Miracle Box Driver Download For Windows 32Bit And 64 Bit

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Wondering how to download and use Miracle Box Driver? When it comes to flashing and unlocking Chinese smartphones, Miracle Box is one of the most popular and safest tools. You can flash your Chinese mobiles using this handy application.

Chinese Android phones often got some technical issues. Handling these problems requires you to flash the Android device. In this post, we will walk you through how to download and use Miracle Box Driver 2022 on your computer. Let’s dive in!

What Is Miracle Box Driver?

Miracle Box Driver is a special application used on a computer to unlock and flash different Chinese smartphones. The tool also allows users to repair the technical issues of android devices.

The software is purposely developed for fixing issues on Chinese phones. But, it is suitable for use on many android phones. However, don’t expect it to work for all smartphones.

All data of your android device will be deleted once you flash it. This instrument also allows you to repair the IMEI of your mobile. Setting up the software on your device is necessary to perform this task.

Advantages of Using Miracle Box

Wondering why you should use the Miracle Box application? Here are the top advantages of using this handy application.

  • This handy application works for all Chinese mobiles and other Android devices.
  • It features an auto-detection function to determine your Android version quickly.
  • The app has a huge CPU data library.
  • This miracle box software works for both old versions and the latest versions of Chinese android devices.

How To Download Miracle Box Driver (32 Bit And 64 Bit)

You can download the Miracle Box Driver for almost all Windows versions. Flashing your Chinese Android devices requires you first download this software and install it on your PC. Here are the simple steps to get Miracle Box.

First, open your browser. Copy the link we mentioned below.

  • Once you have successfully downloaded the application, launch it. Then, choose the “MTK” option.
  • Next, choose option all (Android), select the location file, and tap on the firmware or ROM option.
  • Then, press the start icon and use a USB cable to connect your Android device to the PC.
  • Now, press the upper volume or power button and follow the OK option.
  • Let the whole flashing process continue for a few seconds.
  • Once it is done, you will see a congratulation text finally.

Tips for Installing Miracle Box Driver

  • After downloading and installing the miracle box driver from our mentioned link, you also need to get the miracle box main software.
  • If you notice any error issues, switch off the anti-virus from your PC.
  • Make sure to restart your computer after installing the miracle box driver. Flash the mobile once the computer restarts.
  • Don’t forget to store the important file of your Android mobile on a memory card or a computer. Switching off the smartphone is necessary before connecting it to the PC.
  • Flash your device after turning on the phone. Check the “connected” confirmation text from your phone screen.  

How to Use Miracle Box?

  • After downloading the miracle box software on your PC, launch it. Tap on the “MTK” option a new window appears.
  • Choose the “Write,” and then tap on the “Format all [Android]” option from the next screen.
  • Once the option is saved accurately, choose the stock ROM/ Firmware option. Then, tap on the “folder-like button.”
  • Next, press the “Start” option. Connect your mobile phone.
  • Once it is connected, press the “OK” option.

Final Thought

Doesn’t it appear simple to download and install Miracle Box Driver? You need to get both the driver file and main Miracle Box installation file to flash your Android device. Make sure to follow our installation guide carefully. Following the steps sequentially is crucial.

Hopefully, you have successfully installed the application and flashed your Chinese Android device. Let us know in the comment section if you are facing any issues. We will try our best to sort out your problem quickly.   

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