How To Fix All Xiaomi Phone Stuck On Boot Logo

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One of the Mi users’ common problems is the Mi Phone Logo Hang issue when flashing or unlocking the bootloader. Due to this, they cannot use their phone during that time, nor can they restart it. So they can only wait till the issue gets resolved by itself.

Xiaomi Stuck On Logo Fix

This is really frustrating for most of the users. So if you’re one of them who has faced this issue and want to know how to fix all Xiaomi phone stuck on boot logo, you’re at the right place.

Normally users face this issue at the time of software update. So it’s highly recommended to have a smooth and high-speed internet during this time. Other than that, there’s an alternate way to fix this stuck-logo problem permanently. Let’s find out…

How To Fix Xiaomi / Redmi Phone Stuck At Mi Logo And Botloop Issues

While upgrading to the latest android version or updating any software, the logo-stuck problem is faced. Sometimes the problem becomes so severe that the Mi phone gets bricked, and users cannot use it. So they have to flash their phone to unbrick the device ultimately. So the problem in Mi devices is also called Mi Reboot Problem as it mostly occurs during rebooting time.

If you’ve faced this problem multiple times before, it’s better to solve it to avoid device bricking or freeze issues.

But before we head-on, it’s important to know that you need to flash the Fastboot ROM to solve the stuck logo problem. And flashing erases all your data inside the device. So if you’re okay with data erasing, you can proceed towards the next steps. Besides, you can always take a backup of your data!

So here’s how to fix all Xiaomi phone stuck on boot logo

Step 1: Applying for Unlocking Bootloader

First thing first, you need to unlock the bootloader of your Xiaomi or Mi device. There are multiple ways to unlock the bootloader. One of the ways is to flash the existing stock ROM. But the safer option would be to apply for it. So to apply for unlocking bootloader, you need to apply for it. Download Mi Flash Unlock Tool.

Step 2: Downloading Fastboot ROM

The Fastboot ROM various from model to model. As there are various models of Mi devices, it;’s better if you download the Fastboot ROM on your own for your specific model. You’ll find the download link for Fastboot ROM for all types of Mid devices in the MiUi Forum.

Step 3: Downloading Mi Flash Tool

To solve the Xiaomi Fastboot Stuck problem, you need to use the Mi Flashing tool. This tool helps to flash your Mi device’s existing ROM and solve the logo-stuck issue.

Step 4: Fixing the Redmi Phone Stuck At Mi Logo And Botloop Issue

This is the Mi Phone Hang Solution part.

  • After following the above three steps and downloading the drivers and tool, you need to use a USB cable and connect the Xiaomi device with a laptop/PC
  • Now you need to open the flash tool after installing
  • Next, you need to follow the on-screen instructions and flash your device.

Note: Flashing with the flash tool will delete all the data immediately. It’s better to keep a backup of your data (if you want).

So that’s how you solve the Mi Phone Not Switching On problem. As you’ve flashed the stock Rom using the flash tool, your device will look brand new (like it came in the box). So after turning it on, you need to set up the device like the first time!

Xiaomi Flashing Method in EDL Mode Step By Step Guide

Xiaomi Flashing Method in EDL Mode Step By Step Guide

  • Start with downloading the ADB Drivers on your device (PC or laptop). Install them after that
  • Use a USB cable and connect the Mi device with Pc or laptop
  • Go to command prompt on your Pc or laptop and type the command-

adb device

  • If the Xiaomi device is connected, it’ll be shown after writing the command. Don’t forget to click enter after writing the above command
  • Now to take your Mi device in Emergency Download Mode or EDL mode, write the below command-

adb reboot edl

  • And that concludesaccessing the EDL mode in your Mi device.

Mi/Redmi Flashing Method In Fastboot Mode Step By Step Guide

Don’t worry if you can’t access the EDL mode in your Mi device using the above method. Here’s an alternate flashing method to access the EDL mode using the Fastboot mode.

  • You need to download Fastboot EDL files on your PC or laptop. And extract them (2-3 files will be extracted)
  • The second step is to boot into your Mi phone’s Fastboot mode. Press both the power & volume down button at once (for 2-3 seconds), and you’ll see a bunny logo appearing on the screen.
  • After that, you need to run the edl.cmd file. Opening this file will take you to the rebooted EDl mode (a blank display will appear).

This process works mostly on Qualcomm-powered devices. Using the above ways, you can access the flashing EDL mode using the Fastboot mode.

How To Reset Xiaomi Phone

If you want to know how to reset your Xiaomi phone, you’re at the right place.

  1. First, open your Mi device and go to the settings options from the app drawer
  2. Next, you need to go to general settings. After that, find the backup and reset option from there.
  3. There you’ll see an option called factory data reset.
  4. You’ll see a screen like the below image. So if you want to reset your phone, you need to tap on reset phone. And then your phone will be reset!


So that’s it. From fixing Mi Mobile Logo stuck issue to showing how to access the EDL mode in 2 ways, we’ve covered everything you needed to solve the logo-stuck issue. Instead of facing the Reboot problem, we recommend you fix this logo issue permanently.

Now, you know how to fix all Xiaomi phones stuck on boot logo. We believe we could make the Mi Phone Hang Solution easy for you!

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