Universal Remote Codes For Vizio TV

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Can’t you find a compatible code for your Vizio TV? Knowing the Universal Remote Codes for Vizio TV is crucial to using this remote for your Vizio device. Plus, learning a comprehensive guideline to set up the code is necessary too.

After in-depth market research and Vizio users’ feedback, we have outlined all the important codes you can use for different models of Vizio TV. For each model of television, we have added more than one code. So, you can try other options if one doesn’t work.

Why Use Universal Remote Codes for Vizio TV?

When it comes to renowned TV brands, Vizio is one of the top choices. Generally, the company provides special remote control for their televisions. But it may get damaged or not work for any unwanted reasons. In such as case, you can use Universal Remotes.

They are compatible to use for various brands of TV. However, you need to use the right code and know how to set up the code correctly. If you are using too old or too uncommon Vizio TV, the standard codes listed on the Universal Remote may not work for you.

Under this circumstance, you need to find the correct code. In this article, we will mention different types of codes you can try and use for your Vizio TV.

Different Types Of Universal Remote Codes For Vizio TV

Here are a list of universal TV remote codes you can try for your Vizio TV. There is no guarantee which one will work. So, it is better to try all of them to find the compatible one.

2 digits Codes3 digits Codes4 digits Codes5 digits CodesDVD Codes

NOTE: Your Vizio TV may work for several codes in some cases. But one or two codes may not work for all the buttons. That’s why it is better to test all options to find the best one.

Universal Remote Not Working

If the universal remote control doesn’t function correctly, it may be some trivial problems that prevent it from working smoothly. Here are the most issues you will likely experience in your universal remote control and how to solve them.


A bad or expired battery can be one of the common reasons for not working the remote control. Inspect the battery conditions. It should be free from moisture and rust. If you notice any damage, insert a new pair of batteries.

Incompatible Code

Using wrong or incompatible code is another problem preventing the remote control from working correctly. The good news is that you can easily try our listed codes to fix the issues. Make sure to test several codes if one doesn’t work for your Vizio TV.

An Obstructive Item

Have you put any items next to the Vizio TV? This may prevent the universal remote control from working appropriately. There should not be any things, especially next to the power area of the Vizio TV where a small red or blue light illuminates.

How to Set Up the Universal Remote Code for Vizio TV

Step 1—At first, turn on your Vizio television that you want to set up the universal remote code.

Step 2—Keep your Universal Remote Control toward the Vizio TV direction, close to the power light area.

Step 3—Hover over to the option to the ‘TV’ button from the remote control.

Step 4—Next, press the ‘Setup’ icon from the remote control. Now, it will be ready for programming a particular code.

Step 5—A small light from the remote control will blink four times. Select the compatible code that works for your TV. Enter the code correctly.

Step 6—If the code matches your Vizio TV, the tiny light will be turned off automatically.If the light is still on, try other codes.

NOTE: Not all universal remote controls are the same. After all, they are made by different manufacturers. Hence, the code that works for your Vizio TV depends on two primary points: the model of your Vizio TV and a particular type of universal remote control.

How to Know If Your Vizio Remote Is a Universal Remote

Apart from regular universal remotes, some Vizio Remote controls are universal remotes. These devices are suitable for using various gadgets besides Vizio TV. Generally, remotes that have “Mode” and “Set” buttons are known as universal remotes.

Wrapping Up

Just because your regular Vizio Remote is not working does not mean you can’t enjoy watching TV. A universal remote control can fix the issue swiftly.

All you need to know universal remote codes for Vizio TV and use a compatible one to program the television. Then you can effortlessly use the remote to change channels.

We have already mentioned primarily used codes for Vizio TV. Though it is time-consuming to test each of them one by one, it is worthy of trying.

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