How To Change Theme In Instagram – Step By Step Guide

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Social media has become an inevitable part of our life at present. After a long tiring day, you hop on your Facebook or Instagram, but you see that it’s becoming boring day by day too.

Why? Because you’re tired of seeing the same interface always. So, you need a change. To give you the best browsing and chat experience, Instagram has brought you the facilities to change themes.

How To Change Theme In Instagram

In the past, you could only change the theme from standard to dark mode. But at present, you can also change chat themes to spice up your Insta DMs interface.

Now, the question is, “how to change theme in Instagram?” This guide will tell you how to do it and everything you need to know about changing chat themes in Instagram.

So, without further ado, let’s get into the details.

Do You Need To Update Your Instagram To Change Chat Themes?

The facility of changing chat themes is only available in the updated version of Instagram. So, you’ve to update your Instagram either manually on the app or from the Google Play Store.

To update with Google Play Store

  • Go to Google Play Store app in your device
  • On the search bar type “Instagram”
  • Select the Instagram App from the list appeared on the screen
  • You’ll find an option called “Update”
  • Tap on Update and wait for some time. Your Instagram will be updated.

To update manually

  • Get into the Instagram  App on your phone
  • Log in to your account
  • You’ll find a Profile Icon at the bottom right corner of your Instagram interface
  • Go to your profile; you’ll find the Hamburger(three stacked bar) Icon at the top right corner
  • Tap on the Hamburger Icon and select “Settings”
  • Now, tap on “Update Messaging” option from the list
  • Then you’ll see a list of new updates that Instagram made to their messaging option
  • You’ll also find an option called “Update”. Tap on the option to update your Instagram
  • After updating you’ll get a pop up message to notify you that messages are updated now
  • You’ll also find the Facebook Messenger Icon and Instagram Direct Messaging Icon substituted that tells you can now interchangeably message from two apps.

Follow The Steps To Change Chat Themes

After updating Instagram, you can now change chat themes. To change it follow the below steps.


Log in to your Instagram account and tap the DM Icon at the top right corner.

Step 2:

When you get the list of chats, select the one on which you want to change the theme.

Step 3:

After you open an inbox, tap on the “i” icon and select the “Theme” option.

Step 4:

Now, you’ll find different themes to apply to the chat. Select the theme you want to apply on that specific chat and you’re done.

Step 5:

You can choose a fixed color if you don’t want to go with a theme. To do that go to the “Colors and Gradients” option. Then you can use a fixed color to set in your chat.

Appearance And Accessibility Od Chat Themes

There is something important for you to know about customizing chat themes. When you change a theme, the other person can see the customizations you make. Besides, they can also change the theme you did set if they want.

When you change a theme your chat wallpaper will get a background of a preset image to the theme. It will also change the color of the chat bubbles. The messages you send will have a color of a similar shade to the chat wallpaper.

On the other side, the other person will also experience the changes. He can change the theme as he wants anytime if he doesn’t like the theme you set.

Moreover, whenever you change a theme, you get a quick option called “Change Theme” in your chat box. With its help, you or the other person can instantly change the theme without going to the chat settings.

If you choose a color from Color and Gradients, it’ll only change the color of the chat bubbles. The background will remain the same as before in this case.

Having Issues Setting Chat Themes? – Know The Solution

Sometimes you may not be able to change the chat themes on Instagram because of some technical fault. You can try the below remedies to solve the issue.

  • Log out from your Instagram account and log in back after sometime. Try to change a chat theme and it’ll be okay.
  • If logging out and getting back doesn’t work, update your Instagram. You can do it with Google App Store in iOS and with Google Play Store in android.
  • Try restarting your phone to solve the problem. Turn off your device for a while and turn it back on after a while. Thencagain try changing the chat themes on Instagram.
  • ●      Clear the caches of Instagram in the settings of your phone.

Can you still change the Instagram theme?

You can change Instagram themes as well as DM themes. For Instagram you have two themes. One is the basic standard white theme and the other is the Dark theme. For Instagram chats, you can personalize themes in different chats differently.
Each of the chat themes has a preset image wallpaper and the text bubbles turn into the color of the similar wallpaper shade. For solid color selection without changing the background, you can choose from Colors and Gradients.

How do I change my Instagram theme 2022?

To change Instagram theme, first you have to login to your Instagram account and then you can change the theme from settings.

Words To Conclude

Variety is always wanted everywhere. At a time, everybody gets bored with the same old thing. That’s why Instagram chat themes are there. Just think, how amazing it would be to express your feelings towards a person with the chat theme!

Instagram made it possible in real life. Hope that you know how to change theme in Instagram by reading this article. Surely you can now do it on your own and enjoy the perks of Instagram chat themes.

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