How To Enable Developer options And USB Debugging on Xiaomi Phones

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The Android mobile operating system has many hidden features that ordinary users do not need to know. The features are a memory load process system, recording processor, and statistic applications. You will find the simulated activity and resolution in different mode activities. 

How To Enable Developer options On Android

And all of these features you can find in developer mode options on your android device or tablets. It is essential to configure your developer options to improve the performance of your android. You do need to be an expert at android development.

Android is a haven for neurons, technologists, and developers! Its open-source platform ensures that its source code is free for anyone to study, modify or expand. This article will discuss how to enable developer options on Android?

What is Developer Mode?

The developer mode is a process where users’ accounts can create a symbolic link with any level of privileges. Using developer mode, you can open a command prompt window that is normal and a link command. 

In Windows ten you will see the developer mode settings options. To test your app, you can use developer mode and change various developer settings. Developers like to solve developer-centric problems. And give them permission to access the tools and environment. We will discuss how to enable developer options on Android in our post.

Enable Developer Options And USB Debugging

You will have a setting app option on your android that is called the developer option. The developer options allow you to configure system behavior to debug your app’s performance. So it is mandatory when you enable developer options androidclick the build number option. You have to do it seven times. Depending on your android version, you can build number android options. 

Go to the setting system, then go for phone and android build numbers.

● For the android 7.1 version, you have to go settings then about the phone and build number.

Now you have to enable USB debugging so that you can use the Android Studio SDK and other tools. So open the developer options menu to toggle the USB debugging. 

● For the android 9.0 version, you have to go to the setting system, click on the advanced and open developer options, and then USB debugging.

● Select the setting first for the Android 7.1 versions, go to developer options, and USB debugging. 

Find Your Android Build Number

Unlocking developer options, you need to find the android build number. To find the build number depends on your android versions. How to find your build number follow the discussions:

● Firstly, open your android device and see the settings option and click on it. 

● Tap on the mobile setting options from your phone screen and go to about phone options.

● After that, you will see the build number option on your settings. 

Reveal Developer Options

The developer options menu is unlocked by default. To activate developer modeyou have followed the instructions. 

●     Unlock setting options and tap about the phone on your device.

● Scroll the setting menu of your android device you will find the build number. Click the build number seven times.

● If you do not find the build number, go to the software information and click on the build number.

● Now you may have asked the question: how to enable developer mode? Ok, the answer is; first, you have to give your password or unlock the pattern or pin and enable your develop options mode. 

● When the developer option appears, you can turn it off as you wish. On the setting menu, you will see the developer option will appear. Depending on your android you can find it on general options.

 How To Turn Off Developer Options

If you want to disable or turn off developer options, you must follow the instructions. 

● Go to your setting menu and open it. 

● Scroll it and choose the security and update options.

● Tap the switch of developer options.

● There you will see ‘on’ the ‘off’ the cursor. Now tap the ‘turn off’ option and disable your android developer options. 

What is The Build Number On Android

A build number is a number on your device that consists of the device information. When your device is released, data code, manufacturers, and you can find by the build number. When you find your build number, you will see the letter. The first letter indicates the release of the family. The second code identifies the exact branch code of the build and where it was made from. The next code is a date code, and the final one is identifying the versions. 

To use this build number, you can define your device or your app. When you are rooting your phone, the build number is not mandatory.

Why should you keep on developer mode?

You should keep developer mode on for various reasons. So let’s discuss why you need to be in your developer mode.

● Firstly, when you are going to install or root your mobile phone, you have to keep on your developer mode. Because installing an advanced app you need to create a backup. The rooting method depends on your device. But the rooting method starts with OEM unlocking setting development options, and it does not matter for the warranty of your device. It will not void while you are enabling the developer options. 

● Secondly, to Make your device speed up, you need to keep on developer mode. When you find the windows animations scale, Animator duration scale, or transaction animation, you need to speed up your android. Windows animation can do the best work on a speed device.

● It uses a USB debugging system that accesses your Android device’s external device. And communicate with your android to the computer device. 

● By selecting a mock location app, you can connect with any app and can change GPS location.

● If you keep on the developer mode, you speed up to high-end games. Turn on the graphics processing features to get a better visual look.

● Using these developer options, you can check the memory that your device usages the Ram. You can figure out the memory and performance of your device. 

How do I enable developer options on Android?

– Above, we discuss more. Settings> About phone>scroll down>Build number> Enter Pin> enable developer options.

Is it safe to enable developer mode?

-Yes, enable developer mode is safe for your android device. So that, you can connect your mobile with your pc and access storage and private data. 


In a nutshell, we hope that we solve the questions of how to enable developer options on android? If you do not know the options that help you to replace your device with a new system, you have to follow our instructions.

We try to give a little brief in every step of enabling developer’s options. You can turn off the developer options when you think you do not need to install any apps or root your phone. 

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