Download Xiaomi IMEI Repair QCN File For All Models

Last Updated on February 1, 2022 by Ramon Walters

Is your Xiaomi phone’s IMEI broken? Or did you lose your Mi phone’s IMEI number? Whatever the case is, the Xiaomi IMEI Repair QCN Files is there to the rescue.

Xiaomi QCN File Download

So if your Mi phone’s IMEI number is damaged due to flashing or you’ve lost it, we’re here with a detailed guideline on the QCN files for Xiaomi devices.

Keep reading to know about QCN files and how to read and write them on your Mi phone!

What is QCN File?

QCN stands for Qualcomm Calibration Network. The QCN files are found in almost all Qualcomm-powered Xiaomi devices (both budget and flagships).

The QCN files are related to the device network and connectivity and IMEI numbers. As the QCN files remain hidden inside your phone’s deepest core, you usually cannot really find or see them.

The QCN files usually store crucial information like IMEI numbers, connectivity codes, and basebands serials.

If your device’s IMEI number gets erased due to flashing or you lose it, you need to restore it using QCN files. Otherwise, your Xiaomi device will not get any networks and connectivity!

Why Need Xiaomi QCN File

We often flash or root our Mi devices to switch to a custom ROM from the stock or given one. Although we do it to get new features, this process can remove or damage the QCN files of our Mi devices.

The QCN files are crucial for Mi devices as they hold and store important information like IMEI numbers, network, and connectivity info, and baseband serial numbers.

Each device has a unique IMEI number that helps to distinguish itself from other devices. Besides, if the IMEI number is lost or damaged, it impacts network connectivity as well. Without a valid and working IMEI number, you’ll not get networks on your mobile phone.

As the QCN files store all this data, it’s essential to have the proper QCN files on your Xiaomi devices!

Download Xiaomi IMEI Repair QCN File

The Mi IMEI Repair file or QCN files depend on your Xiaomi phone’s model number. You cannot use one model’s QCN number to fix the IMEI number on the other one.

Till now, almost all Xiaomi devices have a QCN file. However, a few phones whose QCN file hasn’t been released yet.

Not to mention, the QCN files are only available for Mi devices with Qualcomm-powered chipsets. So if your Mi device has a MediaTek processor, you cannot use these QCN files to repair or fix the IMEI number of your device.

Above, we’ve provided the list of the QCN files of all Mi devices. However, if the QCN file of your specific Xiaomi device isn’t there, don’t worry.

The IMEI number of your Mi device can also be fixed with the help of a QPST tool. With the help of this repairing tool, you can fix, repair, and restore your Mi device’s IMEI number in just minutes!

The List Of Xiaomi IMEI Repair ENG QCN FIle

How To Read Xiaomi ENG QCN File

As said earlier, the QCN files are unique files for a Xiaomi smartphone. The QCN files are mainly found on Qualcomm devices. Besides, you need the QCN files to repair or fix the IMEI number of your phone. But before fixing or repairing, you need first to read those files.

Normally, downloading the QCN files to your phone’s model and installing them serves the purpose. But what if you can’t find the QCN file for your Mi device? Well, in that case, the QPST tool and UMT Dongle come to the rescue.

The QPST tool and UMT dongle help users to read the QCN files. Moreover, they can also help users backup and restore the IMEI number.

How To Write Xiaomi QCN File With QPST Tool

Backup QCN File

Before we head-on, the QPST stands for Qualcomm Product Support Tool. This specific software or tool is used to fix or restore the IMEI number if the specific QCN file for the device isn’t working.

Here’s how to use this Xiaomi IMEI Repair Tool aka QPST to backup QCN files on your Mi device-

  1. Firstly, you need to download the QPST tool on your PC and install it.
  2. After that, launch the QFIL.exe file
  3. Next, your device needs to have installed USB Drivers and ADB drivers
  4. Now, you need to use a USB cable to connect your Xiaomi phone to computer
  5. In the QFIL tool menu, you’ll see an option called Restore QCN Backup. Click on it.
  6. A popup will appear, and you need to select a backup folder by browsing.
  7. Finally, you can start the backup process of your QCN file by clicking on the QCN Backup option
  8. Wait till the QPST tool does the backing up process. And it’s done!

Restore QCN File

The above method was regarding backing up the QCN files on your Xiaomi device. In this part, we’ll cover how you can restore QCN files on your Xiaomi device with the QPST tool.

Let’s start…

  1. Firstly, you need to launch the installed QPST or QFIL tool
  2. In the dashboard of the QPST tool, you need to click on QFIL. After that, click on the tools option. From there, you need to choose the QCN Backup Restore option
  3. After a popup appears, you’ll see an option called restore QCN. You need to click on this restore QCN option to restore the QCN files on your Xiaomi device.
  4. Wait till the QPST tool restores the QCN files. And that’s it!


So that’s it on Xiaomi IMEI Repair QCN Files. Till now, you’ve known how important these QCN files are for your Xiaomi device. These QCN files can get damaged due to flashing or rooting. But as you’ve read this far, you now know how you can read the QCN files on your device and use the QPST tool to backup and restore the IMEI numbers.

We hope now; you too, can fix or repair the IMEI numbers of your Xiaomi phone with the QCN files or the QPST tool. Good luck!

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