Xiaomi Mi Note 8 Pro Firmware, USB Driver, Test  Point, And TWRP Recovery Download

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If you own a Xiaomi Mi Note 8 Pro and you’re willing to take a deep dive into the blissful world of modding, whether it’s through rooting or installation of a custom ROM, you’ll require Firmware, USB Driver, Test Point, TWRP, Fastboot, and ADB (Android Debug Bridge) to interact with the device and get you what you desire.

Installation of Xiaomi Mi Note 8 Pro Firmware will help you deal with the flashing utilities that are OEM-specific. In the case of Windows, the operating system will desire an extra piece of “driver.” It’s a software to make the recognition with various connection modes which are exposed by the Android device. It’ll also make sure that your PC can see the target device.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro Firmware Flash File

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro Firmware Flash file will help you downgrade the running Android version of your device. Plus, it’ll also help you unlock the device, remove the FRP protection from your device, fix the issues of IMEI, fix the boot loop as well, or provide a solution to any kind of software-related issue.

Redmi Note 8 Pro Chinese Firmware Download Link:

  • Redmi_Note_8_Pro_Firmware_ V12.5.4.0.RGGCNXM_Android_11_Download: Link
  • Redmi_Note_8_Pro_Firmware_ V12.5.3.0.RGGCNXM_Android_11_Download: Link
  • Redmi_Note_8_Pro_Firmware_ V12.5.2.0.RGGCNXM_Android_11_Download: Link
  • Redmi_Note_8_Pro_Firmware_ V12.0.5.0.QGGCNXM_Android_10_Download: Link
  • Redmi_Note_8_Pro_Firmware_ V12.0.4.0.QGGCNXM_Android_10_Download: Link
  • Redmi_Note_8_Pro_Firmware_ V11.0.1.0.PGGCNXM_Android_9_Download: Link
  • Redmi_Note_8_Pro_Firmware_ V10.4.11.0.PGGCNXM_Android_9_Download: Link

Redmi Nte 8 Pro Global Firmware Download Link:

  • Redmi_Note_8_Pro_Firmware_ V12.5.1.0.RGGMIXM_Android_11_Download: Link
  • Redmi_Note_8_Pro_Firmware_ V12.0.8.0.QGGMIXM_Android_10_Download: Link
  • Redmi_Note_8_Pro_Firmware_ V12.0.7.0.QGGMIXM_Android_10_Download: Link
  • Redmi_Note_8_Pro_Firmware_ V11.0.6.0.PGGMIXM_Android_9_Download: Link
  • Redmi_Note_8_Pro_Firmware_ V11.0.2.0.PGGMIXM_Android_9_Download: Link

How To Flash Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro

To install the Firmware flash file, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Download and educe the Stock ROM package of the Xiaomi Mi Note 8 Pro Firmware on your computer.
  2. When you’re done extracting the Stock ROM package, you will have the original Firmware, Driver, Flash Tool, and Flash Tool Manual.
  3. Install the necessary USB driver on your computer otherwise, the operating system won’t properly recognize the connection modes.
  4. Now, open and launch the Xiaomi Flash Tool on the computer.
  5. After launching, start booting your device into the download mode and connect it to your computer.
  6. After that, click on the Select button to load the Firmware into the Xiaomi Flash Tool.
  7. Now, click on the Flash button to start the process of flashing.
  8. When the flashing process is finished, you’ll be able to notice a Success Message on your screen.

Download Redmi Note 8 Pro USB Driver And Install Process

First of all, you need to download the suitable USB Driver for your Xiaomi Mi Note 8 Pro Firmware, then you can proceed with the installation process. Once you’ve got the suitable package of USB Drivers for your device, then you’re ready to install them on your device’s system.

Some USB Drivers offer a standard executable installer by which you can install the whole package of USB Drivers pretty easily just by clicking on the setup file. However, a few vendors like Google prefer to go with their regular INF associated with binary files packed inside a rar or zip file.

This kind of package requires to be installed using the “Device Manager”, but you also need to extract the contents beforehand. After that, you can follow the installation process mentioned below:

  • Click on the Start button and choose the entry named Device Manager. You may also call the snap-in of Microsoft Management Console named devmgmt.msc to open Device Manager directly from Run.
  • Then, connect your Android device to your computer. You may notice one or more unrecognized devices showing up depending on the selected configuration.
  • After that, click on the entry of the unknown device, select Properties, move to the tab named “Details”, and finally select “Hardware Ids” available on the dropdown menu.
  • Now, open your preferred search engine, paste the in-hand hardware identifier in the search box, and go through the results from the search. This will help you determine the probable interface that your device is currently using.
  • Take a right-click on the entry of unknown device and select the “Unknow drivers” option. Now select “Browse my computer” for “drivers/driver software” and point the arrow to the same folder where you extracted those driver packages beforehand.
  • When all the mentioned steps are followed properly, you’ll get a confirmation page.

Redmi Note 8 Pro Test Point

To connect with the Xiaomi Mi Note 8 Protest point, you need to do that in EDL Mode. Here is how you can try that as follows:

  1. First, disassemble your device.
  2. Then, look into the Motherboard and find the EDL Pinout.
  3. Use Tweezer and short the pinout of EDL.
  4. Get the USB cable connected.
  5. Make sure that you connect it in EDL Mode.
  6. You’ll now see the test point when you look at Device Manager, port, and Qualcomm HS&USB.

If you’re facing any trouble, then try updating your drivers.

How To Root Note 8 Pro Using TWRP Recovery

There are some prerequisites to install TWRP Recovery on your Xiaomi Mi Note 8 Pro, and here they are as follows:

  • Make sure your phone is charged above 60%.
  • Back up all your phone data.
  • Download necessary drivers on your computer.
  • Download the latest Xiaomi Mi Note 8 Pro Firmware drivers on your PC.
  • Download and save the TWRP Recovery image and extract it to the Fastboot driver’s folder.

Now, to complete the installation process and root your Xiaomi Mi Note 8 Pro, follow these steps:

  1. First, get an unlocked bootloader on your Xiaomi device.
  2. Then, connect your device to your PC and look if the driver (OEM Unlock) is turned on from the developer settings.
  3. Extract both the Fastboot drivers and ADB in a folder.
  4. Now, type the command “ADB reboot bootloader” to reboot the Xiaomi Mi Note 8 Pro into the fastboot mode.
  5. Now place the TWRP Recovery image in the same folder where you extracted Fastboot and ADB drivers beforehand.
  6. Type this command – fastboot flash recovery twrp.img – to flash the TWRP image you saved.
  7. After flashing the device successfully, reboot your phone using the “fastboot reboot” command.

Can I root Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro?

Yes, you can root your Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro. To do that, you need to follow some prerequisites as well as some necessary steps.

Does TWRP recovery need root?

No, you won’t require to permit root to install TWRP recovery on your Android device.

Does TWRP root your phone?

One of the convenient ways to achieve root access is to get root through TWRP Recovery. You just need to download the TWRP Recovery file and flash the file into your device’s system.

Is TWRP a custom recovery?

Yes, TWRP is a very popular custom recovery solution for Android devices, more popularly known as TWRP – TeamWin Recovery Project.

Final Words

The Xiaomi Mi Note 8 Prois an easy device to flash because it supports the required tools for flashing. But if you don’t follow the prerequisites mentioned in the article before flashing, you’ll certainly face issues like device brick or freeze.

Another important thing to mention, you should always use flash tools that are compatible with the Xiaomi Mi Note 8 Pro Firmware.You can’t use the flash tools of other models to flash this model.

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