How to Format Vivo Phones?– Format Your Locked and Unlocked Android

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Selling the old phone is a game-changer activity among the phone hobbyists. But, it’s impossible to sell and buy a new phone on every small error or problem as it’s a matter of expenditure. Don’t you like your old Vivo phone and want to sell it quickly?

Even though you didn’t use the phone for a long time, there’s proof that the phone’s aging. The older the phone you sell, the lower the price you’ll get for it. To get a better price, you must try to enhance the phone’s performance as much as possible.

How To Format Vivo Phones

Now, if you want to increase the performance of your older phone, you must format your phone before selling it. But how to format a Vivo phone when you’ve never done it?

Undoubtedly, formatting the old phone enhances its performance to a reasonable extent. But before that, delete all your personal information using the process before selling the phone.

You mustn’t want the third-party seller to get personal information from your phone, right? It might hassle you if any bad intentions are developed in your buyer.

Here we disclosed how to format your Vivo phone when it’s locked, unlocked, working, or not working. Hopefully, you won’t need further recommendations for anyone regarding Formatting a Vivo phone.

Shall we start now?

What is Formatting?

Formatting refers to the process of creating empty space in the device’s storage and deleting the previous data. Alternatively, Formatting refers to deleting the data, like call lists, messages, songs, pictures, etc., from your phone for flexible use.

Disk formatting refers to the process of taking your hard drive to the stage of initial use. It’s essential to format your device, like phone, computer, laptop, hard disk, etc., after a specific period.

Clearing the previous data from your phone, Formatting helps to boost up its performance.

What is the Importance of Format A Vivo Smartphone?

Using a smartphone for a long time and frequently reduces its system power which lowers the phone’s performance. Sometimes the applications completely stop working which forces you to format the phone.

Although Formatting the phone can’t assure your phone’s speed, it’ll somehow take the performance to the average scale. Let’s see why you should perform the formatting operation for your Vivo phone.

For Opening Up the Locked Phone

Sometimes the user of a device forgets the passwords that he has set for his device. Consequently, the user has to suffer in the long run, as he can’t find a way to open his phone.

Obviously, as a next step, the user goes to the repairer, where he might need to spend some bucks.

Formatting the phone helps to open up your device when you lose or forget its passwords. Along with everything else on the phone, Formatting also deletes your data from the phone.

Preparing the Phone for Selling

One of the primary purposes of formatting the Vivo phone is to prepare it for selling. Our phone contains a lot of personal information, including phone numbers, images, videos, documents, and many more.

Nobody wants to hand over their personal information to a third party even after selling the phone. Formatting the phone will erase the personal information and data from the device.

So, you must format your phone and ensure there’s no personal information when selling it.

Fasters the Slow Phones

In the long run, using an android decreases its performance and that’s what must bother you a lot. It’s irritating to use a slow phone, right?

Immediately changing the phone is impossible every time whenever there arises any problem. It’ll increase your expenditure. For free, format your slow-performing phone to enhance its overall performance for several days.

Affects the Performances of Your Application

Suppose you’re operating an application on your phone, but it has suddenly stopped. Or you’re trying to open an application but can’t do it no matter how long you try.

The situation must disappoint you as you can’t operate your phone peacefully. So, format your phone quickly as there’re no free and quick alternatives to fixing your broken applications.

How to Format Vivo Phones When Locked? – Apply the Hard Reset

Whether it’s your Android or iPhone, Formatting will delete all the data and information from the device. Before selling an old phone, creating duplicate records of your phone’s data is essential.

But how do you format your phone when it’s locked? Although some users know how to format their unlocked phones, most of them can’t format their locked phones.

Here we have discussed the quick steps of formatting the Vivo phone when it’s locked.

Step 1:

Hard resetting clears the memories and data from your mobile phone. For hard resetting, first off, you’ll switch off the phone in your hand.

Step 2:

Now, hit the power and volume plus or minus button at the same time together. Within a few seconds, boot mode will appear on the phone’s screen. The boot mode is the logo of the specific company which phone you’re using.

Step 3:

Release all the buttons at a time when the boot mode appears on the screen.

Step 4:

Again, hit the volume buttons to see the language selection options. Confirm your preferred language to use while formatting and operating the phone. Select your preferred language using the power off/on the button.

Step 5:

After selecting the language, the recovery mode should start to appear. Select the recovery option from the screen using the volume plus and minus buttons. Make confirmation to hit the recovery option using the power button.

Always use the volume plus switch for going up on your phone’s screen and the volume down button similarly. And use the power button for making confirmation of any option. The touchpad won’t work when you’re in the process of resetting your phone.

Step 6:

After entering into the recovery option, you should find the wipe data/ Factory reset option. Hit the factory reset using the volume minus switch and then power button to enter into the wipe data option

Step 7:

When you enter the factory reset, the system will ask to delete all user data from your device. The volume and power button allows the system to delete all user data.

Step 8:

Now, reboot your system like the beginning. When your Vivo phone start, you’ll find all its user data has been deleted, including the passwords.

How to Unlock the Pattern of Your Vivo Phone? – Via Gmail Account

Unlocking the phone is essential to keeping your phone’s data backup before formatting it. That’s because Formatting the phone will erase everything from your phone besides your forgotten password.

That’s why some people prefer to unlock their phone before Formatting, as they think it’s safer and more accessible.

Although there are multiple ways to unlock the Vivo phone, we’ll show the most effortless way – Formatting the phone using your Gmail account.

Step 1:

Activate your Vivo phone, and try to remember the password you’ve set for opening it. When you fail to open the phone after frequent attempts, “Forget pattern” will appear on your display.

Step 2:

Tap the forgot pattern option, where you’ll be asked for your Google details. Give your Google details, passwords, and username on the empty boxes.

Step 3:

Continue the unlocking process by hitting the sign-in option. The system will unlock the Vivo phone within a while.

Step 4:

Reset the new passwords, or patterns, after unlocking your Vivo phone.

How to Format Vivo Phone When the Phone is Working?

When your Vivo phone is working spontaneously, and you remember the screen lock, you can format it easily. There’s no hassle of unlocking or hard resetting to boost up the phone.

You’ll need to follow up our simple steps for resetting your active Vivo phone.

Step 1:

Enter the setting of your Vivo phone that’ll direct you to its main system.

Step 2:

After entering the setting, you’ll type erase all data from the search bar of the settings. The erasable data should appear on the screen of your phone. That’s the simple method for finding the erasable data to remove them.

Compulsorily you won’t find the erasable data easily, only typing into the search bar of the setting menu. If the method doesn’t work, you’ll move to the factory reset option for clearing your phone memory.

Step 3:

Charge your phone for at least 50% and back up all the data on your android phone.

Step 4:

Now, from the setting menu of your Vivo, find out the factory reset option. Hit on Ok and let the erasing process begin.

Step 5:

Right after a few minutes, the system will automatically erase the data and restart your phone. The Formatting of the phone is completed when the rebooting accomplishes.

Should You Format Your Phone Using the Factory Reset or Hard reset?

The factory reset and hard reset – both formatting processes clear the data and boost your phone. Hard reset is essential when your phone isn’t working at all.

Your phone might get blanked out and become white due to unconditional screen touching. Furthermore, your Vivo phone might get hanged, and the touchpad isn’t reacting at all.

To fix the problem with your phone, you’ll need to apply the hard reset for Formatting it. The hard factory reset is mainly used when you forget your screen lock (Pattern, passwords, PIN, Face lock, etc.).

Format your locked Vivo android using two consecutive ways. First, you can set a new lock to the phone and then format it using the regular factory reset. Otherwise, apply the hard factory reset that’ll erase everything, including your phone’s screen lock.

So, if your phone has important documents, data, and files, unlock it first, then format it as usual.

However, apply the regular factory reset when your phone isn’t locked, hanged, or blanked out.

How to Reset Vivo Android Using PC?

Using the PC makes Formatting or resetting the Android comparatively easier than other methods. Just install the necessary software, launch them and then, use an USB cable to connect your Vivo android to the PC.

Let’s see what you should do for formatting your Vivo android phone using the PC.

Step 1:

Download the SDK software, the latest version on your computer, and launch it. After launching the android manager, you’ll find Android SDK platform-tools and drivers with the other option. Select the platform-tools in your android manager.

Step 2:

Connect your Vivo Device with the computer using the USB cables. Hit the file manager on your phone screen to enter the phone information into the computer.

Connect your Vivo Device with the computer using the USB cables. Hit the file manager on your phone screen to enter the phone information into the computer.

Step 3:

Now, run the Windows command prompt to your computer and move forward to the Android debug bridge. Now, you have to select the ADB reboot recovery that you’ll find entering into the C:/Users – Username – AppData – local – Android – Android SDK – Platforms.

When you hit the ADB reboot recovery option, the android system recovery screen will present wipe Data/factory reset on the computer. Hit the wipe data/ factory reset to remove the downloaded files, data, application, etc.

Step 4:

Now, reboot your Vivo android phone directly from the device. The Formatting is done when the device gets activated and ready for use.

How to Create Google Drive Backup for Restoring the Data?

Backing up the data of your phone is the primary process of formatting the Android. No data will be left behind once the Formatting is done, so copying or keeping the backup of data is crucial.

So, even though you’ve locked the phone and forgotten the screen passwords, copy your phone’s data in a secure folder (Google Drive, another device, in the Cloud) before formatting it.

Here is the process to restore your phone’s data by creating Google Drive Backup.

Step 1:

Enter the setting of your phone that you’ll get in the drawer of your applications.

Step 2:

Search for the accounts and backup option that should be into the setting of your Vivo Android. The accounts and backup might be named only as backup on some devices.

Enter your accounts and a backup option where you’ll find the backup data under Google drive.

Step 3:

Select the Gmail address you want to use to store your data’s backup. Sign in to the Gmail account and enter the factory reset device located at the top of the phone screen.

Step 4:

Now, it’s time to create a new backup before moving the factory, resetting, and formatting the phone. If you already have a backup into Google Drive, you’ve restored your phone’s data there.

So, add the additional information and data that you’ve recently captured and inputted into your Android.

If there’s no previous backup of your phone, create a new backup and restore the necessary data.

Step 5:

The android system will ask you to enter the new PIN and password while creating a new backup system. Now, restore all the information on your phone, like your call lists, images, videos, app, text messages, etc.

So, finally, you’re done restoring your Vivo phone when you’re about to start the formatting process.

Where Can Factory Reset In Vivo Phone?

The factory reset option is situated at your Vivo phone’s setting option. Firstly, you’ll go to the setting option of your phone and then reset the option through the system management.
And eventually, you can erase all data from your factory reset, which is vital for boosting your Vivo phone’s performance.

Does Formatting Phone Delete Everything?

Yes, formatting the phone will delete everything, including the call history, images, videos, messages, etc., from your phone; therefore, you must keep a backup of every single data in a third-party application.
Except for the system application of your phone, all apps will also get deleted when you reset your phone.

Does Formatting Phone Make It Faster?

Typically, the Formatting of the phone is used to increase your phone’s performance and make it faster. But Formatting doesn’t guarantee you give a well-performing phone every time.
Instead, formatting the phone will help overcome the problems arising in a certain application.

Can You Factory Reset Your Android Phone Using the Computer?

Depending on your phone’s model, you can factory reset a phone from your computer. For some people, it’s easier and faster to reset your Vivo android phone on a computer.

The Sum Up!

The old phone seller often forgets to take down the data from the phone’s memory and SD card. They just resell the phone anyhow, which might make the seller suffer in the long run.

If you don’t want to be a sufferer of blackmailing or something, you must format or reset your older phone before selling. Just after that, the question arises, how to format the Vivo phone, whether it’s locked or unlocked?

The answer must have appeared to you that we’ve given here. You’ll just follow the easier formatting process from your phone or computer.

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