How To Backup Data Using Mi PC Suite

Last Updated on November 15, 2021 by Ramon Walters

Transferring data via USB cable every time is troublesome work. It’s time-consuming and a hassle for everyone. That’s why people use different types of data management and storing methods. Among these data backup sites, Mi PC Suite is probably the best of all.

How To Backup Data Using MI PC Suite

The Mi PC Suite is a data storage and a backup site for all Mi users. All you need to do is connect a google account or Mi account to your device and backup all the data in it. The advantage is that you don’t need to transfer data manually again when you change your phone. Everything remains backed up in the account itself.

So if you’re new to this data backup and management world, you’re welcome. Here we’ll cover everything relating to using the Mi PC suite and know how to backup data using Mi PC Suite. So keep reading…

What is Mi PC Suite?

Mi PC Suite is a data management and backup application for PC or Laptop users. The prerequisite to use the Mi PC Suite is to be a Xiaomi or Mi user. Besides data managing and backup, you can also restore any lost data, update and recover the flash files on Mi devices.

Key Features

  • Backup files of Mi devices. Files include contact numbers, music, photos, videos, etc.
  • Mi PC Suite is free to use
  • It lets you transfer files between Mi devices and PC
  • Mi PC Suite lets you update your Mi device to the latest firmware
  • Mi PC Suite has an explorer option (built-in) which helps you to find any file quickly and easily
  • You can share hotspot from PC to Mi device with the help of Mi PC Suite
  • At present, the Mi PC Suite is available for Windows only. SO Mac users can use this on their devices.

How To Connect To Mi PC Suite

Before using the Mi Pc Suite to backup files or data, you need to know how to use it first!

  • First, download the latest version of the Mi PC Suite from the above link. Install the PC Suite after downloading
  • Download Xiaomi USB Cable Driver.
  • Use a USB cable to connect the Mi device with the PC. Open the PC Suite after that
  • After connecting, you’ll see that your Mi device is using the PC’s internet connection
  • You’ll see an option called screencast. Click on it to see your Mi device’s screen on PC
  • And like this, a Mi Phone is Connected To PC.

Note: Sometimes, users may face issues while connecting the device to a PC. In that case, you need to download the Mi PC suite again and repeat the above steps.

How To Backup Data Using Mi PC Suite

Previously the Mi PC Suite wasn’t supported in older devices. As a result, old device users complained about this, and Xiaomi has truly accepted their request. That’s why Xiaomi brought the beta 3.0 update, and after that, the Mi PC Suite is supported in android version 6.0 and above.

But the concern is that the Mi PC Suite beta version has some bugs while backing up the photos, videos, and other files. Still, it’s suitable and does the work quite well.

Here are the steps to backup data using Mi PC Suite-

  1. You need to download the Mi PC Suite on your PC. Install this afterward
  2. Next, you’ll find some available modules. Click on the backup interface. In this part, you’ll see the date of the last backup. It also shows the multiple backup dates as well
  3. At the bottom part of the app, you’ll see an option called backup now.
  4. When you click on the backup now option, the PC suite will backup all the data on your connected Mi device
  5. The app also lets you see the backup file, and you can manually restore any data you want
  6. And that’s how your Mi Backup To PC is done!


Since you already know how to backup data using Mi PC Suite, you don’t have to worry about manually backing up your data or losing any of it next time. The Mi PC Suite is an excellent and effective tool for Mi users. Considering Mi PC Suite’s

wide range of functionality and features, every Mi user should try. Besides, we also showed how a Mi Phone is Connected To a PC.

That’s it. Good luck backing up your data in Mi PC Suite!

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