Mi Note 5 Pro Flash File, EDL Point, And USB Driver Download

Last Updated on February 1, 2022 by Ramon Walters

Do you want to flash your Mi Note 5 pro? If yes, you certainly have to access the EDL or test point of your Mi device. But as this is a long route, people often skip this part while flashing their device.

But trust me. Accessing the Mi Note 5 Pro EDL Point is easy only when you’re following the right steps. You can flash Mi Note 5 pro device in seconds by using the test points or the emergency Download option.

Mi Note 5 Pro EDL Point

So here we’re with a new and detailed guide on the Test points or EDL points for your Mi note 5 pro. Let’s start…

EDL Point or Test Point? What does it do?

If you’re one of those who have previously flashed a device, you’ve probably heard of EDL point. But to the people who have no idea about EDL points, well, you can unlock your Mi Note 5 Pro’s bootloader with it.

Some phone’s come with bootloader unlocked while some don’t. So if your phone has a Qualcomm processor and the bootloader is locked, you can easily use the EDL points to unlock it.

Bootloader and flash are connected. Before you flash your device, you first need to unlock the device’s bootloader. And the EDL point or test point helps to do it.

Another reason to use the EDL point is to switch to a non-stock or custom ROM. In the Mi Note 5 Pro device, the manufacturers used their own ROM. So many people don’t use this due to bugs. As a result, they want to experience the stock ROM. So to change your non-stock ROM to stock ROM, you’ll also need EDL or Test point.

So let’s take a look in what cases you can use EDL point-

  • It’s obviously flashing. The EDL point is one of the widely used ways to flash your Mi Note 5 Pro and other devices. By going to the Mi Note 5 Pro EDL Point, you can flash it.
  • EDL or test point is also used to remove the existing Mi account from your device. In case you forget your Mi account’s login credentials, you can use the EDL points to unlock it.
  • Well, we’ve talked about this in the above part. You can unlock your device’s bootloader with EDL point. Although in recent times, it’s seen that the bootloader of media tech processors can be unlocked as well. But it works best for Qualcomm ones.

How To Connect Mi Note 5  Pro With EDL Mode (Emergency Download Mode)

Now we’re convinced that you want to access your Mi Note 5 Pro’s EDL point. Hence, you want to flash the device as well. So in this part, we’re gonna show you how you can test or find the EDL point in your Mi Note 5 Pro device.

But before we proceed, keep in mind that, for finding the EDL point, you need to open your Mi Note 5 Pro’s back part. So after that, you cannot claim your phone’s warranty. So be absolutely sure whether you want to do it or not.

Let’s get into action…

  • You need to take off your Mi Note 5 Pro’s back part at first.
  • While accessing the EDL point, the battery of Mi Note 5 pro isn’t needed. Remove it. You can then see the parts beneath it. You can connect your Mi Note 5 pro’s battery after 10 minutes.
  • Now take your tweezers. Short the marked point with tweezers like the image below.
  • Now, insert the USB cable on your Mi Note 5 pro device and connect it with your PC.
  • You’ve successfully taken your Mi device to EDL mode.
  • As your Mi Note 5 Pro is in EDL point, you can find a Qualcomm HS USB QDLodar 9008 port in the device manager.

How To Flash Xiaomi Mi Note 5 Pro

As you’ve successfully reached the EDL mode on your Mi note 5 pro device, now it’s time to flash it.

But before we go on to flash your Mi note 5 pro device, you’ve to first download Xiaomi USB Driver For Flash Xiaomi Note 5 Pro Phone

Flashing Process:

  1. Begin with shorting the two copper points on the phone’s backside.
  2. Connect your Mi note 5 pro and PC with a USB cable
  3. Now find the Qualcomm HS USB QLoader 9008 port on your phone’s device manager.
  4. Download your Mi Note 5 pro’s flash tool. After that, you need to extract or install it.
  5. Launch the flashing tool for Mi note 5 pro on your PC.
  6. After that, you need to assign the flash tool to a specific folder.
  7. Refresh and click on “Flash.”
  8. So your Mi Note 5 Pro device is flashed.

The List of Mi Note 5 Pro Flash File


Flashing your Mi Note 5 pro device using the EDL point is risky. It’ll void the warranty, and at the same time, it can do permanent damage to your Mi device. But if you follow the above processes properly to access the Mi Note 5 Pro EDL Point, you can flash your device easily.

So give a flashing to your phone and enjoy the Custom ROM that you’ve always wanted to use. Good luck!

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