Roku Channels Free List Updated 2022

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Are you someone who loves to get all with streaming services but hate to bear the hassle of paid services? Then, you’ve just landed on the right page!

Today, we’re going to talk about a revolutionary streaming service that has changed the entire meaning of entertainment.

Yes, we’re talking about none other than Roku, the game changing entertainment device. Mostly we’ll talk about Roku channels and how you can get them for free.

So, without further ado, let’s get the Roku Channels free list updated 2022 right away.

What Is Roku?

Roku is a company that makes entertainment devices. Some of their popular Roku models are, Roku 3, Roku Streaming Box and Roku Streaming Stick.

Roku offers uninterrupted entertainment service without any cable subscription. The device runs through the internet and connects to your smart TV with an HDMI cable.

The specialty of Roku is, you can enjoy your favorite cable content without any cable subscription. Roku has a lot to offer you from movies, news, sports to kids and family content.

Some of the Roku Channels still require a paid version like Netflix or some other streaming services. But, you still get a lot on your plate for free that you can’t finish.

Now, let’s find out the free channels on Roku in 2022.

How To Find Free Channels On Roku?

Roku free channels have plenty of amazing content to offer you. Firstly, you’ve to know how to find them. Follow the steps below to find free channels on Roku.

Step 1

Connect your Roku device with your smart TV. When it is on your TV, press the “Home” button on the remote. You’ll see the primary interface of Roku.

Step 2

Scroll down and go to “Streaming Channels”. Select the option and press “Ok”. It will lead you to the Channel Store.

Step 3

Scroll again and look for the “Top free Movies and TV” option. Select it and browse through to find your desired Roku free channel.

Roku Channels Free List Updated 2022

There are 300+ channels you will find on Roku for free. You can also enjoy news, series, movies, sports and kid’s content here.

Brief Idea Of Some Of The Most Popular Free Channels

At this point, let’s talk about some of the most popular free channels on Roku. Although the list is long, here are the best 15 free channels on Roku in 2022.

The Roku Channel

The Roku Channels is a combination of channels that offers varieties of films, shows, news, sports and kid’s content. It also offers you original contents. Roku channels will include live TV channels, documentaries, movies and shows.

All of the content on The Roku Channel is ad supported. So, you can’t skip the commercial in this free version.


Xumo is mainly a program based option. You will find 190+ free channels fulfilled with different sports content, comedy content, local news and varieties of movies.

Besides offering on-demand streaming, it offers live TV as well. If you are thinking about spending this weekend with your family watching something, Xumo has amazing offerings like, “Family Feud” to you.


Do you like to watch full-length episodes and live TV of your local PBS station at the same time? Then, you must get PBS on Roku. It will offer you award winning documentaries, live TV, remarkable series and movies all at one place.

You can also get the hot news headlines on PBS NewsHour in a matter of seconds.

PBS Kids

PBS Kids is a kid’s content based channel. If your kid messes you up when you’re busy at work, PBS Kids has got the solution for you. It contains the best Kid’s shows like, “Sesame Street”, “Wild Kratts” and much more.

Your kid would love to watch them and enjoy them while you get the time to work without hassle.

Pluto TV

Pluto TV is mostly liked by people who are fond of Dramas, Food and Sports content. It has more than 100 channels which offer you live TV for free and thousands of great movies.

You also have the option to search what you want to watch by selecting the category. So, you have the authority to watch only what you demand.


Stirr is a free channel on Roku that contains 120+ channels and 8,000+ hours of entertainment content. This channel specially works great for those who love music, movies and all the fun content.

You can enjoy classic documentaries, series, live music  and local news as well on Stirr for free.


No one in this world wants to wait for so long to watch the latest hit movie after its theatrical release. But, unfortunately, most of the time you’ve to wait.

Well, Crackle has a solution for it. It brings you all the latest hit contents at one place within a very short period of the release. You can also enjoy old classic films here.

Setting up a free account, Crackle allows you to pick up from where you left watching on any device. You can also create a “Watch Later” list to save your favorite titles.

Comet TV

If you’re a sci-fi lover, you will surely love Comet TV. This channel is especially loaded with the best science fiction movies and series. You can watch Comet TV all day long, and still the list isn’t going to finish.

CBS Sports Stream & Watch Live

CBS Sports Stream & Watch Live is a free Roku channel for sports freak audiences. You can get CBS, CBS Sports News and Paramount+ all here on this channel.

The channel features the most popular sports programs like NFL, PGA Tour, UEFA Champions, Europa League, and many more. Plus, if you miss out on any live match you can still get the highlights and all sports news 24/7. 

Cooking Guide TV

Are you fond of exploring cooking foods? But not sure where to look for the perfect recipes, tips, and tricks? Cooking guide TV has the best solution for you. You’ll find amazing new, easy and the best recipes that your whole family would love on Cooking Guide TV absolutely free.


In the past, Peacock wasn’t so popular in Roku free channels. But it has turned into one of the most promising channels on Roku. The channel has loads of fun content and any classic movie you may desire.

Still, some of the Peacock contents require a premium subscription. You’ll see a purple feather mark on the titles which need a premium subscription.


Tubi has a lot of popular content to offer its users. You can enjoy western drama, horror movies, comedy content, British series, Kids movies, Korean Drama and many more.

Content from Tubi is offered with fewer ads than other channels.


Fawesome brings you a variety of free and awesome contents. That;s why the channel is named Fawesome. You’ll find different genre movies, from horror to rom com to action.

Besides, you can also access anime movies on this channel.


If you’re someone who loves to binge watch award winning series and movies, Popcornflix has a lot of fun content for you. You can watch super hit blockbusters, foreign films, comedy and classic movies all for free here.

News ON

News ON is a specialized channel for News on Roku which is absolutely free. You don’t need to get any cable subscription or log in to access the most updated news. You get all the breaking news of the U.S States all in one place easily and quickly.

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Can you get NBC and CBS on Roku?

Yes you can get NBS and CBS on Roku. You can get them on Roku free channels.

Can you watch anything free on Roku?

Some of the Roku channels are free and some are paid. You get a variety of options to choose from on Roku. Although paid subscription gives you a wider range of entertainment, free Roku channels are also sufficient for daily dose.

How do I get free hidden channels on Roku?

Firstly, you have to go to the Homepage of Roku. Then go to Streaming Channels and select Top Free Movies & TV. You’ll get access to free channels now and can select your desired content by search or through browsing.


If you’re still reading, hope that this piece of write-up has helped you know more about the Roku Channels free list updates 2022 features. Try on Roku free channels today.

If you’re not satisfied with the limitation of free channels. Then, you can get a paid subscription to taste all of what Roku has. Remember, Roku only works through the internet. If you have a strong internet connection with a good speed, your Roku will only give you the optimum service.

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