Redmi 6A Mi Account Unlock Tool | Flashing Without Auth

Last Updated on November 20, 2021 by Ramon Walters

Xiaomi has been adding the FRP lock in all the recent smartphones. Some of the old models have also got this security feature as well. And among these models, Redmi 6A comes with an FRP lock.

The FRP lock comes in-built from the manufacturers as a security protocol to protect the device. It has layers of locking systems that protect your phone from non-users and prevent unwanted factory reset. But few people want to bypass this due to several reasons.

The FRP lock activates the moment you add an account to your Mi device. To unlock FRP, first, you need to remove the added account or Mi account. But how do you do it? To help with that, we’re with a guide on removing Mi accounts with the Redmi 6A Mi Account Unlock Tool. Read on to know more about the FRP bypassing and account removing techniques.

How To Bypass Redmi 6A FRP Lock

Bypassing FRP and deleting the existing Mi account from a device are complementary to each other. For bypassing the FRP lock on your Redmi 6A device, the initial process begins with removing the Mi account.

The Redmi 6A Mi Account Unlock process is easy and simple with the right techniques. But for performing these tasks, some essential drivers and unlocking files are needed.

For better understanding, we’ll be showing all the required tasks with a simple guideline. But before we head on further procedures, this guide is applicable only for Redmi 6A devices. So other than this specific device, you cannot remove your Mi account or bypass FRP on other devices with this technique!

Download Xiaomi Redmi 6A FRP Unlock File

This is the first step towards our Mi account removal and FRP unlocking guide. As we mentioned earlier, you’d need some essential files and drivers to perform these tasks.

The Mi 6A FRP File unlock file will help you bypass FRP on your Redmi 6A device. As a result, the device won’t be asking for Mi account credentials while factory resetting your device. So even if you no longer remember your Mi account; s credentials, you can still factory reset and remove all the data from your Redmi 6A!

Things to Consider before Redmi 6A Mi Account Unlock and FRP Bypass

  1. While unlocking FRP and Mi account removal, we’ll go for flashing processes. If you don’t know, after flashing your device, all the data inside the device gets erased
  • FRP bypassing or removing the Mi account from your device sin;t an ethical thing to do. But we’ll be showing this procedure anyway
  • Data backup is a must before flashing your Redmi 6A device. You can use an SD card or external data storage options to move the files inside the device. Or you can backup them in cloud storage
  • Keep more than 70% charge in your Redmi 6A device while performing the whole procedures

Bypass Redmi 6A FRP Lock

  1. You need to download the FRP Bypass file (link given above) then extract it
  • Next, you need to go to the Flash tool folder and open it
  • Double-click on SP Flash tool.exe to run it
  • You need to select the MTK_All_IN_ONE_DA.bin file (choose option). You’ll find this file in the FRP folder and open it.
  • Againselect the scatter.txt from the FRP folder and open it
  • Againopen the AuthSV5.auth file by the same method
  • Next, you’ll find a preloader partition in the app and need to untick it
  • After that, you’ll see 2 options-
  • Auto Format flash
  • Manual Format flash

Select the 2nd option (manual format flash)

  • Then you need to provide the following FRP address when asked-

FRP  Address

Begin address : 0x5588000

Format length : 0x100000

  1.  Enter FRP addresses and Click the start button
  • Open the MCT.MTK FRP unlock tool
  • Switch off the Redmi 6A device
  • Use a USB to connect the Redmi device with PC
  •  Select the bypass option in the tool
  • Open SP flash tool. Go to connection from options. Then go to UART from there. Change the bound rate to 921600
  • After that, you need to check the COMPORT number from the device manager
  • Select any number
  • Press on start
  • And finally, the FRP unlocking has started. Wait till the Mi 6A FRP File unlock the FRP lock on your Redmi 6A device
  • Switch off your Redmi 6A after the FRP unlocking is finished. Turn it on again and follow the on-screen instructions

How To Flash Xiaomi Redmi 6A Without Auth

This process involves flashing your Redmi 6A device without a verifier Mi account. Simply put, this is another FRP unlocking and Mi account removing process differently. But here, we won’t be using the Mi 6A Mi Account Remove File. Instead, we’ll use the all-in-one Mi flash tool to flash Xiaomi 6A Without Auth!

  • Turn off your Redmi 6A’s internet connection
  • Switch off Redmi 6A
  • Next, reboot your 6A device and go to EDL mode
  • After accessing the EDL mode, connect your Redmi 6A device with a PC using a USB cable
  • When your Redmi 6A device is successfully connected to a PC, you’ll see a port named Qualcomm HS-USB QDloader9008 in the device manager.
  • Open the Redmi 6A flash tool after installing
  • In the flash tool, you’ll see clean all and lock option. You need to click on it to unlock FRP and remove the Mi account. This flash tool is also called Redmi 6A Mi Account Unlock Tool.


While flashing your Redmi 6A device to unlock FRP and remove the Mia account, your device can get face brick or freeze issues. It doesn’t occur all the time except for a few devices. But in our testing, we faced no such issues.

In total, we showed two different procedures to unlock FRP and remove the account for Redmi 6A devices. You can either use the Redmi 6A Mi Account Unlock Tool or follow the second method according to your wish!

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