Mi Password Remover.zip Download Updated 2022

Last Updated on January 11, 2022 by Ramon Walters

Admit it. We’ll have forgotten the password on our Mi device for at least one time. So what did we do to recover the Mi device? We flashed it, right? But flashing your Mi device will result in removing all the internal data. Which we don’t certainly.

So what can be the alternate way to recover the Mi device after forgetting the pattern?. The Mi password remover is one of the best savers around, which can help you unlock your phone.

So if you’re worried about unlocking your Mi phone after forgetting the pattern, you’re at the right place. Here, we’ll share the file of Mi Password Remover.zip Download. Also, we’ll show you ways to use this Mi password remover. So keep reading…

What is Mi Password Remover

Whenever we forget the pattern on your Mi device, we need to provide the mi account details and other login credentials. But what if we forgot them too? To help us with that, the Mi password remover tool can be used to remove the Mi account password as well as bypass the cloud verification.

Moreover, you can also this tool for Mi devices to delete your existing Mi accounts. The tool is the number 1 choice for Mi users who want to fix their account-related problems.

One of the prerequisites to use this password removal tool is connecting your Mi device with a PC or laptop. And it supports all Windows versions from XP to 10.

Are you wondering about Mi Password Remover.zip Download file? Well, we’ll get back to it shortly! Stay tuned.

Features Of Mi Password Remover Tool

So I think you’re now clear about what the Mi password remover tool is. But there are a few extra features of Mi password remover tool as well.

This tool for Xiaomi devices doesn’t have a single, definite feature. Rather this tool can be used to perform different actions in Mi devices.

  • The Mi account can be unlocked or bypassed.
  • You can disable Mi account with just one tap.
  • It can be used for checking hardware and software settings of Mi device.
  • This Mi password removal tool is free and supports Windows XP to 10.

How to download the Mi Password Remover tool?

Already we’ve known about the tool and the top features. Now let’s head on to the password remover’s download part.

Note that there are thousands of download links to the Mi password remover tool. So while downloading, make sure to check for the original Mi password remover tool.

Click “Mi Password Remover.zip Downloadto have the original mi password remover tool. And use it to unlock your Mi account’s password or bypass the cloud verification.

Rar Password: MiNayeem

How To use Mi Password Remover Zip Tool

So we guess you’ve downloaded the password removal tool for Mi accounts. Now let’s see how the Mi Password Remover tool can be used.

But first, let’s take a look at the tools that you’ll need while using this Mi Password remover.

Essential Tools

  1. Computer or Laptop
  2. Mi PC Suite (Download)
  3. Mi phone’s supported USB Cable
  4. Mi Password Remover(download link given above)

Mi Password Remover: How to Use

  1. First, switch off your Xiaomi device
  2. Take your Mi device to recovery mode. Press the Power+Volume-down at once and hold it for a few seconds.
  3. When your Mi device is starting, then press the volume down key only.
  4. When the Mi device starts again, you’ll see something like this-
  5. The next step is to download the Mi Password Remover.zip.
  6. You need to unzip the Mi password remover file. And when unzipping, use password: MiNayeem
  7. After unzipping, you need to move this password remover file on a PC or laptop.
  8. After that, you need to download Mi PC Suiteon your personal laptop or PC and extract it.
  9. Use the Mi device’s USB cable to connect the device & computer.
  10. Search for the  “Mi Reset.bat”file on your PC where you’ve kept the Mi account remover file.
  11. Run this file in PC suite mode.
  12. Again, run the  “adb.exe.” file and write “adb reboot” in the box
  13.  Finally, press “Enter,” and it’s done!


We hope now you’ll be able to bypass or remove your forgotten Mi account pattern lock.

Remmeber to upodate the Mi password saver tool. We’ll upload the newly released update file of this tool as well. But now it’s time to download Mi Password Remover.zip and unlock your Mi device!

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