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Xiaomi smartphones have gained popularity among users for their competitive pricing. They have taken the no 1 position for mid-budget smartphones within a few years. Talking about the ROM, almost all the Xiaomi phones come with a custom ROM. But one of the downsides of these custom ROMs is that they’re laggy and have many bugs, hindering the smooth user experience.

So if you’re one of the Mi users who like to change the stock ROM and switch to a custom one, we introduce the Mi Unlock Tool to you. By the name, you can guess something about the tool, right?

Well, this tool comes in handy for flashing stock ROMs, unlocking the bootloader. Moreover, it comes with pre-installed drivers as well. So let’s find out more about this unlocking tool and see how it works!

What is Mi Unlock Tool

The Mi Unlock tool is the updated version of the flash tool. That’s why it’s also called Mi Flash unlock tool. Basically, this tool is used for flashing a Mi or Xiaomi device. If you don’t like the stock ROM on your Mi device and want to switch to a custom ROM, you can use this unlocker or flashing tool to do this. This tool lets you flash the stock ROM and install new firmware on your device.

Besides flashing, you can also use this Mi Unlocking Tool to soft-brick your Mi device. Moreover, this unlocking tool also comes in handy for unlocking the bootloader. Not to mention, the unlocking tool also has anti-roll-back protection alongside the useful ADB and Qualcomm drivers. This unlocker tool is also called a repairing tool for its wide range of usability and exceptional features!

Lastly, this Xiaomi Unlock Tool for Mid devices is compatible only with Qualcomm-powered devices. You cannot use this tool in some Xiaomi phones with MediaTek processors!

Mi Flash Unlock Tool Features

The Mi flash tool can be used for various purposes. Alongside flashing, it can perform other tasks as well. But remember that the Mi flash tool only works on Qualcomm-powered Xiaomi devices. It won’t run/perform any task other than the authorized ones.

Flash Stock ROM

The Flash tool can be used to flash the existing stock ROM/any ROM in your Mi devices.

Install Custom ROM

If you’re fed up with the laggy MiUi firmware, you can install custom ROMs on your Xiaomi device with the help of the Redmi Unlock Tool!

All-In-One Tool

This tool comes with the ADB drivers and other files required to flash, unlock the bootloader and accomplish other tasks!

In-Built USB Drivers

Sometimes it becomes impossible to connect a Xiaomi device to a computer for transferring files. The reason is the absence of USB or ADB drivers. If this happens, you need to download these drivers manually. But the latest Mi Unlock Tool comes with all these drivers in it. Due to some added features and modifications, the flash tool has been named an unlock tool!

3 Flashing Options

Normally, flashing removes or deletes all your device data. Almost 90% of the flash tool deletes device data while flashing the device. But the Mi Flash unlock tool is an exception. It comes with 3-Flashing options-

  1. Flash everything without data and storage
  2. Flash everything without storage
  3. Flash all

Bug-Free and Small in Size

Most users avoid using these repairing tools due to major bugs and glitches. The Mi flash tool is an exception as it has a friendly user experience and smooth performance. Besides, they are small in size, which won’t take up huge space on your device.

Download Xiaomi Mi Flash Unlock Tool All Version

The Mi Flash Tool is the no 1 choice for users who wish to flash their device and perform other operations like bootloader unlocking, installing USB drivers, and other custom ROMs. The only drawback of this tool is its compatibility. They are only compatible with Mi devices with Qualcomm processors.

Previously the Mi Unlock Tool was called the Mi flash tool as it could only flash the Mi devices. But it was renamed after some extra features were added to it. Besides, the latest version of the tool is bug-free and small in size!

Why is Bootloader Locked?

While flashing your Mi device, the first thing that you need to do is unlock the bootloader. Without unlocking it, you cannot customize your Redmi device. To prevent flashing and using custom ROMs in your devices, the bootloader is locked by the manufacturers. Although unlocking the bootloader is legal and Xiaomi themselves gives permission, but there are certain reasons behind locking it.

Here are the reasons why bootloader is locked-

  • When your device’s bootloader is locked, you get the optimum performance from it
  • The bootloader lock has a connection with the device warranty. If you unlock the bootloader in your device, you cannot claim a warranty in future
  • Bootloader lock is a security protocol. It prevents your phone from getting flashed. Also, it helps to backup device data
  • Xiaomi or any other devices get the latest updates when the bootloader remains locked.

Why Need to  Unlock Mi Bootloader?

The bootloader is a security protocol for Mi devices. But you do miss out on some extra features when the bootloader remains locked. One of the disadvantages of a locked Bootloader is that you cannot flash your mobile phone. So if you’re one of those who loves to try out different custom ROMs and customizability, you should definitely unlock the bootloader in your Mi device.

Here are the reasons to Unlock Mi Bootloader-

  1. Enables flashing/rooting your Mi device
  2. You can install TWRP recovery
  3. Can use custom ROM on your Mi phone
  4. Helps  to customize your device

How To Unlock Bootloader With Mi Unlock Tool

How To Unlock Bootloader With Mi Unlock Tool

Step 1: Setting Up your Redmi Device

  1. Start with enabling USB debugging first. To enable it-
  • Go to your Mi phone’s settings
  • Go to about phone
  • Tap 6-8 times on MIUI Version. This enables the USB debugging/developer options.

  • .Secondly, you need to sync your Mi phone’s all data/items
  • Thirdly, turn on OEM unlocking and USB debugging options
  • Now, turn on your device’s mobile data (turn on mobile data with the same sim that was used to create the Mi account). Keep balance on this sim. Also, avoid any warning pop-ups.
  • Click on the Mi Unlock status and click on agree after that.
  • Turn off your Redmi Device
  • Take your Redmi device to fastboot mode by pressing Volume down and power at once
  • After that, use a USB cable to connect the Redmi device to a computer

Step 2: Unlocking Bootloader

  1. Download Xiaomi Unlock Tool (also called Mi Bootloader Unlock Tool) from the above link. Extract the tool after that
  • After that, you’ll see an unlock option. Click on it
  •  Select unlock anyway option in the next step
  • Wait for a while, and you’ll see an unlocked successfully message. Click on reboot smartphone to finish the unlocking procedure!


So that’s it. We believe you can also now unlock the bootloader in your Mi phone, enjoy customizability, and install custom ROMs. But remember that, if somehow the unlocking doesn’t happen or you receive a couldn’t unlock message, you need to wait for around 170  hours (1 week/7 day) to try the unlocking procedure again. So make sure to check and download the latest Mi Unlock Tool properly so that you can successfully unlock the bootloader in the first go!

So that’s all when it comes to knowing about the Mi Unlock Tool. Now you know the features of this tool and how to use it. Use this unlocker or flash tool and unlock your mi phone’s bootloader with the steps we have shown!

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