Mi 6 Pro Flash File, EDL Point, And USB Driver Download

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Accessing the EDL point in your Mi 6 pro device is important if you want to bypass your device. Even for rooting or flashing your Mi 6 pro device, accessing the EDL point is a must alongside downloading the drivers and flash files.

Mi 6 Pro EDL Point

As the EDL point cannot be accessed normally due to security reasons set up by Xiaomi, still, there’s a way. The alternate way is to open the back part and then activate it manually.

How to do it? Well, you’re gonna tell you here. Also, we’ll share all the necessary information related to Mi 6 Pro EDL Point, flash files, and drivers. Keep reading….

Mi 6 Pro EDL Point: What is it?

The full form of EDL is emergency Download Mode. So from the name, you can guess that it’s not an option or thing that you’ll be using daily. By EDL, it’s possible to shift the stock ROM of your Mi 6 Pro device to EMCC. And you can do this with the help of a computer.

For transferring or shifting your Custom OS to EMCC, the boot loop and dead loop must be present on your device.

Another necessary information regarding EDL point is, having a bootloader mode isn’t mandatory. SO the positive side is even if a wrong ROM is flashed in your device, it’ll only affect your phone’s secondary bootloader.

The Mi 6 Pro EDL Point normally stays inside the phone’s primary bootloader. So there’s still an option to root your device even after installing an incorrect ROM.

How to Connect Mi 6 Pro EDL Point (Emergency Download Mode):

To access the EDL point of your Mi device, you need to possess some necessary tools. Also, there are some specific ways to get into the test point. Here’s how-

Users generally access the EDL point or the test points on their Mi devices to flash them. The test points of different devices are different. So Mi 6 Pro EDL Point is different than that of Mi A1’s.

  1. The first step is to remove yu Mi 6 pro’s back cover.
  2. Then you need to take a screwdriver so that you can unscrew the screws.
  3. After unscrewing, the next part is to detach the phone’s battery. Take it off and connect it after 10 minutes.
  4. After disconnecting and opening the hood, you’ll see a couple of dots like the below image.
  5. The next step is to connect the two golden color copper dots with a copper wire and a tweezer.
  6. Now you need to give the Mi 6 Pro connection with your computer through a USB cable.
  7. Start the device manager after that
  8. Now’s time to check the test point of your Mi 6 pro. As you’ve connected the dots, it’ll now shift the previous version into QDLoader 9008 Driver.

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How To Flash Mi 6 Pro

Well, there are several ways to flash your Mi 6 pro device. One of the ways to flash your Mi device is to install an app and flash it with a single tap. And the other way by which you can flash your Mi 6 pro device is by using the test points.

Except for the first method, you’ve to Download Mi 6 Pro latest Flash File.

Alongside the flash files, you need to download the driver files for your Mi 6 Pro as well. Click here to Download Xiaomi 6 Pro USB Driver For Flash.

Flashing Process:

  1. We’ll show you the flashing process with the help of EDL points. So before we proceed, you have to connect the copper test points first.
  2. After connecting, use a USB port to connect the PC and mi 6 pro device.
  3. Then you need to go to your device manager and search for the QLoader 9009 port. And then launch the port file.
  4.  Now download the flash files for Mi 6 pro and copy-paste the essential files on PC
  5. You also need to save the flash files for Mi 6 pro in a specific folder for accessing them later.
  6. And lastly, refresh your computer one time. And then hit the flash button. Now, your Mi 6 pro will flash on its own.

Note: While flashing your Mi 6 pro device, keep more than 60% charge in it. Or else the device might freeze.


We won’t recommend you to work with your Mi 6 pro’s EDP points if you’re not a pro. Doing this can void your device’s warranty. But if you’re willing to take your phone’s risk, you can easily flash your phone with this method.

So I think you’re now clear about Mi 6 Pro EDL Point, flash files, and drivers. Now it’s time to flash your Mi device. Good luck!

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