How To Block Calls On Xiaomi Phones Step By Step?

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Spam marketing calls can ring on your phone anytime. You might be in an important meeting, and suddenly your phone started to ring. Well, when you check the phone, you find out it is just another spam call. You might cut the call, but they will not stop here.

How To Block Calls On Xiaomi Phones

They are going to disturb you again and again. So, you need to know how to block calls on Xiaomi phones step by step. You are in the right place on your knowledge quest. We are going to share how you can block calls on Xiaomi phones. Besides, we will also discuss the Redmi block option and incoming rejection option on Xiaomi phones. Let’s hover underneath and get to know more.  

How to block calls on Xiaomi Phone?

Xiaomi phone has introduced an excellent call blocking feature on MIUI settings. The feature integration has made the blocking call easier for you than ever before. Follow the steps mentioned below, and you will be done with your task.

Step-1: Follow the setting

The step will be to find the setting icon and click on it. After that, scroll down for the system apps option. There you will find the call setting feature. Click it, and the blocklist option will be right in front of you. (Setting – System Apps – Call Settings – Blocklist)

Step-2: Turn On the block list

The blocklist feature is manually turned off. You will find a toggle button on off-state when you enter the setting. You just need to click it to turn it on, and the color of the button will turn blue.

Step-3: Add number that you want to block

There will be two options to add block numbers. Every added phone number in the Blocked number option will be detached from your contact. But the exceptional option allows you to block specific services for specific numbers. This feature on your Xiaomi phone gives you more versatility to play with.

This is the answer to your question on how to block calls on Xiaomi phones step by step. For your information, I want to say that Redmi is a subsidiary part of the Xiaomi phone. Both follow the same setting option for the call blocking feature.

How to Block calls while playing games Xiaomi?

Xiaomi has a game-mode feature to improve your gaming experience. But unfortunately, it does not allow blocking calls during the gaming period. So, what can you do? You can use a third-party application like ‘Hush: Call and Notification Blocker.’

Please install the application from the app store and turn it on when you plan to start gamming. It will block incoming calls and even notifications from other applications. It will truly improve your gaming experience on Xiaomi Phones.

How to reject all incoming calls on Xiaomi Phone?

Xiaomi phones have added the latest feature, allowing you to block all incoming calls simultaneously. You don’t need to add every number on your block list manually. You just need to click the setting and find the security option.

From there, you will find the blocklist feature. Turn on the feature, and you will get an opportunity to change the rules. You can use the block everything option, and it will automatically turn off everything. This is the easiest way available if you want to block all incoming calls on Xiaomi Phones.

How to use only data and block calls?

The data of your phone is partly controlled by the Xiaomi phone. You need to follow changes on your Xiaomi call setting. You can just click the setting and scroll in the call setting option. There you will find a call option and then head for the call bearing.

It would be best to use a password to enable the call barring feature. In most cases, the password used to be 0000 or 1234. Place the number correctly and turn on the setting. It will block all the calls, and still, you can use data without any hassle. If you use more than one SIM, you need to follow the steps individually for both services.    

Final Verdict

You already have the idea of how to block calls on Xiaomi phones step by step. We are always happy to help you with your tech-related issues. All the information provided here is thoroughly researched and tested by our team.

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