How To Change Xiaomi Phones China ROM To Global

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Normally, Xiaomi phones come in two versions- the Chinese and the global versions. Aside from them, another version is called the Indian version, which focuses on the Indian region. The global version is the most stable one among the three versions considering stability, compatibility, and user interface.

However, the Chinese version is launched first for some models and then comes the global versions. Some people can’t wait until the global version and buy the Chinese one. But the Chinese version doesn’t support google apps. So it’s a hassle for users.

But if you’re one of those who’ve bought the China ROM and want to switch to the Global version, you’re at the right place. Here we’ll show How To Change Xiaomi Phones China ROM To Global. Let’s begin!

What is Global ROM For Xiaomi Phones?

Global ROM and Global version are different. We have already told you what the Chinese versions of Xiaomi devices are. The Chinese version isn’t compatible with Google apps as they are meant to be used inside China. But when you need to use google apps on that specific device, you need to flash that Xiaomi phone first and install a custom ROM. This custom ROM is called global ROM.

Sometimes this custom or global Rom is termed MIUI Global ROM. But they aren’t the same. The MIUI Global Rom is the one that comes with the global version.

The global version is stable and supports all the languages and google apps. You don’t have to flash them and install an installer. Whereas in the case of Chinese ROMs or custom ROMs, you’ll only find the Chinese language and need to change it to use in global regions.

China ROM VS Global ROM

Understanding Chinese Rom and Global Rom at the same time can be confusing. But worry. This part will explain how China Rom is different from a Global ROM.

China ROMGlobal ROM
Developed for Chinese RegionDeveloped for Global Use
Language is ChineseThe main language is English. Other languages are available as well.
Has Chinese apps mostly.No Chinese apps
Google apps not presentGoogle apps and framework is present
Has more features and gets quick updatesGets slow updates
Supported in China and Chinese network bandsSupported in all network bands

Difference between China ROM and Global ROM

  • Xiaomi Global Version is launched for international users around the globe. On the other hand, the Chinese version is launched for the China region where google apps are restricted.
  • You need to install the Google apps installer in China ROMs if you want to use google apps. But the global ROM doesn’t need any installers.
  • The Chinese version or China ROM also has an app store like the play store. But in the case of global ROMs, you get the playstore just like other android devices.
  • Chinese versions get quick updates compared to global ones
  • Chinese ROMs come with more customizability and built-in features. In comparison, the global versions are more stable and don’t have many bugs.

Why Need To Change China To Global On Xiaomi Smartphones?

Users sometimes buy China Rom Mi devices thinking of Global ones. On top of that, as China versions were released earlier, they buy them at once and later regret them. That’s why we find regular questions like How To Change Xiaomi Phones China ROM To Global.

So if you’re wondering why you need to change China ROM to Global ROM, this part is for you.

  • Language

The China ROM comes with the Chinese language alongside a Chinese keyboard. So if you don’t know Chinese, you literally cannot operate your device. Yes, other languages are available alongside Chinese but changing the language is a big hassle in China ROMs.

  • No Google Services

Almost all android devices are compatible with google apps, and google services are available. But the China versions come with their own app store and Chinese apps. So it becomes unusable for general users.

  • Bugs

Although Chinese versions get quick updates and have tons of features, they have bugs, and their user experience is not that great. Besides, they have unnecessary ads as well. So it becomes really annoying for all types of users.

So these are the top 3 problems of using China ROM Xiaomi devices. Apart from them, there are other issues with Chinese ROMS as well. Due to these, Xiaomi users want to Convert China To Global ROM. So if you’ve got a Chinese ROM device and ain’t satisfied with it, now’s the time to switch to a global ROM!

How To Unlock Xiaomi Bootloader?

So now, if you’re convinced to convert to a global ROM from a Chinese ROM, you gotta start with unlocking the bootloader for your Xiaomi device first.

Here are the prerequisites of unlocking bootloader-

  1. PC and USB cable
  2. Download Mi Bootloader Unlock Tool.
  3. More than 60% charge in your Mi device
  4. Take a backup of your mi device’s data
  5. Use a sim card on the device. Also, use a Mi account that was opened with the same sim card.
  6. Keep little balance on your sim for texting purposes
  7. You cannot use this guide to unlock the bootloader on other devices except for Xiaomi.

Unlocking Bootloader on Xiaomi Devices

  • Start with enabling the USB debugging on your Mi device. You need to press 5-7 times on the MiUi version. This will enable the developer options.
  • Next, you need to turn on the sync option from the settings.
  • The 3rd step is to turn on OEM unlocking.
  • After this, you need to turn on your sim’s mobile data. Use the sim that was used to open the Mi account.
  • Now you’ll find an option called Add account and device. You need to click on it.
  • Switch off your Mi device
  • Take your Mi device to fast boot mode using the volume down and power button (press both of them for 5-7 seconds. Release them when you’re taken in the fastboot screen).
  • In the fast boot mode, you need to use a USB cable to connect your Xiaomi phone with computer.
  •  Open the “miflash_unlock”file.
  • You need to log in to your Mi account using the credentials
  • After that, you’ll see an unlock button. Click on it. After clicking on it, you’ll get a successful message which means the bootloader has been unlocked!

Can I Install global ROM in Chinese Xiaomi?

Yes, it’s possible to install global ROM in Chinese Xiaomi devices. But for this, first, you have to unlock your device’s bootloader and then install the custom or global ROM.

How Can I Change Miui From Chinese To English?

1. Go to your Mi device’s settings
2. Go to additional settings after that
3. You’ll find a language and input option. Click on it
4. Then open the languages option
5. Finally, select the language that you want to use in the device

Which is better Xiaomi Global Version Or China Version?

Global Rom is stable and bug-free. Besides, more languages are supported in global Rom compared to Chinese ROMs. On top of that, google apps are also supported in global ROMs. But the Chinese ROMs get quick updates and have extra features. But looking at the benefits, global versions are better than China Version.


The first step is to unlock the bootloader for switching to a custom ROM from  China  ROM. After unlocking the bootloader, you need to install a custom ROM on your devices. Yes, flashing can be necessary for this.

So that’s it on knowing How To Change Xiaomi Phones China ROM To Global. But if you haven’t bought the device, we’ll recommend always going for the global version as they’re stable, compatible with google apps, and hassle-free!

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