How To Fix Xiaomi No Service Error Signal Problem

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Previously, Xiaomi phones had MiUi related software issues complained by many users. But at present, the network-related issues have been added to the list as well. Many Xiaomi users are finding signal-related issues in their Xiaomi phones.

How To Fix Xiaomi No Service

If your Xiaomi phones also have the same network-related issues, don’t worry. There are several solutions related to these signal errors, and they’re easy to implement.

In this article, we’re going to cover the possible reasons behind error or network issues and also, we’ll also know How To Fix Xiaomi No Service Error Signal Problem. So keep reading…

Possible Reasons Behind Network/Signal Issues in Xiaomi Devices

This is a troubleshooting guide where we’ll first know about the possible reasons behind the network issues in the Xiaomi phone and, after that, try a few methods to solve those issues.

Previously, people used to think that corrupted sim cards were the sole reason behind the network issues. Even the majority of Xiaomi users think the same way. However, corrupted sim cards aren’t the only reason behind the network issues in your Xiaomi phone.

The network issue or signal problems can occur due to many reasons. Misconfigured settings and physical or liquid damage are some of its common reasons.

For your information, even rooting or flashing your device can be the reason behind the signal or network issues. After rooting or flashing, the QCN files can get deleted or damaged if not restored properly or taken a backup.

Here are the top reasons behind network issues in Xiaomi phones-

  1. Android Updates

The new android updates sometimes contain bugs or glitches. Due to this, your phone’s network and usability can be hampered. Other than android updates, using 3rd-party apps can also cause network or signal problems in your Redmi device.

2. Misconfigured Settings

There are different network settings that need to be configured or automatically get configured while setting up our device. Sometimes while manually configuring the network settings, users can enable or disable a crucial feature or input an incorrect access point. As a result, the network or connectivity changes, and the device can have network issues.

3. Liquid and Physical Damage

Well, this is by far the most important and common reason behind network or signal issues other than corrupted sim cards. If the liquid or water particles get inside your phone, it can cause problems in the network settings and other internal functions.

Besides liquid damage, physical damages are also responsible for single issues in your Xiaomi phones. Physical damages affect the hardware systems and can also cause network issues.

4. Corrupted Sim Cards

This is the most common cause behind signal issues in an android device. If the Sim card is corrupted, damaged, or incorrect, there’s a 100 out of 100 chance of network issues. Dirt, water, smudge can damage the sim card in your phone and can result in network and connectivity problems.

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How To Fix Xiaomi No Service Error Signal Problem

Until now, we knew the possible reasons behind network or signal issues. This part will tell you how you can solve or fix the network or error-signal problems.

Here’s How To Fix Xiaomi No Service Error Signal Problem-

Solution 1: Restart Device

This is the most common and the easiest way to solve network or signal-related problems in your Xiaomi device. If your phone is having network problems or you see error signal messages, try to restart your Xiaomi phone and check whether it solves the issue or not.

We bet you know how to restart or reboot your device. So let’s not waste time on this!

Solution 2: Use Correct Sim card/ Reinstall Sim Card

If restarting your Redmi phone doesn’t solve the network issues, here’s another method to solve it. Firstly, use the correct sim card on your phone. By correct sim card, we mean to use a working sim card that’s not corrupted or damaged.

If you’re already using a correct sim card and still the network issues prevailing, we suggest reinstalling the sim cards. We hope reinstalling the sim card properly will solve the network issues.

Solution 3: Switch Between Airplane Mode

You won’t believe it, but toggling airplane mode is an effective way to fix the existing network or signal issues in your Xiaomi or Mi device. In fact, this method is helpful to other android devices as well.

  1. Firstly, turn on the airplane mode on your Xiaomi device
  2. Wait for a few minutes with the airplane mode turned on
  3. After that, disconnect or disable the airplane mode
  4. Check whether the network issues are solved or not.

Solution 4: Update Firmware

Are you using an old android or MiUi version in your Xiaomi device? If yes, this can be the reason behind signal issues. Sometimes not using the latest version can hamper a proper network system.

So if you’re using an old version and want to know how To Fix Xiaomi No Service Error Signal Problem, we recommend you update your phone’s firmware and use the latest version.

Solution 5: Manually Choose Network

Manually selecting the network settings is effective if the other or above methods don’t work. The network error problem mainly happens if you’ve just moved to a new place. So you can select the network settings and fix them.

Here’s how to manually select network on your Xiaomi device

  1. Search for Networks in your phone’s Settings menu
  2. There you’ll find an option called Manually Select Network. Click on it and get enlisted on the preferred or suitable network.
  3. And that’s it. Check if the signal issues still prevail or not.


That’s all on troubleshooting network signal issues in your Xiaomi device. We almost showed all the possible ways to fix the network issues in your Mi device. Sadly if any of the methods don’t work, there’s no way but to factory reset your phone.

But we believe this not be necessary as the rest of the methods are enough to fix the signal issues. AS you now know, How To Fix Xiaomi No Service Error Signal Problem, fix your phone’s network by yourself!

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