MTK Baseband Repair Tool for Mediatek Chipset Android Phones

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Does your smartphone have a Mediatek processor? Do you often see no files or tools available to flash or root the device? It is a common issue among MediaTek users. Compared to Qualcomm processors, MediaTek devices have a limited number of files for rooting.

How To Fix Baseband Version Unknown

If you have been wondering how to root or edit the IMEI number of your device, you have come to the best place. MTK Baseband Repair Tool is a perfect application to flash, root, or rewrite your Android mobile ROM. Here, we will help you to download and use the application.

 Why Use MTK Baseband Repair Tool?

If your Android phone has Mediatek Chipset, MTK Baseband Repair Tool is the best application to root or flash it. Since it is an all-in-one software or driver, you can fix a wide selection of issues from rooting to repairing to flashing.

The MTK software works for Xiaomi, Micromax, and Vivo mobiles. Additionally, if you want to root and install a custom ROM on your device, the app comes in handy.

Features of MTK Baseband Repair Tool

  • MediaTek users can use this all-inclusive software to flash, root, and repair their Android devices.
  • It is suitable for repairing the IMEI number and helps to find the lost IMEI number. The tool allows users to get up to 4 different IMEI numbers from a single Android phone.
  • This application can remove the IMEI lock setting as it is a vast database file.
  • This MTK application comes in handy to shift from stock ROM to custom ROM through flashing.
  • Apart from rewriting and repairing IMEI issues, the software is good at flashing different network and driver options such as MCI, Wi-Fi address, Barcode, etc.

How to Download MTK Baseband Repair Tool

Getting the compatible MTK Baseband Repair Application is crucial to fixing issues from your device. Using the latest version is always better. It has many extra features. More importantly, it is free from bugs and other error issues.

However, if you have recently purchased your Android device, you may want to reconsider your decision. After all, using the MTK Baseband Repair Tool will void the phone warranty. Hence, you have to decide if you wish to use the app or not.

How to Use MTK Baseband Repair Tool

  • First, download the application from our above-mentioned link on your computer.
  • Make sure to switch off the anti-virus protection option from your PC while downloading the file.
  • Get this application for your Android device as well.
  • Now, go to the setting panel of the Meditek device and select the “USB debugging” option.
  • Then, navigate to the IMEI section and select both USB and phone options to rewrite the Android device.
  • Next, choose the MTK Baseband Repair Tool.
  • Four options will pop up in the next section. Choose the IMEI number option from the next panel.
  • The next task is selecting your preferred IMEI number manually.
  • Now, press the “Start” button and switch off your handset.
  • Then, use the USB to your Android mobile.
  • The computer system will automatically flash your Mediatek phone using the MTK tool.
  •  This will take a few minutes to complete. Your device will get a new IMEI number that you have inputted before. 


Does not it appear simple and hassle-free to flash or repair various issues of your Mediatek device using the MTK Baseband Repair Tool? You just need to follow the correct method to use this application.

We have already mentioned the easiest way to download and use the application. But be aware of the warranty consequence of your Android device. You can’t claim the warranty once you use this MTK tool on your smartphone.

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