How To Fix Xiaomi Sim Activation Service

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What’s the first thing that we do after buying a Xiaomi device? Set up the sim card, right? But what if you cannot set it up and an error message is shown? It’ll be undoubtedly frustrating.

But there’s a reason why you cannot setup your sim in Mi devices. The reason behind this is device security. Due to this, sometimes, the manufacturers use this method to ensure the Mi device’s or user’s safety. But almost in all cases, it backfires!

So if you’re one of them who is facing the issue of setting up a sim card in their Xiaomi device, then you’re welcome. Here, we’ll talk about the common problems related to Xiaomi Sim Activation Service and solve them.

Sim Card Activation Failed in Xiaomi Devices: Why it Occurs?

Initially, you might end up thinking this sim card error issue is a hardware problem. But trust me, it’s not. It’s more of a software issue from the very own Xiaomi phone manufacturers. But why’ll they do it on their own device? Well, that’s what we’re gonna talk about in this part.

1. Using Invalid Sim

Before we insert a sim into our Xiaomi device, you need to verify it first. It’s seen that, in many cases, people use invalid or expired sim cards. As a result, the Mi devices cannot read them. And ultimately, a Xiaomi Sim Activation Service is shown.

Considering this, you should always check if the sim card is valid or not before inserting it into Mi devices. If there’s a problem, contact the sim companies. It’s not the fault of Xiaomi devices or the manufacturer’s side!

2. Inserting Damaged Sim

This is another common phenomenon that’s seen often. When we use a specific sim card for years, it can easily get damaged. Moreover, the sim can be damaged while inserting them on the devices as well.

So when you’re using a damaged sim in your Mi device, it’s quite common that the device will not be able to detect it. So every time you insert your sim or try to remove it from your device, be careful so that you don’t damage it.

3. Security Issue

Unlike the other two reasons, this is a fault or issue from the Mi phone manufacturers. The Xiaomi devices are sent globally and used by people across the world.

Often manufacturers add “EXTRA” security features to some of the Mi devices. So when you get one of these Mi devices with extra security features, you need to manually activate the “Sim activation” part. But if the process goes wrong, the device will show an error sim card activation message!

The first and the second issues can be easily solved by you or by contacting the respective sim company. So you need to either solve these on your own or get a new sim card. Now coming to the third problem, how would you solve this? Well, we’ll help you with this troubleshooting guide!

Xiaomi Sim Activation Service Error: Fix This!

If you’re sure that the sim card activation error is due to the manufacturer’s fault, you can try out these simple steps to fix this. There are a few ways to fix the sim card error on Xiaomi devices. Let’s begin.

1.   Activate from Mi’s Official Website

This is the very first thing you should try if you’re facing sim activation issues. Here’s a step by step solution to fix this sim card issue-

  1. First, you need to go to Xiaomi’s Official Site (click on the link).
  2. Secondly, you need to enter your Mi account’s login credentials. If you don’t have a Mi account, you can create your own account from the website.
  3. Then click on the “Security” option. In the security option, you need to enter your phone number. Check the number thoroughly as inputting an incorrect number can add more hassle.
  4. After inputting the number, click on “change.” After clicking it, Xiaomi will send a code/message to your device.
  5. After you receive the code from Xiaomi, you need to enter it to activate your sim card on Mi devices.

2. Activate Sim Card Manually

If you don’t want to fix this sim card issue from the website, then you can follow this method.

  1. First, you need to insert the sim card on your Xiaomi Device.
  2. Then you need to send a random message to any number
  3. After sending the message, if the “Xiaomi Sim Activation Service” appears, tap on this text.
  4. You need to repeat doing the same thing (tapping on the error message) three to four times.
  5. At one stage, you’ll see the Mi device’s phone number option pops up.
  6. In the pop-up window, you need to dial or enter your sim card’s phone number and click on “OK.”
  7. That’s it. The sim card activation error will not be shown again.

3.  Activate through Sim card Operator

Initially, we thought we wouldn’t be talking about this process in this article. But we think it’ll be quite helpful to let you know that this is one of the ways to fix sim card activation errors.

If you’re using a sim from local providers, you can go to their help center and seek help related to this sim card issue. In case you and your operators are in a different nation, you’ve to fix this issue virtually.

Typically, you just need to send a text to the operators to activate the sim. If this doesn’t fix this, you can call their helpline number and report this sim card issue on Mi devices.

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If you’ve tried all the above steps to activate your sim card and none of them helped, then there’s one last way for you.

Sometimes, the new Mi devices, mostly with developer or beta ROMs, have bugs. So it can be a reason behind this trouble. So what you can do is check if there’s any

available update on your Mi device. If there is, you need to install the Mi’s software update. When the device’s update is complete, give a further check if the Xiaomi Sim Activation Service is fixed or not!

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