaomi Devices.
  3. After that, look at the down arrow at the bottom corner. From there, you can select any one mode from the three based on your choice. We’ve discussed the three modes earlier.

3. After you’re done selecting the mode, click on the option right next to the refesh option. That is “flash.”

4. After clicking it, your Mi device will get flashed. The flashing procedure for your Mi devices may take a few minutes. You’ll see a pop-up notification on the screen once the flashing process is over.


Flashing is for people who want to experience different custom ROMs and other facilities that are not available in stock ones. If you’re one of those, you can surely use the download link of the Mi Flash Tool Beta file that we provided above to download it. And follow the guideline to use t to flash your device.

But before flashing the device, do keep in mind the drawbacks of flashing a device. Thank you!

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