Mi Account Unlock Tool Free Download For PC

We all have heard about Xiaomi devices, right? They have become so common that either you’ve used their device or are using one right now. Even if you haven’t used one, you certainly know what they offer.

Now, coming to the Xiaomi users, you’ve registered with your mi account, right? From switching to a new phone, you all have to use your mi account to back up all your data.

But what if you forgot both email and password while logging in another time. Is all your data gone? Certainly, not. To get back your data, you’ll need a Mi Account Unlock Tool Rar.

And today, we’ll be talking about this magical tool. Let’s begin…

What is Mi Account Unlock Tool?

From the name, you can guess this tool is used to unlock any forgotten thing. People use this unlock tool to recover the Mi accounts.

We all use Mi accounts to back up our photos, videos, and other necessary documents. And it’s quite common to forget the emails and passwords that we used to open the account.

And that’s when the unlock tool comes in handy. This account unlock tool can help to recover any Mi account back or even Bypass verification. You can also disable your existing account with this tool.

But to bypass to recover the account, downloading and installing the unlocking tool won’t work alone. It requires some process and steps to follow.

Mi Account ID Password Lost – What To Do?

It’s pretty common to forget your account credentials. We don’t always need to use the Mi account details. So people don’t tend to remember the Mi account details and end up forgetting the emails and passwords.

Problems related to forgetting the email and password of the Mi account arise mostly when you factory reset your Xiaomi device. We don’t always have to use the login credentials of the Mi account, so we remain very careless about it.

But with the help of the Mi Unlocking Tool, you can get your account back as it helps to bypass and recover Mi accounts. If you’re a Xiaomi user, always keep this tool on your device. You never know when you’ll need it!

Download Mi Account Unlock Tool Latest 2021 Version

The Mi account unlock tool Rar is a must-have software or tool for Redmi users. It is supported on many models, even on the older ones as well. This tool is second to none when it comes to bypassing and recovering your Mi account.

While using this tool, it easily removes any kind of cloud verification. If you’re thinking this tool might harm your device, then you’re absolutely wrong. Even the official service center of Xiaomi use this tool if you seek their help in this matter.

So why go to the service center and spend a few bucks when you can do it at your home?

Click here for Mi Unlock Tool Download. We’ll also show you how to install and use this tool on your device.

Download Link

How To Install Mi Account Unlock Tool For PC

First thing first, the Mi Unlock Tool For PC needs to be downloaded. And after that, you can head towards installing it.

  • Use the link to download the unlocking tool
  • If it asks for extracting, extract it in a specified folder. If it doesn’t, no need to do it.
  • Now open the file and install this unlocking tool like any other software
  • After that, you’ll be shown instructions from the tool. Read them before accepting or declining. Read and proceed.
  • And after finishing, there will be a pop-up like this image. If it’s the same for you, then your installation process is done!

How To Use Mi Account Unlock Tool Guide

So you’re already clear about the purpose of the Mi Account Unlock Tool Rar. Now it’s time to use this unlocking tool to bypass and recover your account.

Here’s how to use the Mi account unlocking tool-

  • Download the unlocking tool first and install it.
  • Then you need to take your device to recovery mode after booting. Use both hands to press the “Volume and Power-Up” button and hold them to take it to recovery mode.
  • For connecting the Xiaomi device and PC, use a USB cable.
  • Now, open the Mi unlock tool that you’ve downloaded and installed. Select the ‘Information” option to check the device connection.
  • If you don’t see this option, check if the USB is alright or not. If the USB is alright, check whether you’ve downloaded the proper drivers.
  • Then click on the second option, “Bypass Mi Account,” from the box.
  • After that, your Xiaomi device will automatically reboot.

Things to check before making the proceedings

Here are 3 tips for doing the unlocking and bypassing smoothly-

  1. Always keep more than 65% battery in your device while bypassing
  2. This guideline is only applicable for unlocking Mi devices. Don’t try them on other brand’s smartphones
  3. Keep your device connected with the internet

Download Mi Account Unlock Tool?

Mi account Unlock tool is a must-have tool for Xiaomi users. It’s used to recover or bypass their Mi account if they forget the emails and passwords. You can download the Mi unlocking tool from here.

How to Download Mi Account Unlock Tool?

Downloading the Mi unlocking tool is simple.
·       Click the link we provided
·       Extract to a specific folder if you’re told to do so.
·       Double click to proceed with the tool’s installation process
·       Follow the instructions shown in the process
·        If a pop-up appears like the following image, your Mi account unlock Tool Rar installation is done

Windows OS does Mi account Unlock Tool support?

The Mi account unlock tool is supported on Windows XP/Vista/7/8 and 10.

How Can I use this Account Unlocking Tool?

Use the link to download the tool’s file
·        Extract
·        Open the file
·        Read the instructions
·        Follow them
·        Accept the conditions to proceed
·        A pop-up will appear at the end. And you’re done with downloading and installing the Mi account unlock tool.


Losing the login credentials can be very pathetic. And not knowing how to get your account back multiplies this disappointment by many times. But if you’re a Xiaomi user, there’s a way. And we’ve talked about this in the whole article.

If you also forgot your login credentials and want to bypass your Mi account or recover it, use the Mi Account Unlock Tool Rar today!