How to Fix Facebook Instagram Not Working on OnePlus Device?

Last Updated on July 1, 2022 by Ramon Walters

If your Facebook application suddenly stops in the middle of scrolling, what you’ll do? Undoubtedly, you’ll get out of the app and try to open it again and again.

But, what if it happens, your systematic effort goes in vain, and you still can’t operate your Facebook Profile?

How to Fix Facebook Instagram Not Working on OnePlus

You have several things to do to resolve the hanging problem with your social media apps. We’ll discuss how to fix Facebook Instagram not working on One-plus Device in this article.

But, let’s first learn why these issues happen with your one-plus android. The problem of not responding to Instagram and Facebook mainly occurs when your android gets older.

Furthermore, the phone accumulates caches that consecutively slows the performance of your phone.

How to Fix Facebook Instagram Not Working on One-Plus Device – Step by Step Procedures?

When your Facebook keeps stopping, you must think, what’s wrong with your phone. If you’re an expert in figuring out the error, you’re the lucky person. Don’t worry, even though you can’t figure out the specific cause of your app’s problem.

There are available online solutions for fixing the issues of your social media app not working. Here we’ve discussed those solutions that you could apply.

Check the Internet Connection

If your Facebook app suddenly stops working, check other online apps on your phone whether they’re working or not! Online apps, like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc., often stop working due to internet issues.

If your phone has internet issues, the other online application on your phone will also cause problems. Check your internet connection, switch off the Wifi connection and reconnect it.

The same thing goes if you’re using the mobile data, instead of LAN connection.

Close and Re-Open the App

If the internet isn’t an issue, but your social media app isn’t working, try to stop the application. Directly go to the homepage of your home, and after some time, try to restart the apps again.

Clear the Caches of The Apps

Clear the apps’ caches when you notice your application isn’t responding. The technique is also applicable to other phone applications besides social media applications.

You’ll need to open the application at first if that isn’t working. Keep taping the apps that’ll take you to the “setting page” of the application. You’ll find the clear cache option at the end of the page in the clear data option.

Tap on the clear cache option and agree to all the conditions that appear on your phone’s screen.

Clear the Data of The App

You have already learned where you’ll get the clear Data option for your inactive apps. After clearing the cache, if your apps still don’t work, or stop working after some time, then you must remove data. You better clear the app data when you’ve cleared the caches.

Forcefully Stop the Application

Besides the clear data option in the setting, you’ll find the force stop option in your app’s setting. Tap on the force stop option when your app’s not responding at all.

After you forcefully stop the application, you’ll need to re-enter the log-in information to operate the social media app. So, before forcefully stopping the application, make sure you remember all the data and information.

Update the App

Sometimes, when an app’s update comes, the old version of that app stops working. To smoothly run your phone, you must update the pre-install apps on your phone.

Set the notification of your play store to notify you of the regular updating of your pre-installed app.

You’ll just enter your phone’s play store and search for the targeted social media app on the search bar. The update option will appear to you when you click on the app on the play store.

Troubleshoot the Apps in Safe Mode

Troubleshoot all the third-party apps of your phone in safe mode to prevent frequent hanging. Keeping the apps in safe mode refers to the system that temporarily disables third-party apps and helps to figure out the problematic app.

Here are the processes to turn on the safe mode on your phone.

  • Press the power button of your OnePlus Device.
  • Tap to the safe mode option

So, you’ve figured out the problematic apps in your phone. Now, uninstall the problematic app and reinstall it from the PlayStore, providing all your information again.

Reboot Your Device

Reboot your OnePlus Device when no techniques are working, or you don’t have the patience and time to apply the problem-solving methods.

The Sum Up!

You’re not alone who’s having a problem with his social media apps, like Facebook, on the OnePlus device. It’s a common problem for all the installed applications of your phone besides the social media applications.

Now, how to fix Facebook Instagram not working on OnePlus Device? If you frequently face a problem, you should apply our given techniques one by one. Eventually, you should overcome your no responding Social media application.

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