How To Open Sim Card Slot Xiaomi Phone Without Sim Pin Tool?

Last Updated on April 10, 2022 by Ramon Walters

Are you looking for the perfect solution for how to open sim card slot Xiaomi phone without sim pin tool?

Well, there are tons of different brands of mobile phones people use, but one thing common happens with all. That is, everyone forgets where they kept the sim pin tool.

Once you insert the sim or SD card in the slot, forget about the tiny tool. You may keep the tool nicely somewhere safe.

But when you’re in a hurry to change a sim immediately or want to get the micro SD card out from the phone, you can’t find the pin tool handy. Then you look for alternatives. And that is what brought you here, right?

This article covered 7 ways to open a sim card slot without a sim pin tool in any mobile to serve the purpose.

So, without further delay, let’s get into the details.

1.  Safety Pin:

A sim pin tool is a pointy tool. So, if you don’t find your sim pin tool around, you need something pointy to use as an alternative. And what could be more useful than a sharp safety pin in this case?

You can easily find a safety pin around your house as they remain there in your dressing drawer all the time. Grab one and unlock the safety pin.

Then, gently press in the pointy end inside the sim card slot hole, and your job is done. If your sim card slot’s pinning hole seems smaller, you can use a smaller safety pin. Using a thicker and larger pin may damage your phone in this case.

2. Paper Clip

Besides doing the job of attaching papers, paperclips can be your best choice as an alternative to the sim ejector pin tool. Because the ending edge of the paper clip is pointy but not so sharp.

That’s why there is less chance you end up damaging your phone. And the job is done pretty straightforwardly. Just bend the paperclip and make it straight at one end. Insert it in the pinhole, and you’re good to go.

3Staple Pin:

A staple pin can be a good alternative to a sim ejector tool. Because the staple pin has a sharp edge. You can use it easily to open a sim card slot.

Although it may seem hard to get one pin from the bunch of staple pins. But if you gently press the staple machine, you’ll easily see one pin getting out halfway. The pin’s sides also won’t get bent.

So, you can get that and use it.

4Sewing Needle:

Sewing needles are always there in your sewing kit in every household. They are pretty easy to use to open a sim card slot as needles are shaped straight like a sim ejector pin.

When you use a sewing needle, make sure you get one considering the size of the pinhole. If you get a thicker needle and put pressure to open the slot, it may damage your phone.

5. Thumbtack:

Thumbtack is not so common in the household. But if you’re in school or the office, you’ll surely find one. Because Thumbtacks are always there to attach any notice on the board.

You can take one from them and use it to open your sim card slot. There are different kinds of thumbtacks. So, make sure the one you’re using is okay for your device.

6. Earring:

Now this one is a plus for women. Earrings are commonly seen in girls or women the most. Some earrings have a very thin and sharp edge. If you’re wearing one of those today, you can use it to open up the sim tray of your phone.

Make sure you don’t press too hard, as tough pressure may bend and damage your tiny piece of jewelry.

7. Toothpick:

Toothpicks are not so great to open a sim card slot. But if you don’t have anything handy but a toothpick around, you can use one. Toothpicks have a sharp edge. That’s why it can work to serve the purpose.

While using a toothpick, work carefully. Because toothpicks are prone to break easily. If it breaks while you’re pressing, the end may remain inside the tray hole. And that can cause serious damage indeed.

8. Mechanical Pencil:

Another least popular option is the mechanical pencil. Mechanical pencils actually have the perfect shape and thickness to work as a sim ejector tool. But, what’s not a good fact is that they tend to break even faster and easier than toothpicks.

So, if you have no option left without using a mechanical pencil, use it very cautiously. Because the pencil breaks and stays inside the hole, it may bring you costly repents.

How do you unlock a SIM card slot without the tool?

You have different options if you want to unlock a sim card slot without the pin tool. You just need something rigid and pointy that is thin enough to nicely insert into the tray hole.

How do I force my SIM card slot to open?

You can’t really force your sim card slot to open without any help from the tool. But if the sim ejector pin tool is not handy, use something else that is sharp enough to do the job.

How do you use the SIM ejector tool?

Sin ejector tools come in the phone box. To use it, insert the sharp edge of the pin tool inside the sim tray hole located just beside the tray. Inserting it in will open the tray, and then you can add your sim to the tray and put it back in place.

Words To Conclude:

Now, we’ve reached the end of the discussion on how to open sim card slot Xiaomi phone without sim pin tool. The entire discussion works well both for Xiaomi phones and other phones that come in tray-style sim and SD cards.

The best tool to remove the sim card slot is undoubtedly the sim pin tool. Try to use the tool only. But, if it is urgent and you’ve nothing to do, you can use the above techniques to make it done.

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