Mi A1 Flash File, EDL Point, And USB Driver Download

Last Updated on July 1, 2022 by Ramon Walters

Although the Mi A1 has stock ROM from Google, many people still prefer to have custom ROMs. So for transferring to a custom ROM from your MI A1’s stock one, you have to flash your device.

Alongside flashing, there’s also a term called EDL point that you should know. Yes, it also comes in handy for flashing your device. You’ll need Mi A1 Flash File and other essential flashing drivers for installing a new custom ROM.

As the flashing process is a little bit complex, we’re here with a full guide on flashing Mi A1, accessing EDL point, and on the drivers. So read on…

How To Connect Mi A1 EDL Point (Emergency Download Mode)

Before we head on to the connecting part, first, we need to know and understand what EDL’s point is!

EDL Point

Well, EDL point is often called test points by many. The Emergency Download Mode or EDL is the most simple way by which you can transform your Mi device’s operating system to EMCC.

Another fantastic thing about EDL point or mode is it doesn’t require any Bootloader mode. The EDL point and bootloader aren’t connected. It’ll not affect the primary bootloader if you download the wrong custom OS. But the second one gets affected, although it’s not a big concern.

If you access the primary bootloader, you’ll find that the EDL remains inside of it. So there’s nothing to worry about if you use the wrong custom ROM. You can still flash your device.

One of the prerequisites to using the EDL point is that your Xiaomi phone needs to have Qualcomm processors. Any other OS except it won’t work!

Connecting Mi A1 EDL Point

If you want to flash your Mi A1 smartphone, you also need to access your device’s EDL point. But here, we’ll show you how you can easily access the EDL point in your Mi A1 device.

But first, let’s take a look at the tools and drivers you’ll need to access the EDL point-

  1. Tweezers: Used to connect copper dots (you’ll know about it later)
  2. Screw drivers for unscrewing the screws
  3. USB cable
  4. Mi A1 Flash Files
  5. UMT converter

The Process:

  • First take a sharp object and open your Mi A1’s back cover
  • Use a screwdriver to open the other parts by unscrewing the screws.
  • Take the battery put from your Mi A1 device.
  • After opening the back and taking off the battery, you’ll see a couple of copper dots like the following image-
  • Now it’s time to use the tweezers—short the two copper dots with it.
  • Insert USB cable => Connect Pc and phone
  • The test point needs to be tested now. Go to device manager to find it and test it. Try finding QDLoader in the device manager.

So that’s it for accessing the EDL point. Now you’ll need the flash files of Mi A1 and the drivers to flash your Mi device.

How To Flash Xiaomi Mi A1

As we said before, you need to access the test point and also use Xiaomi flash tools to flash or root your Mi A1 device.

Download Mi A1 USB Driver for Flashing your Mi A1 device.

Flashing Process

  1. Access the EDL point and short the copper dots
  2. Use the USB cable and connect Pc and Mi A1
  3. Open the Qloader 9008 port from the device manager if your Mi a1 device
  4. Use the above links to download the USB drivers for flashing your Mi A1.
  5. Install the Mi A1 flash drivers on your PC
  6. Refresh PC before opening the files. And at last, click on the “Flash” option to flash your Mi A1 device.

The List Of Mi A1 Flash File

Alternative Process

There’s an alternative way to root your Mi A1 device with the help of an app. The name of the app is “Towelroot app.” It’s one of the easiest and best ways to root your device.

The top features of this apk are-

  1. Tiny Size. It’s only 110kb. So won’t take much pace in your Mi A1 device
  2. The Towelroot app is easy to use for any type of Mi A1 user.
  3. No drivers or flash files are required. So it’s hassle-free and efficient
  4. Compatible with the latest devices, including Mi A1. Also, it only requires an internet connection while downloading it. No need to keep it connected with the net after that!

Flashing Process

  1. Search in google with Towelrootapk download and download the app from the first link
  2. Simply install it on Mi A device.
  3. Launch it
  4. Select the make it ra1n option to flash your device.


It’s not a wise decision to flash your Mi A1 device without any prior experience. Alongside voiding the warranty, it can also freeze your device permanently. But to have enjoyed the custom ROMS, you really should give it a go!

You showed me two processes to flash your Mi A1 device. You can choose the one that requires the EDL points and Mi A1 Flash Files or the alternative one. Your call!

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