How To Delete Mi Account Without Password And Mobile Number

In recent years, XIAOMI has become a popular mobile phone brand in many countries. Considering the fierce competition of the market, this an extraordinary achievement for this brand. One of the reasons that back up such popularity and earned the preference of many users is the “Mi Account” service included in every phone.

How To Delete Mi Account

Moreover, all the mobile phones offer high-tech features that were only available for the most expensive phones. But at affordable prices. However, the Mi Account service has some downsides that some people try to avoid.

One of them is the use of passwords and the obstacle of accessing the recovery phone if the device gets locked. Also, if you reset the phone, you need to add Mi Account information to unlock it. And, if you do not have a password and the recovery phone, you may get into trouble. Hence, you need to find alternative ways to overcome those situations if you want to delete the account.

My account is a security service provided by the company fabricant of mobile devices XIAOMI to all its users. The service is optional, and people can choose whether to install it or not. But at first, you need to install it to unlock the bootloader and access a new device. The main features include an extra-security layer and go beyond that by including some incredible features such as:

  • A phone finder to use if you lose your device
  • An option to delete the phone number remotely from the device
  • Migrate data from an old device to a new one
  • Buy products offered in My Store

The standard procedure to delete Mi Account

Before learning how to delete Mi Account without a password and phone number, let´s go to the basics. This is to say, the standard procedure to delete Mi Account. To do so, the instructions provided by XIAOMI consist of sending them an email to requesting to delete Mi Account. However, to confirm that you want to delete your account, they will send you an SMS or information that you can only visualize by entering the phone with a password.

The procedure without password and phone number

When you do not have a password and mobile number available, it can turn your situation to enter your phone into a nightmare. Due to this, it is necessary to rely on alternative methods that allow you to overcome the situation. Unfortunately, different models of XIAOMI devices work differently. And methods that work in some phones might not work in other phones. Here we present you two different methods to delete My Account. You can try the following options:

Method 1:

You can flash MIUI fastboot ROM on the phone into EDL mode. MIUI ROM is a modified version of the Android ROM (Android Read Only Memory) operating system and developed by XIAOMI for its smartphones. You can execute many tasks on it and one of them consists of turning it into the EDL (Emergency Download Mode). By following a specific set of rules, the EDL mode can force-flash the firmware. By using this method, you get to delete the Mi Account permanently. And the biggest advantage of using this method is that you can install a new Mi Account in the future on your device if you want. 

Method 2:

Use the Mi Account Unlock Tool. This is a tool that runs easily on MIUI ROM operating system and was developed by a private company and independent developers. It allows you to bypass Mi Account by following these steps:

  • Download the Mi Account Unlock Tool into your PC
  • To extract the file, use the password provided by the developer
  • Start running the file as Administrator
  • Boot the phone into recovery mode and connect it to the PC using a USB cable
  • Enter the Mi Account Unlock tool
  • Go to the section “Information” and confirm that the phone is connected to the PC
  • Go to the section “Bypass Mi Account” and select it

With these steps, you will delete your Mi Account permanently.

Warnings when you delete Mi Account

You can delete Mi Account whenever you want to do it. However, XIAOMI specifically warns users about the consequences of deleting it as follows:

  • After deleting Mi Account all the data associated with such account will be removed. That includes passwords, Cloud data with pictures, apps, contacts, and Mi Credits info.
  • Once Mi Account is deleted the action can not be reversed. You might install a new Mi Account on the same device, but it would collect and contain different data.

Although a first look might lead you to think that it is impossible to delete Mi Account, you can find good options. As you read here, they may come from the device or from independent developers. 

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