How to Get Call Details of Any Number? Call History Update 2022

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It has never been so easy to control stubborn kids, especially at their Young Age. At a young age, the kids might get involved with several sorts of cybercrime, like cyberbullying, pornography, and sexting.

Honestly, the inappropriate use of smartphones leads your kids on the wrong path. If you control your kid’s phone usage and online activities, you can protect him from going astray.

How to Get Call Details of Any Number

Nevertheless, it’s impossible to control your kids’ phone usage directly, but still, he can discover his call details.

So, how to get the call details of any number becomes a common query for parents. Luckily, there are some online websites and plenty of third-party applications for recovering your kid’s phone information.

You’re now in a sensitive situation when your kids aren’t listening to you, right? Well, this article is for you when you can’t control your stubborn kids or the activities of your employees.

How to Get Call Details of Any Number Online?

Parents are always concerned about their children more than others. So, when they notice any differences in their kid’s behavior, particularly during their teenage, it causes anxiety.

Your concern regarding the kids makes you check his phone and call records. Now, how to get the call details of any number and identify the inappropriate call?

Typically, we found the two methods for tracking the call details of a number online.

Tracking A Number Through Company Website

The phone you’re using must’ve details of all incoming and outgoing calls under its company name. By creating an online account under the company’s website, you can track your phone and all its numbers.

Step 1: Most often, the name for your tracking number provided will be visible at the top corner of your phone.

Search for the website on the name of your phone’s provider, and build your online account. Insert your phone number while creating your online account, and once you insert your phone number, the website will show every detail regarding your phone.

Step 2: On the “My Account” page, you should find the call details or call records for your targeted phone. Enter the “My Bill” option, where you’ll get your call details when scrolling.

Step 3: Contact your cell phone service providers if you don’t find the details or records of the call. For recovering your call information, they may ask for some personal information.

For example, you might’ve to share your home address, cell phone number, last digit of the number, birthdate, etc.

Step 4: After entering the call details into the website, look for your kid’s call records by entering his number.

Tracking A Number Through Carrier’s Website

Using the carrier’s website is another way to get your targeted number’s call details. But remember, you must have the account information of that specific phone number on the carrier’s website to get the information.

Therefore, the carrier method is most suitable for observing your kids’ activities. However, you can watch your kid’s call records when you’ve his account information.

Let’s see how to track a number through the carrier’s website.

Step 1: First off, figure out the carrier name that your target phone is using. It should be at the top corner of the phone screen, and important to learn to enter the carrier’s website.

Step 2: Enter the network’s website that your trackable phone number is using. Your targeted phone might use the sprint, AT & T, or T-Mobile network version. Get into the website to search call records of your targeted number.

Step 3: Now, it’s time to login into your carrier’s website with your targeted number. Enter the ten-digit phone number and passwords into the empty box of the website.

You must have all the information of your targeted phone number; otherwise, you can’t insert the phone’s log-in information and call details.

Step 4: Once you have succeeded to enter into the website information, check for the recent activities and usage of the phone. Fortunately, the carrier includes the login information of your targeted phone network.

Step 5: After logging into the network and looking for the call records, you must get the details of your targeted phone.

How to Get Call Details of Any Number with Third-Party Apps?

Using the third-party call tracking application is the simplest way to get the call details of a number. With the multiple features, the third-party tracking app enables monitoring a number and its activity closely.

Although it’s unrecommended to install the third-party applications, still, the features are better than the call service providers. So, use the third-party applications with maximum caution.

Check the Call Details with The KidsGuard Pro

KidsGuard pro is a popular phone monitoring third-party application that helps to monitor your suspicious phone.

Besides monitoring the kid’s phone, the KidsGuard pro allows you to check your kids’ real-time location. Thankfully the application saves your previous browsing history, keystrokes, activities, etc.

Therefore, you can re-check the searched history anytime in the day and use them as proof. Now, let’s learn the simplest steps for recovering call details from your targeted phone with the KidsGuard Pro.

Step 1: Take your kid’s phone, and go to the original website of KidsGuard pro, You’ll get a sliding button to download the KidsGuard pro within 10 seconds.

Slide the button to download the application.

Step 2: Now, move to the download file of your File manager to find the application. Once after finding the application, enter the file and click the file to install the application.

The file should be installed within just a few seconds. You might find the play project is blocking the application at the final part of the installation. Avoiding the blocking part, install the application anyhow.

Step 3: Tap on the agreed license agreement and move forward to use it.

Step 4: Now, sign in to the application using your email address, passwords, kid’s name, and other required information. Afterward, disable the Google play project by going to the google play store.

The setting icon should be at the right corner of the play store, where you’ll disable scanning and harmful application detection activities.

Step 5: Proceed with the settings and allow your application to access the entire phone system. The whole system includes your messages, contacts, call logs, etc. Ignore battery optimization and start monitoring your targeted phone.

Once after starting the application on your kid’s phone, the icon will automatically disappear from the homepage. So, there’s no chance that your kids will assume or understand anything.

Step 6: Now, take your own phone or computer and open the KidsGuard pro website. Sign in to the website and enter the Dashboard to start monitoring.

Click on the three lines that should be on the left corner of the phone screen. You’ll get every information you want to see on your kid’s phone.

You can check his call details, call duration, messages, browsing history, and even his location without letting him know.

Advantages of Using KidsGuard

  • User-Friendliness and Smooth Running

The KidsGuard is very user-friendly and runs smoothly. Anyone with insufficient knowledge can start and use the KidsGuard Pro.

  • Hide the Application from Your Kid’s Phone

After installation and setting, the application automatically hides from your kid’s phone. Consequently, you can monitor his phone location, call records, and browsing history without letting him know.

  • Get Access to Your Kid’s Social Media

The KidsGuard allows you to access your kids’ social media applications, like WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, etc. You’ll hardly find the monitoring applications that’ll allow you to access your kid’s social media accounts.

Disadvantages of Using KidsGuard

The KidsGuard pro isn’t totally free of cost. You must create a subscription account to operate the application for frequent use.

Check the Call Details with The TruthSpy

TruthSpy allows monitoring your suspicious phone anytime, sitting remotely. The best fascinating features about TruthSpy are its call recording, GPS tracking, and listening to live phone conversations.

Internet browsing is the most sensitive area, whether it comes to your kids or employees. TruthSpy can also monitor your targeted device’s internet browsing and social media monitoring.

Most importantly, you can restrict your kid’s internet and social media browsing using TruthSpy.

Restricting internet browsing has also been proved beneficial for the company employees. That’s because observing the activities of employees increases the productivity of your office work.

Here are the processes that begin to achieve call details and other information of a suspected phone number.

Step 1: You must have the TruthSpy in your and your targeted phone for using it appropriately. As you’ll download TruthSpy from unknown sources, your system mightn’t allow it.

But, make sure you’ve pre-set everything as you’re downloading the application from unknown sources.

Go to your phone’s settings, and then, lock screen, and security. There you’ll authorize downloading from unknown sources.

Step 2: Afterward, move to the accounts in your settings and Turn on Auto Sync. So, eventually, your device is ready to receive the application from unknown sources.

Step 3: From your Google Search engine, directly search for the TruthSpy application by typing “” The search engine will lead you directly to the website of TruthSpy, from where you can easily download the application.

After downloading and installing the TruthSpy application, move forward to the following step.

Step 4: Agree to all the terms and conditions while installing the application. Now register an account using your email and create a new password. Hide the application from your kid’s phone after completing the installation.

Step 5: Now, open the TruthSpy application on another android phone and log in to the account using your email and password. At “My Dashboard,” you’ll get the GPS story, call history, and SMS history of your kids while using your mobile phone.

Advantages of Using TruthSpy

  • Monitor Your Employee Activities

TruthSpy, with its GPS system, allows locating your employee’s current situation. Hear the conversation of your employees that he’s making through the phone. And also monitor and restrict his internet browsing through the TruthSpy application.

Undoubtedly, monitoring every step of your employee makes him productive, preventing the leaking of confidential information outside.

  • Control Your Kid’s Online Activities

Through TruthSpy, you can always stay updated about your kid’s current situation and information. Consequently, you can prevent your kids from criminal activities, particularly cybercrime.

Undoubtedly, it’s always important to stay updated about the kid’s information before taking any hard steps.

  • Find Out Your Lost Phone

The backup files and previous tracking of information is the important feature of getting your kid’s phone back. On the TruthSpy website, you’ll get the last location of your kid’s phone and where it has been switched off.

The disadvantage of Using TruthSpy

  • Some users find TruthSpy challenging to use within a limited time. In comparison, call recording and tracking applications like KidsGuard pro are easy to operate.

Is It Possible to Track and Record Phone Calls?

Indeed, tracking the phone calls of anyone is possible using call tracking services. But, you must make a massive investment to use the official tracking service provider.

If you want to track the call lists of others for free, you must use a third-party application. The third-party call tracking applications will allow you to track the call history of others for free or instead of a small cost.

How to Get a Call Listing of My Mobile Number?

The call apps on your phone will show the entire call history or call lists within a few seconds. The incoming missed calls will be marked as red, the incoming answered call will be marked as blue and outgoing calls will be marked as green.

Watching the recent calls is free in your call apps, but you might’ve to use the same credentials to watch the previous call history.

Can We Get Call Details and Live Information of Any Number?

Yes, you’ll get the call history of your targeted mobile number using the 3rd party call tracking applications. Using 3rd party call tracking applications is the most popular among multiple methods of tracking calls.

That’s because the 3rd party call tracking applications are almost free and cost a little. Contrarily, the carrier’s official call tracking service also can track the call records of others.
In exchange for the service, the carrier call tracker causes a good expense and demands a membership.

The Sum Up!

Whether it comes to observing your children or employer’s phone, tracking a number is unethical and illegal. Without the consent of the phone holder, if you try to figure out his phone records, you might’ve to face legal actions.

Still, when the dialer is closely connected with your call lists, you’re permitted to collect the call details. So, how to get the call details of any number, whether it’s your employee, kids, or stalker?

Use the third-party applications, as we’ve already recommended two in our article, to track your targeted phone. Besides, you can also use online methods for tracking the call records and history of your targeted phone.

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