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Design is one of the critical points of Samsung. The brand invests a lot of time in creating creative and incredible designs. Besides developing solid and stunning smartphones, their devices have many fashionable and attractive wallpapers. These images are vivid and striking.

Samsung Wallpapers Download

As an Android user, you might be a fan of these beautiful Samsung stock wallpapers. After all, these decorative pictures improve the overall appearance of the smartphone. Since you have already landed in the right place, we will help you to download these beautiful wallpapers.

How to Download Samsung Stock Wallpaper

Downloading and setting up wallpapers requires you to follow some crucial steps. First, you want to download your preferred wallpaper. Avoid downloading the pictures we listed in this post. They are just a sample. You won’t get the original image from these previewed pictures.

Instead, tap on the link we are going to mention below. They have high resolution and original quality. These wallpapers have a detailed view to see everything clearly. You can use Email, Google Drive, or a USB cable to get the actual wallpapers on your smartphones.

How to Set a Wallpaper on a Samsung Phone

After downloading the Samsung stock wallpapers on your phone, you want to set it up correctly. Knowing the right way is important to ensure it fits properly on your smartphone screen. Here are the steps to follow to set up wallpapers on a Samsung phone.

  • At first, visit the home screen of your device and tap on the empty area.
  • Then, select the “Wallpaper and style” option.
  • Choose the “Gallery” option.
  • Select the wallpaper you have already downloaded.
  • Determine whether to use the wallpaper for the home screen, lock screen, or both.
  • Then, click on the “Set on Lock and Home screens” or a single option depending on your preference.

How to Set a Wallpaper on a Stock Android Phone

Though Samsung and other phones are Android, they don’t have the fully same approach to setting up wallpaper. Walking on the right track is essential to set up the decorative image on your phone correctly.

  • At first, visit the home screen of your device and tap on the empty area.
  • Then, select the “Wallpaper and style” option.
  • Click on the “Change Wallpaper” option.
  • Then visit the “My Photos” section.
  • Hover over to the downloaded wallpapers and choose your preferred one.
  • Changing the position of your chosen wallpaper is possible. Selecting different wallpapers for the lock screen and the home screen is easy.
  • After choosing your preferred wallpaper, select the “checkmark “option.
  • Finally, verify whether you want to set up the wallpaper for your home screen, lock screen, or both.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Wallpapers

Flagship smartphones have a top-end vibe. And their stock wallpapers are exceptional too. Samsung Galaxy S22 comes with some static and live wallpapers.

 Their animated screen background looks so appealing. Constant, demanding action maintains a good combination of dark and light colors.

These decorative images are universal. You can download and use them on any smartphone. The above-mentioned link includes all the Samsung Galaxy S22 wallpaper. Plus, their original resolution size is 2340×2340. They are available in both JPG and WEBP.

Samsung smartphone users can use live wallpapers on their lock screen. Their resolution size is 1440×3088. It is enough to fit any large mobile. You can also use the static wallpapers for any of your Android devices. They can perfectly fit on any smartphone display. 

Download the Samsung Galaxy S22 wallpapers

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Wallpapers

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is a multifunctional and high-end device. It comes with some alluring wallpapers. The company mainly focused on creating full butterfly-style wing pictures while keeping the side areas entirely black.

Download the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 wallpapers

White, pink, blue, red, purple, green — all these colors combination make the overall appearance glamorous and seductive. Though you can use these decorative images for any device, it suits foldable smartphones better.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Wallpapers

Wallpapers of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 have a similar design to the old flip models. These decorative images are colorful petals.

They have an unusual shape with different types of pigment. Their unique appearance and vibrant color combination make them cool.

The deep black backgrounds improve the overall attractiveness of different wallpapers. Overall, these digital images can suit any smartphone to bring coolness.

            Download the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 wallpapers

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Wallpapers

Samsung S21 FE is a more budget-friendly device of the S21 series. But it doesn’t lag off performance and looks. Its wallpapers are good too.

A similarity exists between the wallpapers of the S21 FE and S21 series. However, their design slightly varies from each other. You can download and use them for your Android device.

            Download the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE wallpapers

Samsung Galaxy S21 Wallpapers

There are generally three smartphones in the S21 series: Samsung Galaxy S21, Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus, and Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. These handsets have some unique features to stand out from others. However, they come up with similar wallpapers.

You will love these abstract designs if you are a fan of artistic flair and expression. They look like colored sand with flowing lines and creative colors. All these wallpapers have a deep black background to make the overall images more shiny and attractive.  

Download the Samsung Galaxy S21 wallpapers

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Wallpapers

Samsung Galaxy Note series are top-rated due to the inclusion of advanced technologies and features. The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is another feature-complete Android smartphone that is positioned above the Galaxy S series.

This flagship phone has a huge display, a long-lasting battery, and an S Pen. It has some Ultra static and live wallpapers with different color schemes and unusual shapes. Though they are specially designed for Samsung Galaxy Note 20, you can use them for other Android devices.

                                    Download the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 wallpapers

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Wallpapers

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 comes with a bigger outer and glass screen than the previous model. Its refined look and improved design will give a solid feeling to your hands. It is a practical choice for multitasking since you can use three applications at the same time.

Like other flagship smartphones of Samsung, Galaxy Z Fold 2 has some beautiful wallpapers. Its 7.6″ bulky display can easily fit these decorative images. However, these wallpapers may not fit perfectly for many Android devices. But you can still try them.

Samsung designed two types of wallpapers for this flagship device. Narrow images are suitable for compact outer screens, whereas wider images are perfect for an unfolded and a bigger screen.

Download the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 wallpapers

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G Wallpapers

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G is the second foldable smartphone with a flexible screen from this brand. Its advanced graphics rendering provides sharper imagery. You will appreciate its vivid and bright display design to add a rich appearance to the screen.

The smartphone comes with a clamshell-style form factor. Its interior and exterior display is slightly different from each other to ensure a better-combined look. This flip smartphone has some abstract and color wallpapers.

These digital images have a fantastic deep black background. Their colors, patterns, shapes, textures, and designs create an excellent combination to bring a unique and modern on your Android display. You can use these wallpapers if the size fits perfectly.

Download the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G Wallpapers

Samsung Galaxy S20 Wallpapers

If you are a fan of attractive and ergonomic design, it is hard to overlook Samsung Galaxy S20. It can provide striking colors for different types of content.

The Eco Square OLED technology of the Samsung display can dramatically increase light transmittance and make the pixel structure more optimized. Hence, a balanced environment is created for the outer light reflection.

There are generally three smartphones in the S20 series:  S20, S20 Plus, and S20 Ultra. However, you can use these wallpapers for all these phones. They come in different colors. Beautiful bubble designs make them attractive and lively.

Download the Samsung Galaxy S20 Wallpapers

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Wallpapers

Samsung fans who want a solid performance without digging into their bank account will like the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE. Its beautiful, Dynamic AMOLED display improves the overall look of the phone. An affordable pricing point doesn’t make it cheap at all.

All wallpapers of the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE come with a flowery color appearance. They can add a light, soft, and calming vibe to your phone’s display. Since the resolution size is not too large, most Android devices can use them.

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            Download the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Wallpapers


Samsung is one of the leading brands in the Smartphone market. They always try to bring advanced, renovative, and unique things to make their potential customers happy. Besides the handsets, they focus on improving software and other essential factors.

They introduce beautiful Samsung Stock Wallpapers for every new flagship and mid-range phone. You can use these attractive digital images on your other Android devices. They can bring a seductive and rich vibe to your phone.

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