Mi Game Turbo 4.0 APK Download Free For Android Updated 2022

Last Updated on September 11, 2022 by Ramon Walters

Want to get an enhanced gaming performance on your mi devices? If yes, it’s time to give a go to the Mi Game Turbo APK!

From the beginning, Xiaomi has focused on performance. Some of their budget devices provide excellent performance than many high-budget smartphones. And now, they’ve decided to take things to a new level with the Game Turbo application.

The Game Turbo application is primarily made for Xiaomi devices. However, you can try it out on other smartphones as well. Alongside enhancing gaming performance, the application has other features as well.

So let’s find out more about this application and know how to use it!

What is Mi Game Turbo 4.0 APK?

The Game Turbo apk for Xiaomi is an application that has enhanced your Mi device’s gaming performance. This app has been made available for Xiaomi users to experience better and improved performance.

Although the Game Turbo App doesn’t come in-built with the device, you can get the app available on different platforms.

This application helps you to customize your games and get an exciting experience. Besides this, the app prevents lags or frame drops and ensures smooth and consistent performance.

The app has an in-built feature that maintains an overall balanced screen brightness apart from these. This helps to keep your focus and notice the details more accurately.

Lastly, while the app is running, the app disables the power button and back button. As a result, you’ll not be redirected to the main menu, or the screen won’t be off if you accidentally press those buttons!

Features Of Game Turbo APK 4.0

  • Free and easy to use
  • User friendly interface
  • Available for Mi devices and users
  • Provides better graphics and high FPS even in low-end devices
  • Enhances, boosts and optimizes gaming performance
  • Prevents lag and frame drops
  • Disables power and other buttons. This prevents accidentally closing the game
  • Can be used to clean junk files
  • Improves battery life and ensures more gaming time
  • Comes with a custom voice changer. Users can set any voice (male, female, children) using this feature
  • Keeps consistent brightness that helps to focus and notice more details

Alongside the exciting features, the Gaming Turbo apk has a few downsides or cons as well. Yes, those aren’t a big issue, but as we have a complete guideline on this apk, it’ll remain incomplete if we don’t cover them.

Cons of Game Turbo App
  • It’s a 3rd party apk app and isn’t directly supported by Google. There can be viruses in it
  • 3rd party apps have a name for stealing data and breaching privacy. As you’re downloading from unknown sources, your data privacy isn’t much guaranteed and secured
  • 3rd party apks like Game Turbo don’t update automatically like apps found on the Google Play Store. So you need to download the latest version of the Turbo app, install it after that.

And in that process, you also need to uninstall the old version.

Download Game Turbo Voice Changer APK

The Gaming Turbo can come in handy for you if you’re facing lags or frame drops while gaming. As this is a performance booster application, you can especially use it in low-end devices to boost their gaming performance.

Although this apk is free and has a user-friendly interface, the only downside is that it’s not available on the Google play store. Yes, it’s not a big deal, but all the boxes would’ve been checked if it was available in the Play Store!

Now let’s come to the point. As it’s not in the play store, you might wonder where you can get it. Well, no worries. As it’s a useful apk for Mi users, all the apk stores have this in their inventory.

Another thing to add is that the Mi Game Turbo APK has different versions. And the 4.0 version is the latest among them. The latest version of this performance-boosting app is bug-free and provides better performance than the previous ones. So if you aren’t using the turbo booster app on your Mi device, you’re missing out on excellent gaming performances!

How To Download And Install Xiaomi Game Turbo APK

Downloading and installing apk is almost the same as you do for apps. But as apks aren’t found in Google Play Store, you just need to do one or two steps more. And the rest of the process is the same.

If you’ve previous experience of using apks, this won’t be a big deal for you. However, if it’s your first time using apk, don’t worry. We got you covered.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to Game Turbo APK Download and install-

Step 1: Download Gaming Turboapk

Start with downloading the Performance booster apk from the link provided above. Click on the given link, and you’ll reach the webpage to download the apk. And from there, download it on your Mi device.

Step 2: Allow Permission for 3rdParty App Installation

The apps or apks that aren’t found in Google Play Store are mainly termed as 3rd party applications. And for installing them, you need to grant permission from the settings.

After downloading the Turbo app on your Xiaomi device, you’ll see a pop-up that’ll ask for permissions. Simply allow them to continue.

Note:The Xiaomi Game Turbo APK is safe to use and bug-free. This won't harm your android phone.

Step-3: Installing the Apk

After allowing the installation permission for 3rd party apps, you need to go to the folder where you’ve downloaded the apk’s file. Then click on it and select install. After that, the Gaming Turbo apk will start to install.

How To Uninstall Game Turbo 4.0 APK?

The Mi Turbo apk is an exceptionally helpful application to boost your phone’s performance. So we don’t think you’d even uninstall it if you even use it once.

However, if you feel to uninstall the apk or app from your device, here’s how to do so-

  • First go to your Mi device’s menu and find the installed Gaming Turbo app.
  • Next, you need to long-press on the app’s icon. Doing so, you’ll see multiple options. Choose the uninstall option from them. Remember, you need to do this from the menu, not from the home screen.
  • After that, the turbo boost app will be installed from your device.
Tip: If you ever feel like installing the apk again, you don't need to follow the long process. Instead,
you can do it from the installed directory of the apk. And from there, you can again install the app.

Note: Alongside uninstalling the app, if you need to remove the installation file from your device, you need to delete the actual file. Go to your apk’s installed directory and remove the file to delete it permanently.

After doing that, you need to follow the long process again if you wish to have the Game Turbo App again.

How can I install Game Turbo Oppo Apk on my Android phone?

The installation process of the Game Turbo apk is the same for all devices and models.
1.     Download the installation file of the turbo booster apk
2.     Allow installation of 3rd party apps in your device
3.     Install the apk just like any other apk
4.     And enjoy!

How to Change Voice in PUBG Mobile WithGame Turbo 3.0 App?

Here’s what you need to do to change your voice using the Game Turbo 3.0 app-
1.     Firstly, you need to enable the voice changer option in your Mi device. You’ll find this option once you install and open the Mi booster app
2.     After that, you’ll see mainly three options for voice change. They are-
·        Male
·        Female
·        Children
3.     Then you need to choose any of the voices from the 3 options. And after that, your voice will be changed to that.
4.     Finally, your inGame players in PUBG will listen to the voice that you selected earlier.

Why is Android App Permission needed to download Game Turbo Oppo Apk?

It’s not only the case for Game Turbo apk. Rather, you need to install any apk on your android device. Basically, any app that; ‘s not found in Google Play Store is considered as a 3rd party app or apk.
And as Google doesn’t directly support them, there remains a risk of data privacy and virus attacks. That’s why you need to grant permission each time while installing 3rd party apps!


If you’re a regular mobile phone gamer and prefer excellent performance with high resolution and high frame rates, the Mi Game Turbo APK is highly recommended for you. The excellent features of this app have come in handy in your tests.

Yes, the Game Turbo App has a few cons as well. But considering the performance and compatibility, we believe you’ll surely love it!

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