How To Reset Mi Phone: Step By Step Guide

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Several Xiaomi phone models are available, and many Android users can’t trust any other brand. But even with the marked durability and preference of Xiaomi devices, they could experience some issues after use. That’s why it’s important for users to know how to reset Mi phone models in simple steps.

How To Reset Mi Phone

In this post, we’ll look at how to format Mi phone models easily, to help you wipe your fancied devices in simple steps. Also, this post presents the best tips on how to reset Xiaomi phone models without hassle. Making the most of fixing your Mi without stress is what this post guarantees.

Ways to Factory Reset Mi Phone

You need vetted facts if you seek concrete steps on how to reset Redmi phone models. Here’s a detailed look at these methods:

Manual Reset

  • Turn your device on
  • Go to the “Settings” app
  • Select “Backup and Reset”
  • Go to “Factory Data Reset”
  • Your phone will initiate the reset process and reboot upon completion

Hard Reset Xiaomi Smartphone

  • Power off your device
  • After powering off your phone, press the Volume Up (+) button and Power (O/I) key together
  • The default menu should appear
  • When the default menu appears, select “Wipe Data/Factory Reset” with the volume button. Confirm your selection with the Power key
  • Choose Yes after selecting “Wipe Data/Factory Reset” and accept “Reboot System Now”
  • The wipe process runs and completes with a percentage bar displayed on your screen
  • After the wipe is complete, your phone will reboot to its home screen

You’re all set!

Benefits of Hard-Resetting Your Mi Phone

Benefits of Hard-Resetting Your Mi Phone

After resetting your Mi phone, it’s installed Android OS will run at a faster rate than before. Running a quick or deep format of your device deletes all files capable of lagging its standard operation.

Massive storage availability

Phones that have been in use for long periods could contain many unwanted files and hidden memory dumps. Resetting your device will clear off all unnecessary files taking up much space on your device. A successful reset avails you more space to use your device for storing essential files and other media.

Longer battery life

Your phone’s battery may be draining faster than it used to for several reasons. One of the main drainers of a device’s battery life is when it is stacked with too many battery-draining applications. Battery-draining apps will take its toll on your phone and cause apps to slow down, or even crash.

Running a reset of your device erases all installed apps and files, giving your Android gadget a clean slate. When you can max out hard resets, you can get your phone’s battery working 100% again. If there’s a lesser app load on your device, there’s a greater chance of your battery lasting much longer.

Blanket default restore

When you want your old phone back, per se, the only way to make it happen is with a hard reset. Hard resets return your phone to its old state without all those nagging apps and spam messages. A successful hard reset clears your device’s memory, leaving relevant system files in operation.

So, if you’re tired of having too many apps on your phone, a blanket restore through hard resets make perfect sense.

FRP removal

Factory reset protection (FRP) is a common feature on Android devices that prevents phones usage after soft resets. But with a hard reset on the Mi phone, users can access their devices after a few clicks. What the FRP removal focuses on is to eliminate Google’s signature account protection.

When devices are set under FRP, most resets will leave the phone inoperable without necessary Google account. If you can’t log into your account, the device cannot be used. But with the hard reset feature, most Android devices can bypass this feature.

However, a hard reset may not be the only thing required for a successful FRP removal. Some devices might need added tools to erase built-in reset protection.

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Potential Downsides of Resetting Your Mi Phone

When you engage in a hard or master reset, it may be difficult to return FRP protocols onto your device. If your device has no relevant protocols, it becomes tricky to protect it from future unauthorized use.

When you engage in a hard or master reset, it may be difficult to return FRP protocols onto your device. If your device has no relevant protocols, it becomes tricky to protect it from future unauthorized use.


The Android OS has transcended several markets and is a choice system for numerous devices. However, some issues could reduce the functionality of your favorite Android systems. Several Mi devices are available for users, and they might experience some issues akin to Android-enabled gadgets.

When you know how to reset Mi phone models, you can maximize your device’s functionality. Everything spelled above is focused on ensuring you get the most of your smart devices. Leverage all the essential information above and get more from your Mi phones without stress.

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