Download Redmi Note 4 USB Drivers, PC Suite, Mi Flash Tool, TWRP Recovery

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The Mi Note 4 was one of the best-selling phones in 2014 for its compact size, features, and pricing. Maybe this was the first one of the Mi note series to grab all the attention. Being a flagship killer, it has been bought by thousands of users.

Download Mi PC Suite USB Driver,PC Suite, Flash Tool

Like other smartphones, the Mi Note 4 also requires some drivers and tools to bring out its optimum output. If the drivers aren’t already included, you need to download Redmi Note 4 USB drivers on your phone. Besides the USB drivers, there are other important tools like Mi PC Suite, Flash tool, FRP Unlock Tool, etc.

Don’t worry if you’re wondering about these tools and their functions. This is a complete guideline on recovery tools and USB drivers for Mi Note 4 users to use their devices easily!

Redmi Note 4 PC Suite

I guess all the Mi users are well known about Mi PC Suite. Mi PC Suite is an advanced software for Mi devices developed by Xiaomi itself for those who don’t know. With this tool or application, you can connect your Mi device with a Computer and enjoy different features like data transfer,  charging, screencast, data management, data backup, etc.

Download Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 PC Suite

This software is also available for Mi Note 4 devices as well. So if you’re a Redmi note 4 user, we highly recommend you use this application to accomplish daily tasks smoothly. But to enjoy all the features, downloading the Mi PC Suite For Redmi Note 4 won’t be enough. You’ll also need USB drivers. We’ll talk about these drivers in the latter part. Start with downloading the Mi PC Suite first.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 USB Driver

The USB drivers for the Redmi Note 4 can be of 2 types. In fact, there are mainly 2 different types of USB drivers available for almost all Xiaomi devices. One of them is the basic USB drivers, which can be used to perform tasks like file transferring and bootloader unlocking. On the other hand, the other type is used for performing critical tasks like flashing ROM, rooting, accessing EDL mode. The first type of driver is called ADB Drivers, whereas the second is Qualcomm USB Drivers.

Download Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 USB Driver

Between the two types of drivers, we will mainly focus on the first one, which is the ADB drivers. But for your convenience, we’ll be sharing the download links for both of these drivers.  These drivers really come in handy for file transferring to flashing custom ROMs in your Mi devices.

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Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 PC Suite Software Installation Guides For Windows

Here’s how to install Mi PC Suite For Redmi Note 4-

  1. Above, we’ve provided the Mi PC Suite download link for Redmi Note 4 devices. Download it on your PC
  2. Extract Mi Pc Suite’s file in your PC or laptop
  3. Now, install the required drivers. We’ve provided the download link for two drivers (ADB drivers and Qualcomm USB Drivers). Download them as well. After that, install these two drivers using the on-screen instructions.
  4. While installing the Mi PC Suite, a warning may pop up. If it happens, click on the run option
  5. Now your Redmi Note 4’s PC Suite will start to install. Wait till the installation ends.

How Do I Connect My Redmi Note 4 To My PC ?

To connect your Redmi Note 4 device with a PC-
1.     First, you need to take a fully functional USB cable
2.     Next, you need to insert the fat end to the PC/laptop and the charging port to your Redmi 4 device
3.     Before connecting, you need to install the  RedmiNote 4 Drivers properly on your PC first.
4.     After you insert the USB cable into the PC, you’ll see a pop-up asking for charging your device and file transfer.
If this pop-up doesn’t show, you need to install the drivers again and repeat the process.


After connecting your Redmi Note 4 device with your PC, you can transfer files, screencast your device, and perform other tasks with your PC. But if you want to flash your device, you’ll need the Redmi Note 4 Flash Tool. The flash tools are different according to device models and specifications.

So that’s all. Download Redmi Note 4 USB drivers and the Mi PC Suite and transfer files, screencast your device, and enjoy other features!

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