How To Fix Poco M3 Dead After Update

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The Poco lineup from Xiaomi has absolutely been one of the best, considering its price to performance ratio. The Poco F1 has been one of the most selling models of Xiaomi. However, the M3 model has been a disaster due to its boot loop issues!

Poco M3 Dead After Update Fix

Although the Poco M3 had been doing great, the latest update has literally made it dead to its users. After the latest update has been launched, the phone has become unusable as it gets stuck in the boot menu.

So if you’re a Poco M3 user and have already been facing this issue, you’re at the right place. This guide will be about How To Fix Poco M3 Dead After Update. Alongside, we’ll also show you how to flash your Poco m3 device with mi flash tool.

So let’s start…

How To Fix Poco M3 Dead Boot Issue

The latest update on Poco M3 has literally damaged the device and emerged the boot loop issues. Many users have termed this update as Poco M3 Dead Boot Update as well. Due to the update, the device has become dead, and users cannot really find any solution regarding it.

However, if you’re an M3 user and you’ve faced a similar issue with your phone, don’t worry. Here’s how to fix your Poco M3 dead boot issue.

Method 1: Fastboot Approach

The fastboot approach has effectively fixed dead boot issues in a few Poco M3 devices. So let’s start with the fastboot approach and see if this works on your Poco M3 or not-

  • Firstly, you need to turn off your Poco M3 device
  • Then you need to take your M3 to fastboot mode. For this, hold both the power & volume button (for 5 to 6 seconds). As a result, you’ll go to the fastboot mode of your Poco M3.
  • You need to follow the same method you did to take your phone to fastboot mode to go back to normal mode. Hold both buttons (power & volume down) for a few seconds, and you’ll exit fastboot mode.

Taking your Poco M3 to fastboot mode and coming back to normal mode have fixed the dead boot issues in some M3 devices. However, if your Poco M3 is Not Turning On or still has dead boot issues, try the next method!

Method 2: Force Reboot

This is the second most effective method to fix the dead boot issue in your Poco M3 device. We got to know about this method from some of the support team (Poco).

To force reboot your Poco M3 device, you need to hold your M3s power button for around 20 seconds. As the force reboot occurs, it’s expected to fix the dead boot problem in your Poco M3 device.

Method 3: Battery Draining

No worries if the fastboot approach and force reboot method didn’t come in handy for you. We’ve got another dead boot issue solution for you.

The battery draining method is-

  • You need to take your Poco M3s battery percentage to 0%. For this, just leave your Poco phone until it automatically reaches 0% charge and turns off itself.
  • After that, you need to connect your M3 device with its charger
  • Your M3 device will turn on to the operating system as the charging starts. And as soon as it turns on, we believe the dead boot issue will be solved!

So that’s it on solving the dead boot issues. We believe these 3 solving methods will come in handy to solve the Poco M3 Dead After Reboot problems!

How To Flash Poco M3 With Mi Flash Tool

  • The first step is to download the Mi Flash tool and extract it. 
  • Next, you need to install the flash tool on your PC
  • Next, you need to download the fastboot or stock firmware file for your Poco M3
  • Alongside the firmware and flash tool, working USB drivers are. So download and install them as well if they’re missing.
  • When you’re done with installing all the tools, drivers, and firmware, it’s time to turn off your Poco M3.
  • Now you need to take it to the download mode using the power and volume buttons (hold them for 10 seconds)
  • In the fastboot mode of your M3, you’ll see the logo of a bunny. Now it’s time to connect your poco M3 with a computer using a USB cable
  • After that, open the Poco M3 flash tool
  • After you’ve opened the tool, you need to click on select and select the downloaded firmware file
  •  After selecting the firmware file, click on flash to start flashing your Poco M3 device
  •  Wait till the flash tool flashes your Poco M3. After finishing, the tool will send a success message.
  • And that’s how to flash your poco M3 device with the Mi flash tool!


Reading this far will obviously enlighten you about the existing dead boot loop issues in Poco M3 and how to fix them. Although it’s a major issue with the new Poco M3 device, which makes it almost unusable, we did our best to help you with our detailed guidelines.

As you know, How To Fix Poco M3 Dead After Update, so why not fix your POCO M3 now by yourself? Good luck!

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