How To Unlock Phone With FRP Bypass APK In 2022

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You’ve formatted your android for some reason, and now you can’t get access to it. Your mobile interface asks you to log in with your Gmail and password to unlock the device. But ironically, you can’t recall the info right at the moment.

FRP Bypass APK

The scenario is pathetic for sure for any smartphone user. Well, after formatting your old phone, it’s asking for your Gmail and password because your device includes an FRP lock. The problem can be resolved using FRP Bypass APK.

In most cases, users struggle to access their very own device after formatting. The common problem is this FRP lock.

To help you here, we’ve created a detailed guide on how to unlock your FRP lock system device.

What Is FRP?

The full form of FRP is Factory Reset Protection. It is a locking system for your android. The FRP ensures any of your data doesn’t become accessible to anyone without you.

The system is enabled when you set up your phone for the very first time. Once you’ve input your Gmail and password into your phone and have set up all your accounts and everything, the FRP in the device gets activated. And when the device is formatted afterward, the lock enables and asks for the Gmail and password you did set up previously.

Why Is FRP There In Your Phone?

FRP (Factory Reset Protection) is there in your phone to prevent your valuable information and data from getting stolen. Let me explain how the system works.

Suppose you’ve been using your android device for quite a long time, and one day somebody stole it or anyhow it got lost. If the person who stole your phone formats it and then tries to unlock it, he won’t be able to do it.

At this point, your device will require the Gmail and password you set up inside because of the FRP lock application in your device. That’s how FRP lock protects your phone.

Android Versions That Contains FRP:

Factory Reset Protection is only available in Android Lollipop 5 and above versions till Android 12. You won’t find FRP lock if you’re using a device that has an Android version below 5.0. 

How To Unlock Device With FRP Bypass APK?

Here we’ve made a step-by-step guide on how to unlock your phone using FRP Bypass APK. The procedure is more or less the same in every Android version. However, we’ve talked separately about each version for your ease of understanding.

Let’s talk first about how to FRP Bypass using OTG cable in a Samsung phone. Further, you’ll learn more about how to do it in other versions.

How To Unlock Samsung Phone FRP Lock Using OTG Cable 

To unlock your Samsung phone FRP lock, firstly, you need to download the FRP Bypass APK file on your PC. You can download the file from any reliable source. When you’re done downloading the file, transfer it into a Pendrive.

Now the real work starts.

Step 1

Turn on your phone and connect the OTG Cable to it.

Step 2

Connect the Pendrive where you’ve exported the FRP Bypass APK file with the OTG Cable.

When you connect to the Pendrive, the screen will turn on, and it’ll automatically take you to an interface where you can access the files.

Step 3

Tap on the FRP Bypass APK file to select it. Then click on “Settings”. Here you’ll find an option for unknown resources. Tick on the box to allow it on “Unknown Resources”.

Step 4

You’ll find the install option at the bottom right corner of the new interface. Tap on “Install”.

Step 5

Once the FRP Bypass APK software is installed, you’ll get access to your phone’s settings through it. Scroll down in the settings until you find the “Personal” section.

You’ll find the “Backup and Reset” option in the Personal section. Press it, and your phone will reset itself. All your locking system and every mailing information will get removed by doing this. 

And then, you can quickly turn on your mobile as new without any locking issue.

You could use the same procedure if you forgot your mobile’s pattern or lock.

How To Unlock Android 6, 7, 8, 9 And Similar Versions Using FRP Bypass APK

Unlocking FRP with your PC is a thing that has a bit of hassle. What if you don’t have a computer and unlocking your device right now is so essential. Well, follow the steps below to unlock FRP in any android version 6, 7, 8, and 9 without a computer.

Step 1

Turn on your android phone and connect with a Wifi network. After connecting the Wifi with a few information checking, you’ll reach the locked Google account interface. It is the FRP lock.

You don’t have anything to do here. Go back to “Select Wifi Network”.

Step 2

Now, click on the “+Add another network”. Type anything where it says, “Enter the SSID”. Press and hold the text you typed; a pop up will show then. Press the three dots and select “Assist”.

It’ll take you to the Google search bar.

Step 3

At this stage, open “Chrome Browser” on Google simply by typing it. Press “Accept and Continue” to proceed further.

Chrome will ask you to sign in with a pop up. Press “No Thanks” on it. Here you’ll be able to search on Chrome Browser. Search, “Google Account Manager 6.0 APK“. Or, search whatever version you’re using among 6, 7, 8 and 9.

Download the APK file now. A pop up will ask you for storage permission, press “Update Permission” here. Another pop up will ask for a photo, media and file access; press “OK” there. Now you can download the file.

Step 4

Once the file is downloaded, again go to the search bar. Now, search for “Quickshortcutmaker APK” and download the file.

When it’s downloaded, go back to “Select Wifi Network”, where you typed a text network name. Press and hold the text and select “Assist” through the three dots.

Step 5

Open “Downloads” by searching. Then install the account manager file by allowing unknown sources. After installation, press “Done”. Using the same process, install the Quichshortcutmaker. After installation, press “Open”.

Scroll down and click on “Google Account Manager” and select “Type Email & Password”. Then tap on “Try” and don’t enter any password. Tap on the three dots in the top right corner, then select “Browser Sign-In”.

It’ll take you to a Google account sign-in interface. Now, you can log in with any Gmail account. Enter the Gmail id and password you remember correctly. And you’re all set.

Now, you can restart your phone, and you’ll see it is not wanting any more Gmail information to unlock. That means the FRP is gone.

How To Unlock Android 10 and 11 Version Using FRP Bypass APK

Unlocking the Android 10 and 11 versions is pretty much the same as the previous versions. You need to access the chrome browser to FRP bypass your phone. Here is a step by step guide for you to do it.

Step 1

Connect your phone with a Wifi connection. Remember, the internet is the most crucial thing in the whole procedure. Make sure your internet connection is stable and uninterrupted.

Then, select, add a new network menu, type something and select “Assist”, which will take you to Google search. There, search for Chrome Browser and access it.

Step 2

In this step, download the FRP Bypass APK and Google Account Manager 10 APK using your Chrome Browser. Allow downloading from unknown sources and all the other permissions.

Then install the applications.

Step 3

After installing manage your account from your Google Account Manager, you’ll see an interface asking for the password.

Don’t immediately put any password; instead, tap on the three dots located on the top corner of the screen.

Step 4

You’ll get the Browser Sign-In option now. Tap on that and input new Gmail and Password. That’s how you make the new settings.

Step 5

Restart your phone, and you’ll see your device is no longer asking for any Gmail and password as the FRP lock in disabled now.

How To Unlock Android 12 Version Using FRP Bypass APK

Android 12 is the newest version of Android phones. The FRP bypassing system is slightly different from the other versions we learned in this article. Let’s look at how to FRP bypass IN the Android 12 version.

Step 1

Turn on your Android 12 version phone and press the volume up and power buttons. It will enable the talkback on your device.

A pop up will appear seeking permission. Press “Use” or “Allow” to enable talkback correctly.

Step 2

Press the volume up and power button again together, and you’ll get a new interface at this point. Swipe from the bottom left to the middle to the top using your finger on the screen.

Basically, you need to make a reversed “L”. Doing this, a pop up will ask, “Allow Talkback to record audio?” Press, “While Using The App”. Again, another pop up will say, “Use voice commands to control talkbacks”. Press on “Use Voice Commands” now.

Step 3

Now, say Google Assistant. And when the Google Assistant appears and is ready to take your voice command, say, Open YouTube.

YouTube will open in front of you. After this, press the volume up and the power key button together to instantly disable talk.

Step 4

On YouTube, go to your account/profile, click on “Settings”, and click on “About”. In the “About” section, tap on “YouTube Terms of Services”. It’ll directly take you to the Chrome Browser.

Step 5

In the browser, tap on the address bar and edit it. Type FRP Bypass APK, download the file and install it.

Next, go to the downloaded file and select “Open Setting App”. Then tap “Open”, and it’ll lead you to the device setting app.

Scroll down and select the option “Backup and Reset”. Then tap on “Reset Phone”. Tap on “Reset System Settings Only” and proceed to “Confirm Reset System Settings Only” in this option.

Now, select “Erase All Data” and “Confirm Erase Data”. This will erase all your data, password and FRP lock.

At this point, the device will reboot itself and turn on again. The procedure may take 3-4 minutes. Wait for the time, and when you see the turned on interface of your phone, the FRP will not be there anymore.

Words To Conclude

At this stage, we’ve reached the end of the details about FRP Bypass APK. Hope that you got a clear idea about it, and now you can bypass your android version over 5 using the methods.

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