How To Flash Xiaomi Via Fastboot And TWRP Recovery [Guides]

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When our Xiaomi device is not working smoothly or prevents us from accessing some functions, we often try to flash our device. But what is the ideal way of flashing your Xiaomi smartphone?

How To Flash Xiaomi Fastboot And TWRP Recovery

Though several ways are available Fastboot and TWRP Recovery is the two popular options you can use to flash your handset.

Here, we have gathered all the important details to help you learn how to flash Xiaomi via Fastboot and TWRP Recovery mode. Let’s begin!

Why Need Flash Xiaomi Using Fastboot And TWRP Recovery

Many Xiaomi smartphones may be stuck in an endless loop. You might repeatedly be trying to power on the device. Unless you solve the problem, you can’t use the mobile smoothly.

One of the primary reasons behind using Fastboot and TWRP recovery is to bypass and diagnose the issues of bootloop or being stuck in a loop of rebooting.

Though there are many other options are available, they are not reliable. Many of them will fail to recognize your Xiaomi operating system properly.

How To Flash Xiaomi Using Fastboot Mode

Wondering how to flash Fastboot ROM? Just keep following the below-listed steps to successfully Flash ROM Via Fastboot without facing any problem.

  • First, download the Xiaomi Flash software on your PC and install it. If the computer already has this application, you don’t need to install it again. However,  ensure your device has the latest version for better compatibility with your Xiaomi device.
  • Next, download the Stock Firmware (Fastboot firmware), mainly a ZIP file, so you need to extract it on your PC after downloading it.
  • Now, turn off your Xiaomi mobile.
  • Next, press the power button and the volume up button for a minimum of 8-10 seconds simultaneously until the Fastboot Mode comes on the screen.
  • When the Fastboot Mode shows on the smartphone display, you will notice an Android logo.
  • Now, grab a USB data cable and connect your smartphone to your PC using the cable.
  • Next, open the Xiaomi Flash software from your PC and find the Firmware option.
  • After selecting the Firmware icon, press the refresh icon several times to quickly figure out your Xiaomi smartphone.
  • Now, select the flash option. This will initiate the process of flashing your Xiaomi smartphone.
  • Wait for a while. The application may take a few minutes to complete the whole process, and you will notice successful text once the flashing process is over. That’s all! You have done with Mi Fastboot Flash!

How To Flash Xiaomi Using TWRP Recovery Mode

  • First, download a ROM file (EU ROM) that is compatible with your Xiaomi smartphone.
  • Download TWRP Recovery For Windows
  • Now, grab a USB data cable and insert one side of it into your computer while the other side is in the Xiaomi phone.
  • Next, move the file into the phone memory. Make sure it is in the root folder.
  • Then, switch off your mobile.
  • Afterward, press both volume buttons as well as the power switch at a time to get into the TWRP  recovery mode.
  • If your device has a custom ROM, visit the Wipe option, followed by the Advanced Wipe. Remove all the Cache and caches from the options.
  • After removing all the caches, navigate the main menu and press the “Install” icon.
  • Access the Recovery ROM zip file from your phone’s internal storage and swipe the icon to the right side to initiate the process of installing the firmware on the smartphone.
  • A ‘Reboot System’ option will appear on the screen after completing the installation procedure. Select the option and finish off the task. That’s all!

How To Flash Xiaomi Firmware Using Recovery

If you are interested in updating the firmware of your Xiaomi mobile via recovery, our below-mentioned steps can help you achieve this objective.

  • First, download a ROM file that is compatible with your Xiaomi smartphone and change the name into
  • Now, move the file into the phone memory. Make sure it is in the root folder.
  • Next, switch off your mobile.
  • Then, press both volume buttons as well as the power switch at a time to get into the recovery mode.
  • Now, navigate to an option and go a little bit down to find the “Install” file.
  • Select the file and wait for a few minutes to complete the flashing task.
  • After completing the flashing job, your mobile is supposed to restart automatically. If it doesn’t restart, you can navigate to the “Reboot” icon to restart it manually.

Final Thought

Haven’t you successfully flashed your Xiaomi device using Fastboot and TWRP Recovery mode? You can use either option that looks convenient and easy for you. However, it should be convenient to make the job done properly.

Hopefully, this write-up has aided you in fixing the problem your Xiaomi device has faced for a long time. Properly flashing your phone will solve the bootloop and other similar problems easily.

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