Mi Note 5 Pro USB Driver Download For Windows

Last Updated on November 20, 2021 by Ramon Walters

The Mi Note 5 Pro was one of the flagship killers during its release. All types of mobile phone users highly liked its price to performance ratio. But after a few years, many users are complaining about some issues. And the majority of those issues are involved with the USB drivers.

Due to the issues with USB drivers, users couldn’t connect their Note 5 Pro devices with PCs. AS a result, they couldn’t flash their devices. Moreover, their Note 5 pro didn’t get the updates as well. So considering everything, the USB driver issues were actually a big hassle for the users.

Keeping this in mind, we’re here with a guide to solve the Mi Note 5 Pro USB Driver issues. You can easily solve these driver issues by yourself but need to follow a specific step-to-step guideline. So read on and follow the guideline to solve the driver issues in your Mi Note 5 Pro device.

Download Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro USB Driver

The Drivers are the heart of a smartphone alongside the processor. So if these drivers are faulty and not working, a smartphone cannot work properly. We all use USB cables to connect any mobile phone with OPC. These are needed to transfer

files. But if the drivers are faulty, your device won’t get detected after connecting it with PC. As a result, you cannot transfer files.

Having working Mi Note 5 Pro USB Drivers is a must. Besides, due to USB drivers issues, your device might not get the future Android version as well. So if the USB drivers aren’t working properly, now’s the time to fix them!

How To Connect Redmi Note 5 Pro Via USB

  • Connecting your Mi Note 5 Pro device with a PC is easy and simple. Take the USB cable.Put the bigger end to the PC port and the small and flat (type B port) to your Mi note 5 Pro’s charging port.
  • After that, you’ll get notifications.
  • The device will ask for permission to transfer files or just use the cable to charge your device.

If your USB cable has any wear or tear, your device won’t connect to the PC successfully. Now coming to the is the USB driver issues. If the device is still not connected to the PC, there’s a high chance that the USB drivers are faulty. So download the Redmi Note 5 Pro Driver and install it. Now repeat the same process, and you’ll see that the device has been connected successfully now!

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Redmi Note 5 Pro Diag Port Enable

Alongside fixing the USB drivers, we also have the solution if you want to know how to enter Redmi Note 5 Pro’s Diag Port and enable it. But remember that enabling the diag port has nothing to do with USB driver fixings.

How to Enable Diag Port on a Redmi Note 5 Pro

There are 3 different ways by which you can access the Diag mode on this specific device.  For better understanding, we’ll be showing you all three methods as well.

Method 1:

  1. Turn off your Note 5 Pro device
  2. Turn on the device and press the power + volume up button at the same time
  3. In the device manager, you’ll see a port named Qualcomm HS-USB Modem 9091.”

Method 2:

In this method, we’ll show you how to access the Diag port using ADB mode.

  • Connect your Note 5 Pro with Pc using a USB cable
  • For using the ADB mode, having all the Redmi Note 5 Pro Drivers is a must
  • You’ll need to enter some commands like the following-

adb shell



  • And after going to Note 5 pro’s device manager, you’ll see a port called “Qualcomm USB Composite Device 901D”

Method 3:

The last method is simple and easy. Type *#*#13491#*#*,and from the options, you need to choose the required connection.


Reading this will surely help you know about the Mi Note 5 Pro USB Driver issues and troubleshooting. Besides the USB drivers issues, you can also access the Diag ports on your Note 5 Pro device. The USB drivers are very important for multiple reasons, and a faulty USB driver is the last thing you’ll want.

Even if you don’t use the USB cable to connect your Note 5 Prod device with your PC, we recommend you should check the USB drivers. And in case it has any issues, fix it as we showed above. Good luck!

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