Download Mi SP Flash Tool (All Version) Updated 2022

Last Updated on December 24, 2021 by Ramon Walters

Alongside Qualcomm devices, numerous devices come with MediaTek processors as well. However, the flashing tools for MediaTek devices are comparatively lower than Qualcomm ones. This somehow limits the customizability of MediaTek devices, and users are quite disappointed with it.

Mi SP Flash Tool

But no worries. The SP Flash tool is there to the rescue. If you’re a Xiaomi phone with a MediaTek processor and want to flash, unbrick or check the memory processor, you can use the Mi SP Flash tool.

This guide will cover everything you need to use the SP Flash tool. The first step is to Download Mi SP Flash Tool on your PC, and next, you need to follow our guidelines. So let’s start…

What is SP Flash Tool?

The Smartphone Flash Tool or SP tool is an application that lets you flash mobile phones with MediaTek devices.

Using this software, you can use a custom ROM on your device by flashing the existing firmware.

Alongside flashing firmware, the SP tool can also unbrick your dead device, lets you hard reset your MediaTek processor-powered phone, and finally do the memory test.

As the SP flash tool is mostly used for flashing purposes, it’s also called Redmi or Mi Flash Software for Mi devices with MediaTek processors.

The Feature Of SP Flash Tool

The top features of the Redmi Flashing Tool are-

  • Stock ROM Flash

As said earlier, the SP tool is mostly used to flash stock ROM on MediaTek processor-powered devices. You can install and use any custom on our device using this tool. And the only pre-requisite is to flash the stock one!

Besides using custom ROM, you can downgrade or upgrade to any ROM using this flashing tool as well.

  • Flash Recovery

The SP Tool can also be used to flash the custom recovery of your MediaTek device. You need to only install the SP tool and locate the recovery image file later.

  • Memory Test

Want to check your phone’s RAM, NAND, and other information? Download Mi SP Flash Tool and install it to check and do the memory test!

  • Hard Reset

The SP Flash tool lets you hard reset and memory format in just a tap. As a result, you can remove everything from your device in just seconds. This method also comes in handy for removing Mi accounts and unlocking FRP on your device.

  • Hassle-Free

Unlike other flash tools, the SP tool doesn’t need any dongles or boxes. You just need to download this flashing software on your PC and then use a USB cable to connect your MediaTek-powered device with it.

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Download SP Flash Tool For Xiaomi Smartphone

The SP flash tool comes in very handy for flashing and other purposes. But let me remind you that the SP tool is only for smartphones with MediaTek devices. You cannot use this flash tool if your phone has Qualcomm processors.

The Redmi 6A comes with a MediaTek processor. So the tool required to flash the 6A devices is Redmi 6A SP Flash Tool.

V5.1524: SP Flash Tool v5.1524

V5.1528: SP Flash Tool v5.1528

V5.1532: SP Flash Tool v5.1532

V5.1548: SP Flash Tool v5.1548

V5.1552: SP Flash Tool v5.1552

V5.1604: SP Flash Tool v5.1604

V5.1612: SP Flash Tool v5.1612

V5.1616: SP Flash Tool v5.1616

V5.1620: SP Flash Tool v5.1620

V5.1628: SP Flash Tool v5.1628

V5.1632: SP Flash Tool v5.1632

V5.1636: SP Flash Tool v5.1636

V5.1640: SP Flash Tool v5.1640

V5.1644: SP Flash Tool v5.1644

V5.1648: SP Flash Tool v5.1648

V5.1708: SP Flash Tool v5.1708

V5.1712: SP Flash Tool v5.1712

V5.1716: SP Flash Tool v5.1716

V5.1720: SP Flash Tool v5.1720

V5.1724: SP Flash Tool v5.1724

V5.1728: SP Flash Tool v5.1728

V5.1736: SP Flash Tool v5.1736

V5.1744: SP Flash Tool v5.1744

V5.1752: SP Flash Tool v5.1752

V5.1804: SP Flash Tool v5.1804

V5.1812: SP Flash Tool v5.1812

V5.1816: SP Flash Tool v5.1816

V5.1820: SP Flash Tool v5.1820

V5.1824: SP Flash Tool v5.1824

V5.1904: SP Flash Tool v5.1904

V5.1912: SP Flash Tool v5.1912

Download SP Flash Tool Auth File

The SP flash tool works 90% of the time. However, in some cases, you might see a pop-up like- Sec Auth File Needed error. But don’t worry. All you need is an Authentication File For SP Flash Tool.

Some MediaTek devices come with locked bootloaders. So to flash these devices with the SP tool, an SP Flash Tool Auth File is required.

The auth file helps to bypass MediaTek authorization permission. Moreover, this file acts as a disabler as well. As a result, you won’t be seeing any Sec Auth File Needed error after using this file.

How To Flash Xiaomi Phone With SP Flash Tool

The SP flash tool is easy to use for its user-friendly interface and on-screen instructions.

However, for better understanding, here’s a guideline about flashing your Xiaomi phone with the SP flash tool-

  • Firstly, you need to Download Mi SP Flash Tool on your computer. Extract the SP tool’s folder after that.
  •  Secondly, you need to download the stock ROM and extract it as well.
  • Now, turn off your MediaTek powered device.
  • You’ll find a file named flash_exe in the SP flash tool’s extracted folder. Use this file and open the flashing tool.
  • After that, you’ll find a download tab option. Click on it and then load the scatter file by clicking on the loading button.
  • Now to start the flashing process, you need to click on the download icon.
  • Don’t forget to connect the computer and the MediaTek powered phone using a USB cable. After that, use the volume up or down buttons to make the selections.
  • The process can take around 8-10 minutes to finish. Wait till the SP tool flash your stock firmware.
  • A green signal/circle will be shown on your screen when the flashing is over.
  • And that’s it. The stock ROM has been successfully flashed by the SP tool.


So that’s all on knowing about the SOP tool and using it for flashing your MediaTek device. Honestly speaking, the SP tool is a blessing for MediaTek device users who want to flash, unbrick, or hard reset their device. As this tool has all the features, and in addition, there aren’t many flash tools available for MediaTek processors, the SP tool will be the best choice for you.

So Download Mi SP Flash Tool and customize your MediaTek device just like the way you want! Good luck.

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