Download MIUI 10, Updates, Features, and How to Install Guide

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MIUI 10 has been the most awaited update for Xiaomi smartphones. It brings several new features and here you will experience new things with smooth operation. We will talk about MIUI 10 in this post, where you will learn about downloading MIUI 10, updates, features, and how to install the guide. So, stay tuned.

In 2016, Xiaomi introduced MIUI 10, a major update to its operating system. The MIUI 10 aims to make it more user-friendly and give better functions. Today, we will talk about what MIUI 10 is and its benefits to users.

MIUI 10 for Xiaomi is the latest version of MIUI, available for all Xiaomi smartphones. It is a complete overhaul of the OS, including a new user interface with a new look and feel. So, come on, we start the main discussion here.

What is MIUI 10 Download for Xiaomi

MIUI 10 is the latest version of Xiaomi’s flagship mobile operating system, making your phone operation better day by day. It comes with many new features that make it more useful and useful than its predecessors. We will also go for MIUI 10 Stable Update, which will keep your phone operation smoother.

This update is much more interesting and has beaten the previous one.

There are lots of new things, the mentionable are:

  • Dolby sound
  • Updated Power Saving
  • Full Dark Mode
  • Use face to lock app
  • Better file cleaning and more

The new exciting thing you will notice is the Dark Mode. This feature allows users to set their wallpaper to a dark theme and use several apps. It is very useful for people who use an app like Snapchat or Instagram, where you can easily change the background color but not the interface color.

The MIUI 10 also has Super Power Saving, which means that it will automatically turn off apps when they are not in use and save battery life even if you don’t have a data connection. So, it helps a lot for the old users. Doing the MIUI Update Download will minimize a lot of hassle for you.

Feature of Xiaomi MIUI 10 Stable

Xiaomi MIUI 10 Stable has been released and has new features. It is the most recent Android operating system that Xiaomi launched. It comes with a new user interface and a lot of new things.

With MIUI 10, Xiaomi has introduced gesture-based command for taking pictures. It is a useful feature to take pictures with MIUI 10 and take selfies.

It also has a gesture-based command for unlocking apps. It already had a new user interface called “Smart Gesture” for “Launching Apps” and “App Switcher.” The Smart Gesture feature lets users launch apps directly by swiping their fingers across the display. Now you can lock and unlock apps too.

It has come with many improvements, and you will enjoy nature and better sound now. It gives here better sound delivery and a better experience for music lovers. It was a very waited feature that the Xiaomi lovers were waiting for.

The most loving feature here is the “AI Selfie.” It is an AI-powered feature that takes the user’s photos and creates a photo album based on those images. With the gesture of eyes, you can take photos and no more clicking these days.

There are some new features in clock and note apps, too. And with the MIUI 10 Stable Update, you get these all.

Benefits of Xiaomi MIUI 10 Stable

There are a lot of benefits that we will discuss here today. About the features, we will discuss them here. Feature-rich MIUI 10 update is the latest Android operating system from Xiaomi. It includes gesture-based commands, new camera features, and more. You can unlock apps too.

The sound quality has improved after the update. The speaker’s software has been improved, and the sound will be clearer when you are playing a video or listening to music. It is good news that music lovers will be able to enjoy their phones a lot.

We have also noticed a lot of improvements in the MIUI 10 update on the Note app and others. It also supports the new gestures for the clock app. Just do your Mi Update Download and enjoy.

Download MIUI 10 Stable For All Xiaomi Devices

Generally, the process has two steps; check below for details.

Method 1- Install MIUI 10 Recovery ROM

  • Be sure your device has MIUI 9 installed
  • Download the MIUI 10 Recovery ROM and keep it on your mobile
  • Then start the Updater program
  • Do it from the three-dot menu in the top right corner
  • It is done now

Method 2- Install MIUI 10 Fastboot ROM

  • Start with downloading the MI Flash tool, extract it on your PC
  • Install it on the PC and then have a USB connector for connection
  • Then Fastboot your mobile with Volume Up and Power Button for a few seconds
  • Connect the Mobile with PC
  • Open the MI Flash Tool and then go to the downloaded software position
  • Click on the Refresh button; the system will show your mobile
  • Click on the Flash button to install MIUI 10 on your phone
  • Give some minutes to install
  • Now you have the MIUI 10 update installed on your phone

Do as required to install it on your phone, and follow any one of the processes.

What is the safest method?

MIUI 10 update is a major upgrade to the MIUI operating system. It brings a lot of useful features to the users, and most importantly, it is the first official release of this version.

It is a fact that some official and unofficial websites are offering this update for free. Some of them will prompt you to get it now why the official site is not warning you! It means that there is a chance that your device might be infected with malware, and your device might get blocked by the antivirus software.

Follow the MIUI 10 Stable Release Date for getting official declaration and updates from the official sites.

How to Install MIUI 10 on Xiaomi Phones

Two processes have already been discussed. You can follow the MIUI 10 Recovery ROMmethod to do it from your phone directly.

MIUI 10 is necessary for the latest update. The MIUI 10 recovery ROM can be installed on your phone, and it is recommended. The ROM makes it possible to restore the device if you have accidentally wiped your phone and also allows you to install custom ROMs for Xiaomi devices. You can find more details as to how this ROM works here.

The other process is Install MIUI 10 Fastboot ROM on your PC and then install it from there.

MIUI 10 is the successor to MIUI 9 and has many new features. One of them is the recovery ROM which can be installed from your PC and updated phone.

It is a quick and easy process how to install MIUI 10. The Guide will show you how to install MIUI 10 Recovery ROM on your phone.

The process is easy. Download the software on your PC and then connect your mobile to update it from the computer. You can check the process mentioned above.

Things to do

MIUI 10 is a Chinese version of MIUI developed by Xiaomi. MIUI has been designed to be easy to use and quick for users who do not want to spend too much time on customization.

There are some must-to-do issues that we will discuss now.

After the MIUI 10 update was released, Xiaomi introduced MIUI 10 on its official website. Since this update is a major release, we expect you to do it from official sources. It will keep your phone safe.

MIUI 10 brings some new features such as the new interface and improvements to performance.

There are many reasons for downloading a particular app or app update, but one of them is the possibility of getting into trouble. The MIUI 10 update for Xiaomi smartphones comes with a major risk of malware, but it also comes with some malware-like applications.

Use the official service center and support

MIUI 10 is the latest version of MIUI ROM. The ROM has been updated to support high-end devices like Xiaomi Redmi Note 4, Mi 6, and Mi Mix 2S.

It is the latest version of Xiaomi’s flagship smartphone. It has many enjoyable features, but it also may have some bugs that need to be fixed, so stay updated with the latest versions.

For the safety of your phone and other issues, use the official service center and support of Xiaomi and be safe.

Final Words

We have made a detailed discussion on downloading MIUI 10, updates, features, and how to install guide here. We hope that will be very helpful for you and you can do it by yourself and stay updated. Contact Xiaomi official support for any compliance issues.

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