How To Boot Xiaomi Phones in EDL Mode ( Best Ways) 2022

Last Updated on December 23, 2021 by Ramon Walters

All the recent Xiaomi phones come with bootloaders locked. The reason is to prevent data breaches and provide security to the users. Due to this, Mi users now cannot flash their devices like before.

However, if you still want to flash your device or unlock the bootloader of your Xiaomi device, there’s a way! The solution is to use the EDL mode. Yes, we know it’s a new term but trust me, it’s an effective way to flash, fix bootloop, and unbrick your Mi device.

But accessing the EDL mode is tricky, and not many of you are used to this method. That’s why we’re here with this article on accessing the EDL mode and How To Boot Xiaomi Phones in EDL Mode.

What is EDL Mode?

EDL stands for Emergency Download Mode. This is a non-conventional and a little bit tricky way to unlock the bootloader of your Mi device (if it’s locked).

Besides this, you can also flash your Mi device, fix bootloop, flash the existing firmware, etc., with this method.

How To Boot Xiaomi Into EDL Mode

If your Mi phone’s bootloader is locked and you want to flash your phone, you must do it by accessing the EDL mode.

There are two ways to access the EDL mode (manually) and another way with the help of a tool. We’ll first dive into access to the EDL mode in manual ways.

But as the EDL mode is a non-conventional and uncommon way to accomplish the tasks, there are some pre-requisites.

  1. Your Xiaomi phone need to have installed and running USB drivers
  2. You need to enable the USB debugging option from the settings
  3. The ADB and Fastboot USB drivers must be installed on your Mi devices.

The following processes that we’ll be showing will only be applicable for Xiaomi devices and their users to access the EDL mode. So if you’re not a Mi user, you cannot use the following method to enter the EDL mode.

So let’s start-

1. Boot into EDL Mode Via ADB Method

  • First, you need to have the ADB drivers installed on your PC
  • Next, enable USB debugging in your Redmi device from the settings
  • Use a USB to connect the Redmi device and computer
  • From the start menu, you need to open the command prompt
  • Now, you need to type the below Fastboot EDL Command to check whether your PC and Mi device is connected or not-

adb device

  • If the devices are connected, a pop-up or confirmation text will appear.
  • Again, you need to type the belowFastboot EDL Commandto take your Xiaomi device to EDL Boot-

adb reboot edl

And that’s it. This is how you boot into EDL mode via the ADB method!

2. Boot into EDL Mode Via Fastboot Method

  1. Start with downloading the Fastboot EDL file. Extract this EDL file after downloading. After extracting, you’ll see 2-3 files inside this Fastboot EDL file
  2. Next, you need to take your Mi phone to fastboot mode. For this, press both the power button + volume down button at once and hold for around 5 seconds. After that, you’ll see a bunny logo/character appears.
  • Next, you need to run the edl.cmd file. When you open the file, the bunny logo will disappear. The moment it disappears, your Xiaomi phone will go into EDL mode, and you’ll see a blank display.
  • And that’s the second process on How To Boot Xiaomi Phones in EDL Mode. For your information, this process of accessing the EDL mode is applicable/compatible with Qualcomm devices only!

What is Fastboot To EDL Method?

You’ve already learned how To Boot Xiaomi Phones in EDL Mode. We showed 2 methods, and they’re somewhat tricky and complex. However, there’s a simple way to take your Xiaomi device to EDL mode as well. And the way is to use the  EDL Mode Tool.

The EDL Mode Tool can be used to access the EDL mode on your Xiaomi device. With this tool, you can take your phone from FastbootTo EDL mode in just seconds.

But one of the pre-requisites of using this tool is that your Xiaomi phone needs to be flashed or rooted. Only after that, you can use this converting tool to access the EDL mode.

Features of EDL Mode Tool

  1. Doesn’t require a test point
  2. Free to use
  3. Compatible with Windows 7 to 10 versions
  4. Don’t need to go through a long process to access EDL mode
  5. Easy to use with a user-friendly interface
  6. Take your Xiaomi device from FastbootTo EDL with a few taps!


So far, we have shown you 2 manual ways and 1 auto or software application to boot into the EDL mode. Although you might prefer the EDL Mode Tool, remember that your phone must be rooted or flashed before using this tool.

However, the 2 manual ways have no condition like this, and you can easily access the EDL mode on your Xiaomi device!

So that’s it on EDL mode and how To Boot Xiaomi Phones in EDL Mode. Now it’s your call on which method you should use to access the EDL point. Good luck!

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