Download MTK USB Driver For Xiaomi Devices

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If you want to make a bridge between your pc and your phone, you should use MTK USB DRIVER. It is an innovative driver that upgrades and transforms your files. MTK USB is a small application driver that allows you to install it on your computer.

MTK USB is now available for your latest Xiaomi Mediatek device tools like Mediatek flash tools and IMEI tools. This drive is based on the Mediatek MTK smartphone, which you will find in Xiaomi.

MTK USB Driver For Xiaomi Device

So here in our blog post, we will show you how you download this MTK USB for your smart Xiaomi Mediatek device phone? We have included the latest version so that you can enjoy it.

What is MTK USB Driver

Mediatek USB Drivers are now available for your Android Os smartphone or tablet. If you have the MediaTek equipment on your Android set, then it is easy to install Mediatek Driver.

To get benefits for your computer, you have to install the MTK USB Driver. A USB driver helps you transfer data and files from your mobile to your computer. By connecting this USB driver, you can install another file without losing data and information from your device.

This driver installation comes with firmware files and supports third-party flashing tools, MTK drive tools, SP flash tools, etc. Mediatek Drivers root your files. You can install mod files with customs recovery and unlock your device by using driver MTK

The Features Of MTK USB All Drivers

All MTK USB Drivers come with exclusive features that we describe here. So that you can learn more about this driver and can easily download MTK.

1. Connect in General Way:

You can connect your device generally and transfer data between the computer to the MTK device. MTK Download is easy for your Android device.

2. Flash tool support

MTK USB allows you free flash tools and install the ROM on your Mediatek device. It also supports IMEI tools and builds a connection between MTK devices and IMEI tools.

3. Easy to install

Without manual installation, you can easily install the MTK USB driver in different drivers and handle all installation parts.

4. Download for OS

MTK tools can download for OS’s latest version. It works on windows os or Windows 10, and you can easily install MTK USB

5. Secure

With a USB cable, you can connect the computer with a Mediatek device and transfer various files from your phone with full security. Go to the setting option to enable the debugging and turn on the developer option to reduce error connectivity. If you install a USB driver properly, you will get secure to transfer files or data.

Mediatek USB Driver Support Tools

Mediatek USB driver has three main support tools that connect your pc with your Xiaomi Mediatek device. 

 Flash tool:

MediaTek device has the Mediatek support SP flash tools that bridge between flash tools and device. When you write something or try to change and install flash tools work well.

 IMEI tool:

MTK USB VCOM Driver sometimes fails to detect your device when you are using IMEI writing tools. In that case, you will get help from your USB driver.

Universal tool: 

Mediatek devices include your smartphone, tab, or feature phone. Using SP and SPD MDT flash tools you can easily detect applications on your windows computer.

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Download MTK USB Driver Auto Installer

You can find MT drivers for all versions like Windows OS or Windows XP. It is an easy, MTK USB Driver 32 Bit download and can get the auto-installer. You can get the permit to generally connect to the device. 

MTK software is very large and supports a 10 MB file size. Our blog post will give the link to drive the auto-installer v5.163200 zip file. Go with our link and download the auto-installer of the MTK device. If you want the latest versions of the MTK device, you can download the V1236 Auto-Installer zip file. So why are they getting late to download the MTK drive file!

Download MTK USB Driver Auto Installer

MediaTek USB Driver Windows Compatibility

The Mediatek device is fully Windows OS-compatible which means all windows versions like Windows 10,8,7, XP, and vista. However, the MTK driver also comes with Auto-installer, and you can find the latest versions like V.1.02, V1.0.1, i.e., versions are available. 

The Mediatek requires processor-powered Android devices with Windows, laptops, PC, and USB cables. So before downloading and installing an MTK device for your Xiaomi Mediatek device, check if your battery is fully charged. It creates storage and helps to share all important files properly.

How To Install MTK USB Driver Latest Version

Here we try to show you how to install MTK USB Driver’s latest version for your Mediatek device.

  • First, you have to download the MTK USB driver’s latest version from the above authentic link.
  • Now find your download file and extract the zip file on your computer.
  • After extracting the folder, click on the drivers.bat and make sure you click on this two times and run the files.
  • A command file will appear on your computer screen, and you will press any key to continue the button to install this process.
  • Install MTK driver on your computer and wait for a minute. 
  • Restart your computer to manually check.

How do I install MediaTek drivers on Windows 10?

Download the Mediatek drives zip file on your Windows 10 computer.
Click on the zip file and extract it to your device.
You will see a new folder on your desktop and open it.
Then open the folder and go to download the installer MTK file and click on it.
The go-to USB driver options and click on it, A command box will appear where it mentions select the installer folder and click on the next options.
After clicking on that another dialog box will appear on the computer screen click on the yes button to change your applications.

What is a preloader in MTK?

Preloader in MTK is a developed loader between bootloader and the platform of software. The preloader offers you exclusive features like MMC flash tools.

How do I connect my MTK device to my computer?

First, you have to install the MTK device to your computer and then install it on your windows. When the device runs into your computer, you can connect your MTK device to your computer.


MTK USB DRIVER helps to connect your computer with your smartphone. When you are talking about sharing files, the MTK device helps you to work it fast. Mediatek drivers create a stable connection with your pc.

Using the driver, you can share pictures, messages, and big files like 10 Mb, etc. If you properly download the MTK drive file, you will share the file with secure.

In this blog post, you will see how we show the installation process and features so that you can understand the importance of the MTK drive file.

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