How to Find Mi Account ID with IMEI Number?

Last Updated on December 7, 2021 by Ramon Walters

One of the most dominant reasons why Xiaomi is such a successful mobile phone vendor in the business (aside from the excellent functionality and perks) is its supreme cloud service that can rival big sharks like Apple and Google.

However, having such excellent security comes with its cons as well and at times you might need to bypass the excellent protection it offers. Imagine you forgot your Mi account password after rebooting, and now you can’t access your stuff. So what can you do?

Well, just go through this article on how to find my account is with IMEI. It may sound like rocket science, but our detailed guide shall make the entire thing child’s play for you. So, let’s get started!

What Is the Mi Account ID?

Having a Mi ID is more like having a Google account or an Apple ID. Well, to be more honest, it is simpler to Apple than Google in this case. Google serves numerous other companies, while iCould and Mi work only with their respective phones and other electronic devices.

Anyways, Mi is a prominent Cloud service provided by Xiaomi. In short, any product from Xiaomi is capable of using the Mi Cloud technology. Plus, we can assure you that it is pretty safe!

Once you open a Mi account, we can assure you that all your photos, videos, messages, apps, emails, contacts, and so much more will be backed up and kept in a safe place. Besides, opening such an account is relatively easy! All you need isto put some basic information like email, region, and stuff like that.

How to Find Mi Account ID with IMEI?

Well, it is time that we go to the topic that we were looking for all this time. In this section, we shall provide you with adequate info on how you can recover your Mi account ID with your IMEI number. So, stay tuned!

Step-1: Find the IMEI Number

Before we can do anything, the very initial thing that we have to do is figure out the IMEI number. What is the IMEI number, you wonder? You see, it is a unique code that applies to only your phone.

Using the IMEI, you can locate the GSM (Global System for Mobiles) and use various perks like roaming, 4G network, etc. Furthermore, via the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity), you can prevent someone from using stolen phones and locate the phone wherever it is in the world.

Now, finding your IMEI on your phone is pretty effortless. There are two methods. The first is looking for the number on your box. You should be able to spot a barcode on your phone’s box. There you shall find both IMEI-1 and IMEI-2, and S/N code. 

The other way is applicable for all phones; dial *#06#, and it should provide the desired info.

Step-2: Use the Newfound Info to Recover

After you have found all the info regarding the topic, it is time that we start figuring out the Mi Account ID.

Here is the link (if you do not want to go through the hassle of finding out the webpage where you shall input your IMEI number):

All you have to do is click on the link and it should transport you to the Mi webpage where you shall be inputting the IMEI number and some other relevant information.

When you are done with the first part, make sure that you note the numbers. You can either screenshot all the information provided, or you can type it on your phone. After that, click on the link and input the IMEI number on the phone. 

Later, when you are done with this part and have inputted the details of where you have purchased the device, it should transfer you to the window that contains all the necessary information. And in a short time, you should have access to your Mi account and get all the things you had saved on your phone previously.

Other Ways of Regaining Access to Your Mi Account

Is there any other way of recovering my Mi Account? Yes, conventionally, there are 2 other ways through which you can retain your Mi Account. 

Phone Number/Email

You can use your phone number or email address to do the trick. For that, you have to get into the Mi account sign-in interface and look for the options. It is not a very tricky task.

Customer Support

If none of these work, the last resort is to take Xiaomi’s customer service. There you shall find the help as they can access your data history, cross-check, and provide you the necessary aid. 


By now, you should have a crystal-clear idea of how to find Mi account ID with IMEI. Moreover, we have also provided a short note on other ways in which you can regain access to your Mi account. So, there is no need to panic if you can no longer access the cloud option of this brand.

Simply use the methods we suggested.

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