Fastboot OEM Unlock Xiaomi Token Verification Failed Fix

Last Updated on March 24, 2022 by Ramon Walters

The bootloader needs to be unlocked first to install custom ROMs in your Xiaomi or any android device. And for unlocking the bootloader, OEM unlocking is a must.

Fastboot OEM Unlock Xiaomi Token Verification Failed Fix

The first step to unlock the bootloader is to unlock fastboot commands. And by unlocking the fastboot commands, you can bypass the bootloader. But sometimes, your Mi device can get stuck while unlocking OEM.

If you’ve faced any device brick or stuck issues while unlocking OEM, we’re with a solution to Fastboot OEM Unlock Xiaomi Token Verification Failed Fix. Keep reading and know how to unlock OEM and fix OEM verification failure.

How To OEM Unlock MIUI Xiaomi Redmi Devices

Assuming you want to unlock the bootloader of your Phone to install custom ROMs, here’s how to enable OEM to unlock in your device-

First things first, you need to take a backup of your Mi or Xiaomi phone. Although enabling OEM unlock doesn’t delete any of your device’s data. However, if you head onto bypassing or unlocking your device’s bootloader, the data can get erased.

We’ll divide the enabling OEM unlocking process into 2 steps. They are-

  1. Enabling Developer Options
  2. Enabling OEM Unlocking

Step 1: Enabling Developer Options

To unlock the OEM, you need to enable the developer options in your Xiaomi phones. Here’s how to enable developer options-

  • Go to your Mi phone’s settings
  • In settings, click on About Phone
  • In the About Phone, you’ll see a build number. Click on this number for  times

After clicking the build number a few times, a notification or message will pop up saying, “you’re now a developer.”

  • And that’s it. The developer option has been enabled.
  • Again go to your Mi phone’s settings. And this time, click on System. And now you’ll see an option called Developer Option, which wasn’t there previously!

Note: Different Android devices have different settings menus. The method we showed above was shown for general devices. If you can’t find the same options, the trick is to search for the build number. You can find it from your settings.

Now that you’ve enabled your Xiaomi phone’s developer options, let’s head on to the OEM unlocking process.

Step 2: Enabling OEM Unlocking

For enabling OEM unlock-

  1. Go to your Xiaomi Redmi phone’s settings
  2. In the settings, find System and tap on it
  3. From the System, click on developer options you’ve already unlocked at step 1)
  4. Here, you’ll find the option OEM Unlock. Toggle onor enable this option. The Mi device can ask for the pattern code/lock. Provide the unlocking password/pattern lock.
  5. After that, you’ll see a pop-up. Click on enable for confirmation.

So that’s how you can enable OEM unlock to your Xiaomi device. And since the OEM unlock has been enabled, you can now unlock your device’s bootloader as well.

How To Fix Xiaomi Unlock Verify Fail

Let’s find out how to fix Xiaomi Unlock Verify fail-

  1. Firstly, sign in to your Mi phone’s Mi account
  2. Enable developer options and USB debugging from settings. If you’ve already enabled them, skip this part
  3. Next, enable OEM unlocking from settings. Skip this part tool if you’ve already enabled OEM unlocking
  4. In the developer options, you’ll see an option Mi unlocking status. Tap on it and after that, find add account and device option.
  5. Now, you need to connect your Mi device with your Mi account
  6. Now, you can use the Mi flash tool or anyunlocker tool to unlock it. And this time, you won’t see any token verification failed messages.


Enabling OEM unlock is mandatory for unlocking the bootloader. And after unlocking the bootloader, you can customize your Xiaomi phone by installing custom ROMs and other applications.

So if you’re one of those who like to tweak their Xiaomi devices, we hope this guide on enabling OEM unlock was helpful. Moreover, we believe you’ve found the solution for Fastboot OEM Unlock Xiaomi Token Verification Failed Fixes well.

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