How to Download YouTube Videos in Mobile Gallery?

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When you’re enjoying the YouTube videos, you’ve loved YouTube videos so much. But, frequently watching the same videos causes a lot of data consumption, so what will you do then?

Again, let’s assume you’re watching a Drama on YouTube attentively with lots of interest. But due to poor internet connection, the video is causing lots of disturbance, making you impatient. So, what to do then?

How to Download YouTube Videos in Mobile Gallery

Well, that’s the time when you want to download the YouTube videos for enjoying the videos without disturbance. But, how to download the YouTube Videos in the mobile Gallery?

The downloaded YouTube videos are usually stored in the official YouTube application. But to download the YouTube in your phone’s Gallery, you have to buy a monthly membership for a premium.

Still, it seems expensive? In that case, you must use the third-party apps and learn how to use them properly.

There’re endless third-party applications for downloading YouTube videos, and here we begin with them.

How to Download YouTube Videos in Mobile Gallery for Free?

Enjoying YouTube videos offline reduces the uncountable views and profit of certain video makers. That’s why the YouTube company prefers to watch the videos on their site without downloading.

Thankfully, some unrevealed applications allow downloading the YouTube Videos offline. Ultimately, you can re-watch your favorite videos when you’re offline.

Let’s learn how to use those third-party applications for free for downloading and enjoying the YouTube videos.

Use the

Vidmate is a popular application that’s quite straightforward to use. The application allows downloading videos from different social media platforms.

What’s fascinating about the video downloading application is that it exceptionally works quite faster. Therefore, you can store your YouTube videos in your desired Android phone folder.

Step 1: Download the Vidmate Application

You might’ve heard and used the Vidmate for Google searching or using the apps for the first time. Whatever the situation, make sure you have the application on your phone to download the YouTube Videos.

Previously, you could’ve downloaded the Vidmate from PlayStore as the application was available there. But right now, the application is banned from PlayStore. Therefore, you could only download the Vidmate only from the websites.

Step 2: Give Access to The Storage of Your Phone

When you launch the Vidmate app, allow the Vidmate apps to enter into your phone storage.

Step 3: Copy the YouTube Video Link and Paste it to Vidmate.

Now, Search the videos on the YouTube application you want to download. Copy the link from the videos and move forward to the Vidmate.

Paste the link at the search bar of your Vidmate application. You should find the same videos that you’ve selected from the YouTube application.

Another way you can apply that is to search the YouTube Video on the Vidmate search bar.

Step 4: Press the Download Icon

You’ll find a download icon on the right side of your Vidmate YouTube video. Press the icon, hereafter set your preferred resolution, and start downloading.

You’ll get the downloaded videos on your Gallery and files within a few minutes.

Download with the Y2Mate

If you want to download the videos from different websites, use the Y2Mate, the easiest video downloader. Regardless of the websites, you can also download the videos in various formats from Facebook, YouTube, Dailymotion, and many more.

Surprisingly, the downloader supports downloading the videos and audios in different formats, including the mp3, m4v, FLV, and mp4. Here’s how to use Y2Mate for downloading YouTube videos on your device.

Step 1: Find the YouTube video to download and start playing it.

Step 2: When the video starts to play, you’ll find the share icon right at the bottom of the video. Click on the video share option, and there’ll you’ll find a copy of the video. Once the video is copied, get out from your YouTube App.

Step 3:Now, open the Y2Mate app through Google Chrome on  your phone. If Google Chrome is unavailable in your phone, you may use the available browser for running the Y2Mate app.

Step 4: Now, paste the copy of the certain YouTube video address into your Y2Mate application. The link will direct you to the videos that you’ve liked.

Step 5: At the bottom of the video, different resolutions of videos will appear to you. Choose your preferred resolution and click on the download icon. Your YouTube video will start to download and be further saved into the Gallery.

Download with the

Downloading different video downloaders consumes a remarkable memory space on your phone. Besides, sometimes there must be a virus attack on the phone when downloading unethical apps, like Vidmate and Y2Mate.

Now, if you want to avoid those applications but download the YouTube videos, use the online accessible tools, like

While using the application, you’re not limited to downloading only some videos like other applications. Instead, you can download endless videos from different social media platforms, like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

Now, get familiar with the steps of

Step 1: Using your YouTube official application or through the website, pick the address of your selected YouTube video. Copy the address of the content and move forward.

Step 2: Open the through a browser and paste the copied YouTube Video’s address on its search menu.

Step 3: Go for the next and tap the download option. Like other YouTube video downloaders, here, you’ll need to select your desired resolution and quality of the video. Your video download will automatically start.

Download with the

The application is widely used for its straightforward and efficient usage. Plus, the unnecessary ads don’t appear on the application; that’s what you would love about the application you’ll love most.

Indeed, downloading YouTube videos through SnapTube is almost similar to other applications. Still, let us do our job and show you the YouTube video downloading process through SnapTube.

Step 1: Download and Launch your SnapTube application as you’ve done for your previous downloaders.

Step 2: Search for your favorite drama or movie videos from YouTube that you’ve liked. Copy the link address that you’ll find by clicking the share option on your YouTube official application.

Step 3: So, you have selected and copied the right videos you want to enjoy, right? Paste the copied videos link on the search bar of your launched SnapTube.

Step 4: When you paste the copied link, SnapTube will redirect you to the downloading page. Here you’ll need to select the quality and resolution that you like to enjoy.

Step 5: After selecting the video’s quality and taping is done, the video will start to download.

Download with the Ins Tube?

The InsTube is the fastest free application for downloading the YouTube Videos at the Phone gallery. As it’s a free version, you don’t have to pay for a premium membership of YouTube.

Although the Ins Tube is widely used for downloading YouTube videos, you can also use it for other social media. Unlike other third-party applications, this one doesn’t need to copy and paste the video link.

Alternatively, it’s unnecessary to open official YouTube to download the videos. Now, let’s jump to the point and follow the instructions for downloading the YouTube video through Ins Tube.

Step 1: Search for the Ins Tube website from any browser, like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Now, find out the Ins Tube application, download the Ins Tube application, and launch the application on your android phone.

Step 2: After you launch your Ins Tube application, a window will appear on your mobile screen. There you’ll find the icon of different social media applications to use, like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Enter into the YouTube icon from your Ins Tube application.

Step 3: Now, find out the song, drama, or movie that you want to enjoy offline by searching the name. Everything will appear through the Ins Tube application, as you’ve watched on official YouTube apps.

Step 4: Start the video, and when it starts to play, click on the download icon at the right end of the video.

Step 5: When you want to download the video, the video’s resolution and quality will appear for your selection. You can download YouTube in different resolutions and even convert it to MP3 and MP4 formats.

Step 6: After your video’s quality selection, you have to click the red button “fast download” at the end. Here your video has started to download.

Download with Your SD Card

Downloading the YouTube videos on SD cards doesn’t need any unethical application installed from Google and the app store. Furthermore, you don’t have to take the hassle of copying and pasting the YouTube links.

That’s because downloading videos on the SD card is easier and less time-consuming. Just make sure you’ve pre-installed your phone’s SD card and know the right procedures for downloading the videos.

Step 1: Select the profile of your official YouTube application. After entering the profile, click on the setting option.

Step 2: Within the YouTube setting, you’ll get the download option while scrolling. Now, select the download option and enable the SD card for downloading the YouTube videos instead of phone storage.

Step 3: Go for the YouTube videos you want to download on your YouTube application. Likewise, for other third-party android downloaders, you don’t have to install any application separately; just move forward.

Step 4: Download your desired YouTube videos; they should appear in your phone’s Gallery and SD card.

How to Download YouTube Videos on iPhone?

Downloading the YouTube videos allows enjoying your desired videos anytime, anywhere. But, when it’s about downloading the videos on your iPhone, you might be afraid you can’t do it.

That’s because there’s no option for downloading YouTube videos in your phone storage. Furthermore, the iPhone doesn’t have multiple YouTube downloader applications like the android phone.

Step 1: Clean Up the Storage

First, ensure your iPhone has sufficient space to store the video you’ve liked. If there’s insufficient space in your iPhone, the process of downloading the video will stop in the middle.

Ultimately, you have to restart the entire process; that’s troubling.

Step 2: Copy Your Chosen YouTube Video Links

Regardless of the application you use for downloading, you must manage the YouTube video links at first. Go to the YouTube application, open and start the video you want to watch. Choose the Share option from where you can copy the video link.

However, you can also copy your video link from the YouTube search on the website.

Step 3: Find Out the YouTube Video Downloading Website or Application

Usually, the iPhone app store can’t store unethical apps like YouTube video downloaders for long.

Therefore, you have to search the websites that allow you to download the YouTube videos offline. Btcold and X2Download are among those two websites.

Step 4: Paste the Copied Video Link

Browse the downloading websites one by one and check whether they’re still working or not. Paste the copied YouTube video link on the search bar on your selected website and go for next.

Step 4: Select the Quality Level of Your YouTube Video

When you’re redirected to the downloading site, tap the download icon. The site will generate links to your YouTube Video in different formats, ranging from high to low quality.

You’ll also get the video in MP3 format, in case your pasted video is your favorite song. Now, select the preferred quality level of your YouTube Video to enjoy your best.

Step 5: Start Downloading

After selecting the quality level and moving to the next, the website will ask your location to save the downloaded file. Select your default location and allow the website to access the location.

You’re almost done! Hit on the done icon. Shortly, you’ll receive your downloaded video offline to your selected phone location. A confirming window will appear on the screen of your phone when the downloading is done.


Is It Illegal to Download YouTube Videos on Phone Gallery?

Downloading the TV series, movies, sports, etc., from YouTube isn’t illegal, but it’s unethical. So, to enjoy the YouTube videos offline in your free time, you can download and save your favorite Videos from there.

Although downloading YouTube videos are allowed in most other states worldwide, that’s not permitted in the USA. In the USA, there are Copyright issues for downloading content from YouTube.

Can We Download All Videos to Phone Storage?

Yes, with a huge quantity of storage capacity, you can download all YouTube videos. When the storage capacity reaches its final limit, change your setting and move your downloaded videos to the SD card.

Where to Find the Saved YouTube Videos Offline?

Open your YouTube application and enter your profile that’s situated at the right corner of the homepage.

In the second stage, you’ll need to manage your Google account by signing with the same username and password you’ve used for signing the YouTube application.

Click on the channel that’ll uphold a page up to you where you’ll get “Home,” “Videos,” and “Playlists,” three options.

The third option, “Playlists,” is what you’re looking for, so enter into the option. There you’ll find what you have been looking for – the saved videos from YouTube in a folder.

Can I Transfer YouTube Offline Videos?

No, transferring the YouTube offline downloaded videos from one location to another is impossible. You’ll hardly get such the worst features in the YouTube application.

Nevertheless, you can select your desired location for downloading and storing YouTube content. For that, you must bring a little change in YouTube storage location.

However, some software like Wondershare UniConverter will allow you to transfer the downloaded YouTube contents from one file to another.

Why Are Downloaded YouTube Videos Not Showing Up to Your Gallery?

If your YouTube videos don’t appear in your Gallery, that means the videos aren’t stored on the SD card. YouTube videos will be downloaded on the YouTube Download section when directly downloading them through your YouTube apps.

Use different sorts of YouTube Video downloading apps to see the YouTube contents offline in your Gallery.

The Sum Up!

See! You have endless options for downloading the YouTube videos in the Mobile Gallery for watching offline. How to download YouTube Videos in Mobile Gallery – still a problem?

Hopefully, it shouldn’t be! Just try using our third-party application after one. You should get the result and enjoy your most desired videos anytime, anywhere.

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