How To Fix a Redmi Phone Constantly Restarting? – Step By Step Guide

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As time goes by, our mobile devices get older and start to have different problems. No matter how well you maintain your newly bought phone it’ll face issues over time.

You may face software issues, glitches, or FRP Lock issues. If you’re using a Xiaomi Redmi model, you get to see bootloop issues as well in some cases. And it becomes a very irritating thing for you.

why does my Redmi turn on & off repeatedly by itself

If your phone is constantly rebooting itself you doing nothing, it throws you in a difficult situation. And you keep asking, why does my Redmi turn on & off repeatedly by itself?

The issue doesn’t let you work with your phone and you may also miss important calls because your phone is turned on and off automatically.

So, we did thorough research on the problem and found some possible effective solutions for you. Here you’ll learn how to fix the Redmi phone constantly bootlooping.

Why Is Your Redmi Phone Turning On & Off Repeatedly By Itself? – Possible Solutions

Well, bootlooping in Redmi mobile devices can take place for different reasons. Sometimes, it is just the storage space out or the sim not installed firmly. Besides simple causes the problem can also occur for battery issues or something big.

Then, you’ve to take it to a mobile repair shop and fix it with the help of professionals. But first, try out the below ways to fix the issue.

● Reboot The Phone Manually

If you see your phone is automatically turning on and off continuously, try to reboot it manually. Sometimes, the phone malfunctions for internal issues and creates problems.

So, if you do it manually once it may resolve the issue. Here are the steps on how to do it.

  1. When your mobile device comes in the on state, you’ve to turn it off manually
  2. Press and hold the “Power” button till your phone turn off and the screen goes black
  3. Then wait for a while and again press the “Power” button to turn the device on.
  4. After turning the phone on, wait and see if the problem is resolved.

If the issue is still there, move on to the next way.

● Reinstall The Sim

You already understand any electronic device requires proper installation fittings to work appropriately. Same goes with a mobile phone. If any portion of the phone is not installed correctly or has a loose connection, it starts to create problems.

Sometimes, when the sim is not installed correctly or has a loose slot connection, the phone starts to create issues and constantly boot itself. So, you must check on the sim installation.

  1. Turn Off the phone by pressing and holding the “Power” button
  2. Once the screen turn entirely black, you can take out the sim slot
  3. Take the sim ejector pin tool and insert it into the sim tray hole
  4. The slot would come out at this point
  5. See if the sim/sims and SD Card is situated as it should be in the tray
  6. Secure the setting of the sim and SD card and insert the sim slot tray inside
  7. Press the sim tray with a pressure that it securely attaches with your phone
  8. Now, turn back on the phone by pressing the “Power” button
  9. Hold the “Power” button until the device logo is visible on the screen and you’re done

● Clear Cache

If the above two ways don’t work for you next you can try clearing the cache file of the mobile. Cache memory needs to be cleaned to resolve your phone’s boot looping problem.

  1. Unlock your Redmi phone
  2. Go to “Settings” and look for the “Storage” option
  3. Click on the “Storage” option and then go to “Cache Records” tab
  4. Inside the “Cache Records” you’ll find “Clear Cache Data” option
  5. Pressing on “Clear Cache Data” a pop up will ask you to confirm it
  6. Press “Ok/Yes” on the pop up and confirm clearing cache data

● Factory Reset

Factory reset is one of the last options you could possibly do to recover your mobile device’s issue. It’ll erase all the data in your device and take your phone to the state it was when you first bought it.

As factory reset erases everything from your device, make sure you back up all the data before resetting it.

Next, follow the below steps to factory reset your Redmi mobile.

  1. Unlock your Redmi mobile phone
  2. Go to “Settings”, then got to “Additional Settings”
  3. Then you’ll find “Backup & Reset”; tap on the option
  4. Now you’ll find different options in “Backup & Reset”. Firstly, backup your data using the “Back up my Data” section
  5. Once you’re done backing up everything, select the “Factory Data Reset” option
  6. A pop up may ask for confirmation, tap “Yes/Reset Phone” to confirm it

The process will reset your phone and bring it back to the new state. Hopefully this would solve the boot looping issue.

● Update The Operating System

Updating the operating system of a device from time to time is necessary for the betterment of the device. If you don’t update the OS for a long time, it may cause problems like restarting the phone by itself repeatedly.

Follow the below procedure to update your Redmi phone’s operating system.

  1. Unlock your device
  2. Go to “Settings” app and enter the “About Phone” section
  3. Next, go to “System Update” from “About Phone”
  4. Then tap on “Check for Updates”. If there is any newer update of MIUI available it’ll update your phone

Words To Conclude

If your Redmi phone is still bootlooping after using these methods, it is suggested to look for professional help. In some cases, general methods don’t work if something serious happens to the phone.

Only professional technicians will understand the serious issue in your phone causing the problem.

If you are still here, I hope that now you got it clearly how to fix the problem at home.

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